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April 11, 2023

Nashville Shooting - PT 2

We continue talking about the Nashville School shooting. We talk about what is next - also known as what can we do, what should we do, and at what point does a Christian have the authority to rebel against the government over them including but not limited to gun laws.

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We continue talking about the Nashville School shooting. We talk about what is next - also known as what can we do, what should we do, and at what point does a Christian have the authority to rebel against the government over them including but not limited to gun laws.

Use Your Words podcast is passion project of two people from Southeastern Wisconsin. Please consider checking out the below links to learn/hear more. And join us every week for new episodes!

Visit our website: https://useyourwords.cc

Listen to the podcast on all of your devices: https://useyourwordspod.captivate.fm/listen

Send us an email: https://www.useyourwords.cc/contact

Read the blog: https://www.useyourwords.cc/blog


Thank you for checking out part two of our conversation of the Nashville shooting. In this video, we're talking a couple more statistics. Another study we're talking about, what should we do as Christians and when do we hit that limit on when Christians, uh, need to follow the law. But when we hit that limit on when we need to maybe consider.

Uh, a saying enough and that's it. And we're done rebelling. So that's gonna be an interesting conversation that, uh, me and Aaron have. We also talk about universal background check versus background check private sales in the state of Wisconsin and where do we go from here now that the Nashville shooting has occurred, cuz we know another shooting has unfortunately going to occur.

Do we just say, pack it all up and turn all guns in? Or are there other solutions? That work Pride better than that. Okay, fine. You know where my bias is. So go ahead and check out this episode of User Words, where we've continued talking about the Nashville shooting. What happened is he posted this study that it was like 2016 or whatever, and it was showing like people his age and what they thought, like, should people be allowed to have guns and all that.

He's like touting this study and he is like, oh, it's so great. This shows how young people don't want, you know, people of guns, blah, blah, blah. And then he conveniently left out the next part, which is, so like the original one was like in 2016 then like, so was talking about like guns and gun control laws and all that.

And then in 20 18, 2 things happened. The people who said in the same age range that said there should be stricter gun laws went down. And the people that said there should be less gun laws went up. So from the same age range, but he ignored that portion because it didn't fit with his narrative. That's interesting.

So he, he based his entire narrative off the older portion of the study, not the newest portion. Dirty dog and I. I'm trying to go back in time on his thing and I can't find it anymore. Right. So it either A, you gotta take it down, or B, it's just lost in the Twitter stream because Misinformation Gazette, if you, if you could see my screen right now, I'm just scrolling through his Twitter stream.

Oh yeah. Trying to find it and it's just like, oh, okay. She's Louise.

Yeah, I, it's a ugly. Situation. I, I did actually ask myself one thing also. What'd you ask as far as it goes for like gun laws stuff? Okay. Obviously we all have a background check and this is, ah, uh, I, I feel bad even mentioning this. Oh, that person loading a. A rifle and cycling rounds through Oh, I was like, what the heck?

I was like, what are you talking about? Anyways, come on. Yeah, I'm getting, yeah. Um, we, yeah, also, we, we have background checks right

now in Wisconsin. I know for sure as you can gift guns. Right. So I thought. Well, I guess, I mean, at this point, even at this point, it's like, I know you're fine owning a gun, but I could, even if I didn't, if you never had gotten a gun, but I was like, oh yeah, Paul can have a gun. I could buy one. I could give it to you as a gift.

Now my thought was

could you do background checks on like gi, like giving gifts sort of thing where. If I wanna get a gun for somebody, I pretty much just give them the money. They go in and buy it cuz then they're the one that has a background checked on on them sort of thing. Right. That's illegal, by the way. That's what, that's illegal.

Illegal. That's called a straw purchase. A straw purchase. So if I like, if, if I gave you money to go buy a gun, No, no, no. Oh, okay. No, no, no. I'm, I'm mishearing then go on second. I'm giving you money for you to buy yourself a gun. Okay. Yeah, because it's like, it's a gift. Uh, what's, I mean, what's the Yeah, you're gi Okay, so you're giving me money to buy it.

Money to purchase a gun for yourself. Okay. And I'm still going through all, doing all the paperwork. So the paperwork is all with your name on it? Yeah, not my name. Okay. Sorry. I was thinking, yeah, I was thinking the opposite way for a second there. Oh, okay. No, no, no. I'm not giving you a gun to get me one.

No. No, I'm giving you money to get yourself a gun as a gift for yourself. Okay.

For the universal background check. What is, what, I guess, what is that all about? Then verse instead of, so I'm just thinking of private sales where it's like, all right, if I wanna sell my gun to somebody, could we go into a gun store and they just run a background check on the guy I'm selling it to that, that's so exactly what they wanna do.

That's, that's what they want to do. Right? So what, I guess what, what does this universal background check, that's what they want. The univers, anytime a. Trades hands. They want paper or they want, they want a paperwork trail. Okay. That's what they're talking about, don't they? Because if I were to sell a gun and they'd, a background check doesn't happen.

Mm-hmm. Obviously, I have to think that they are responsible enough and won't do anything stupid with the gun. Like I have to use my judgment whether or not to sell it to somebody. I would never advise anybody, I guess, to necessarily sell to a stranger. So, yeah. So like in Wisconsin, right? Mm-hmm. Uh, and I have this up here in Wisconsin.

You, you could do private sale without a background check. However, if you knowingly sell to someone that you know, cannot have a gun, if you, yes. Right. Uh, so in other words, that's you, you know, they're under the influence of drugs. They're, um, even like they were committ. To, uh, like a psychiatric center by a court order.

Mm-hmm. If, you know they have, uh, any other felonies that would prohibit them from having a gun. If you sell, you're in trouble. You're in trouble. Right. Okay. So, but if you like, like let's say me and you, like, I, I go, you know what, Aaron, I really like that gun. I wanna buy it off of you. Mm-hmm. You know, obviously if I don't have.

Things. I haven't had my own, you know, concealed carry license revoked. You're, you're, you're like, yeah, he's probably pretty safe to have this, you know? Right. You know, legally. And you'd be able to do that. Yeah, I can do that. Yeah. So what they wanna do with that is, in that case, you know, you could just sell to me.

I'd just give you the cash We trade, you'd gimme the gun. We're good to go right now. If something were to happen though, I still have to, well, like, so let's, let's say I had no suspicion of you doing anything wrong with it. Right. And let's say one day he just snap. I snap and I go Shoot. And you use it incorrectly?

Yeah. Yeah. Now they'll take that gun and it will be tied back to me. So I guess I, okay. Yeah. So what, what you could do in that case, at that point you just say, I sold it to this. Yeah. And what you could do in that case, to protect like yourself mm-hmm. In that situation is literally you write up something, print it out and say, on this day, I sold this gun to Paul, blah, blah, blah.

You sign it, I sign it to some degree, and then, then you keep it. There's still a paper trail to some degree. It's just not within. An ffl or like a stor. Yeah. It's not an F ffl. Right. But what that does also is it protects you. You know, if, if I misused the gun, yeah. You could say, I sold it to him at this time.

Mm-hmm. On this date, legally, blah, blah, blah. Here's the, here's, here's the receipt that both me and him signed that I did it. But if you want protect yourself fully, guess what you could do as part of the condition of the sale. And you could do this now, even in Wisconsin, you could say, Hey, you know what? I know you, but to protect myself and to protect, you know, whatever.

Let's go and do the sale at a gun store and have them. Oh, so you can do that. You can do that willingly. Where, so the person that buys a gun off of you still has to do a background check? Yeah, you could do that. You as the seller can say, you know what, I still wanna do this through a background check and mm-hmm.

And then just pay the, but that's just pay the background check fee. So that's not a universal background check. No. Universal. What's what? The universal program, universal background check is that anytime it transfers owner, It would be mandated that you do a background check. Hmm. Okay. So like right now in Wisconsin, it would be optional, right?

For a private sale? That's interesting. Okay. But the back universal background check could be, it would be mandatory even on a private sale, right? I guess I'm just wondering at this point, I mean, even if I were to sell to somebody and didn't do the background check, like to some. There's still a paper trail cuz hopefully as a responsible human I would have, you know, some information written down for myself to say I sold it to so-and-so this day.

They are the last person that I know should have the gun. Right. Versus being me. I guess I, I'm wondering what the big difference is then between me having that paper and then a gun store, having that paper. Because it's not like it's, it's not like it's going into some big registry. Well, I guess that's the fear though, is that it would, right, and that's the thing, most of the legislation that's tied to the universal background check, they also, a lot of the legislation that's written, I won't say all, but a lot of it also has this concept of a registry also tied into it.

Yeah. The registry part is where it's just like Uhuh, right. And. If they would separate the two, I think there'd be a lot less pushback, but a lot of times they're tied together. Yeah, because that's where I'm imagining it's like, so for the whole universal background check thing, it's like I wouldn't have an issue having to go to a gun store and do a background check on the person, whether you know them or not.

Well, especially if you don't know them, but if you do know them. Mm-hmm. I mean, I don't see the big deal in going to a gun store and be like, Hey, let's do a background check just to cover the bases. Right. But as far as going to a registry, yeah, that's where it. Outta line. And I guess, yeah, in my opinion as well, that's when I think I'll have a boating accident.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. Good thing we know someone with a boat,

so it could be legitimate. Not to say that I would lie to anybody. No, that's See, now, I mean, it's funny, I did have a conversation with this to a, a coworker.

I was going out about like, so I was like, if a gun buyback literally did happen in the States, yeah. What am I gonna do? The water levels of Michigan should rise about. That would be about triple. It's, it's, uh, it's it's height. That would be fantastic. But it's like, uh, this is going to like, as far as like a Christian goes, now you might have a different opinion or have more knowledge than I do and can correct.

But as a Christian, would we have to give him up?

That, that becomes a very interesting question because, because we're supposed to now, cuz that's the thing, it's like as an American, absolutely not. Like this is an amendment America like America baby. But, uh,

like we can fight for that Second Amendment because as far as we know, it's. That can't be taken away. So for the government to be doing that, it's like they are attacking in a sense, like giving reason to attack or like, cause the whole, like a civil war, whatever, whatever it may be. Mm-hmm. Very nasty conflict.

So in that regard, it's like, ah, that's, it's messed up at at what government? Yeah. At what level do Christians have the authority? Rebel against the government. That's ultimately the question. Right? And and that's a very, because we're supposed to submit to the go submit because we, we believe, according to what the Bible says, that God put that government in place for a reason.

Right. Whether we like it or not at times. Right. Uhhuh. And that, that's something I've been thinking about as well, but like at what point do we say Enough is enough, and at what point do we go, okay, fine, whatever. Yeah. I haven't come to a full conclusion. On that personally. Mm-hmm. But the guidelines I'm kind of going with so far, and these are very fluid guidelines.

Okay. Unlike gender, my thoughts are fluid.

Okay. Strike two for you. I know. Yeah. It's this, when the government gets to a point. That it is not just governing, but it is deliberately evil and promoting evil. Mm-hmm. That is at the point at which I go, well, you know what, maybe it's time to reconsider some things and figure out some things. Right. No, that makes sense.

When, when, when I say deliberately in promoting evil, what I mean. If they are encouraging, promoting, institutionalizing in law, enforcing stuff that is against things that are explicitly stated in the Bible as being wrong, as being wrong, or they explicitly go against things in the Bible that are good, right?

Which would be wrong. Uh, right. But I mean, but the Bible says these things are good, these things are bad. Right. It's one thing to say, enforce the things that are on the bad list, but it's another thing also at the same time to say, go against the things that are on the goods are good. Okay. When, when the government tries to do that, when the government tries to say, bend the knee, bow down to Biden as the emperor king, God no.

That's when I have to say no. Correct. Yeah. I'm, yeah. Up until that point.

I may not like it. I may go on a boat, I'll legitimately lose my guns in hopes to get 'em later. I, I may not be a happy person, but Right. I wouldn't have in my mind a legitimate reason to go against the government from a Christian perspective. Yeah. And that's rough and that's, Because that goes against a lot of the core of what I want to personally.

Now, I said personally believe, right?

Yeah. That sucks. It does Now. Really does. Will we get to that point at some point? Maybe. I don't know the way we're going, wouldn't be surprised we're gonna hit World War III first, but, or a civil. Which in that case, well, we'll probably hit both at the same time with knowing us. Luckily yes. At, at, at that case.

My allegiance is already tied to a certain part and, um, yeah, I'm, I mean, I'm gonna, I'm gonna hang on to my gun if that happens. At that point, I think we're forming a commune somewhere, not a commune ob Yeah, community commune. Community, yeah. All right. Yeah, we'll figure. Yeah, I, I know where I will, I, I, I'll go find my former boss wherever he goes.

I'm gonna be like, I'm coming with you, because he told me, he told me about his brother-in-law, so Sweet. I'm like, got some, got some goods. And the fact that he just so casually said, Yeah. If there's a zombie apocalypse, he's like, I'd be on the roof picking him off one by one. Oh my gosh. I was like, sir, I'm, you are a quiet, gentle giant.

Yeah. When I say gentle giant, I mean the guy is tall. He big. He's tall. Tall, tall, tall. I was like, sir, yes. I'm tall. This is interesting. Sorry, I just saw this. I wanted to play it real quick. Cause Right. Oh, they're saying all of a sudden Ben Shapiro finds a limit to. And um, oh, here's what the tweet says.

Ben Shappiro suddenly finds a limit to his absolute absolutism on the right to own firearms. Okay? The gun control narrative is ridiculous in the sense that. If this person legally obtained the guns, I'm unaware what law would, would be passed that would've prevented this person from obtaining the guns.

I'm perfectly fine with banning people who, uh, suffer from gender dysphoria, from purchasing weapons. That seems to be a pretty significant symptom of an underlying mental malaise that is going, that could theoretically be a problem in terms of owning firearms, but I don't think the left believes the same thing.

Oh, okay. I see what he is saying. So he is saying if you have mental health issues, should have known a firearm. The shooter, essentially. Yeah. The shooter was in treatment, they said for an emotional disorder. Mm-hmm. That's all they said. It didn't say more. Right. Uh, so that, that, you know, I, and I've seen that too, like, and that's why we have the thing of if you are forced, you know, by a court order or by like er into psychiatric care that you.

A firearm and you have to go to court to literally get that expunged from your record to be able to then legally own a firearm again. Hmm. Like, and, and that's like the main difference between like me and someone who was forced in. Right. Because I went willingly I can still own. Correct. Yeah. And no, this is only going off of what.

Crowder has mentioned. Mm-hmm. Uh, saying that within, is it, is it, is it within the L G B T or like the trans community, how the, the suicide rate is like quite high. I've heard him reference that. I haven't looked at the Right, the stats that he provided. Yeah. Neither, neither have I, but I'm just thinking if it's so that high within.

That group. I mean, I can't help but be very cautious about personally selling so them guns, and now also seeing how people within the trans or L G B T, I don't know. So is it all the same community still or is it separate to some degree? Oh, geez, Louise. That that's a whole other convers. So to talk about what you're talking about with the trans thing?

Yeah. So this is from the National Library Medicine n nih. Okay. This is a study, uh, suicidal suicidality among transgender youth, elucidating the role of interpersonal risk factors. That's the name of the study. Gosh, I hate that. It was published in April 29th, 2020. So it's relatively recent study came out during the pandemic.

I'm going to read the first couple lines of the abstract, and I'll pull this up on the screen here. Abstract data indicates that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves, and 40% have attempted suicide with suicide with suicidality highest amongst transgender youth. That is a large number that.

There have been studies, and I don't have it up here, so I, I can't give you numbers, right. Some have shown that a decrease in the suicide I, suicide ideation, I'm just gonna say that cuz that's easier to say of, of people post-surgery than pre-surgery. But some have also shown same relative rate post-surgery, pre-surgery.

Okay. So it, it's not a simple thing. No, unfortunately, it's. And you have people who have transitioned who then later on regret it and then are plagued by the fact that they had permanently altered their bodies afterwards. I wanna make something very clear here. This is not to cause any hatred towards anyone doing that.

In fact, as a Christian, and, and here's a, here's the funny part, all right? I shouldn't say funny part here. Here's the thing. As a Christian, we're told we're still supposed to love. Regardless of whatever. Mm-hmm. Now, love does not equal confirmation. Mm-hmm. Love does not equal affirmation. Love means to care for a person.

It doesn't mean to affirm a person in, in what they're in what it is. We are to love everyone regardless of their sin, not affirm the sin. And you're going, well, you're calling transgendered people sinful. You know what, all of us as humans are sinful or born that way. Sorry. Yep. Even your, I, I'm gonna use your terminology so people will understand it properly.

The cis white male, guess what? They're sinful too. They're not exclusive or anything like that. So, like I said, e e, you know, even with. A cisgender, straight male, whatever, white male, whatever, you know, all of us are born sinful. So I'm not, I'm not saying cuz here's a, here's a little preview Johnson into something.

I don't know if you know this or not. Um, like when you talk to anyone from like the gay community, the transgender community, whatever, when they hear Christians go, well, you know, we don't believe. You know, you could be in a, a same sex relationship or you, or you go, we don't believe in transgenderism. You know, that, you know, God made us male or female.

That's how they, he made us. Right. What, and this is the difference I think between Christians and non-Christians. In general. Christians, we find our identity in Christ, right? And we just happened to be, I just happened to be a Mexican who's also Christian, okay? Mm-hmm. People from that other, from that other community.

They make their identity that they are gay, they are transgender. So when you say, you know what, from a biblical perspective, don't believe in this, don't believe in transgenderism, don't believe in gay marriage, and that they think you're attacking them. Not, you know that cuz they make their identity gay, they make their identity transgender.

So when you say, oh, not, not, not, not for that. They hear, oh, you're not for me. Yeah. They take it as a very personal attack right. On them. And so that's, that's why I'm making it very clear. And, and, and I don't know if you knew that or not, that, that whole concept behind that, uh, that's how people from that community take it.

So when I say, you know, Hey, as a Christian, this is why I believe that, that's why I believe it, and that's why I can distinguish because all of us, according to scripture, I can say this from my own personal, uh, beliefs and my own personal experience. You know, when Christ, when the scripture says that we have all fallen short of the glory of God, guess what?

Or geez Louise, not enough time to go over that list right now. So that's, that, you know, that's where it is with that. So that's, if I say when it that's the case, that's the case. But the person, regardless, What pronoun they want to use, what gender they say they are, whatever. Guess what that person, and this is by we, when we had that conversation a while back, remember I said all people, regardless of whatever they're deserving of love and respect.

Mm-hmm. And that's why I still believe that at my core, cuz regardless of what they identify as, what gender, what pronouns, whatever, They do deserve and are worthy of love. Still gonna get an eye twitch for me.

No. Yeah, I, I was, uh, as I was looking through some scripture, this is one that came out to me and it's, it is Romans 12 and I guess I'll start at nine and just go all the way. What is, it's, uh, this section is titled The, the Marks of a True Christian. Mm-hmm. And so it says, starting in verse nine of Romans 12.

Let love be genuine. Ab whore what is evil? Hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful and zeal. Be, I can never say that word. Fervent. Fervent, fervent in spirit. Serve the Lord, rejoice and hope. Be patient in tribulation. Be constant in prayer.

That one was like, Hmm, okay. Yep. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. And then starting in verse 14 here going, Bless those who persec. Wow. Persecute you. Bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly.

Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no. And evil for evil. Like give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of. If possible, as far as it depends on you live peaceably with all. Mm-hmm. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God for is written, vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord.

To the contrary, if your enemy is hungry, feed 'em. If he is thirsty, give him something to drink for. By doing so, he will heap burning coal. On his head, do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. And that ends that, uh, chapter there. And man, I guess, yeah, there's the one, the part that, well, the one verse that really, I guess figured was if possible, so far as it depends on you live peaceably with all and.

Thinking on that. I, I'm glad it says if possible, but there's al there's also the next part in there. Yes. So far as it depends on you, right? Right. Yeah. Uh, it's, it's, it's, it's reading that was, it was interesting in this, uh, time of craziness that's going on. Right.

But at least a reminder to, yeah. Still show love to those even that cause you troubles. And the other part I liked the most and the whole thing was the be constant in prayer. Mm-hmm. Which, and that was one question I had, so I was like, so what do we do next? I guess to move on from. And for me it was, I mean, pretty much just the reaction to the whole situation in Ja, uh, when it first came out was just prayer for the families that lost someone.

Whether it being one of the, one of the kids, one of the teachers or workers. I mean, even for, uh, I mean I sent a couple. People a message that I knew, uh, of teachers, well, one teacher that I had in the past and just a friend of mine that I know as a teacher, I just sent them a message being like, Hey, I can imagine this might be a little, I know potentially a rough time for you to some degree.

I was like, just let you know. I was like, I'm praying for you and the kids and other teacher teachers that you know are around you. Cause it's. I guess, yeah, obviously the hope is to never see something like this again, but knowing that there's evil in the world and Oh, we're gonna see it. Unfortunately.

Yeah, unfortunately. So it's just, I mean, just be constant in prayer for everyone. And

I wasn't sure, like when I was typing this out and thinking of it like I hate to some. Like making a point to be praying for the family of, uh, the shooter. Mm-hmm. Cause we should also be doing that as well. It, I guess the thing I don't like about that, it's like when I say pray for everybody, you'd think you'd just, most people just immediately think, oh yeah, of course, even for them.

But it seems like so many people are so hateful of. Anybody that is, I guess, related to that person to some degree, where it's like they just wish poorly upon them. And that was one thing I did see a tweet, uh, that sat with me in a bad way. Let me see if I can find, oh, and because someone was saying, do you think we actually.

Uh, A care to put it nicely, huh? Mm-hmm. Uh, what This po o s human filth serial killing child murders SOB story is burn the hell. Don't care. I'm just thinking that's the sort of, no, I'm gonna guess this person probably doesn't consider themselves a Christian or is a Christian, period. And if they do consider themselves a Christian, well that is not, uh, there are unfortunately many Christians who think like that and act like that, that I've seen, unfortunately.

But yeah. Yeah, we, we should pray for the family because to be honest, The family probably had no idea that this was gonna happen. In fact, a lot of the interviews they said they didn't. They thought that she had sold her last gun, not bought new guns because they only knew of one gun before. Wow. In that she had sold it, not then replaced it with seven guns total.

Wow. Yeah. So yes, pray for a family and yeah, unfor, you know, unfortunately, unfortunately for them, you. It's too late for them to make a decision. Either way, it's what's done, is done. We're we're at the point of no return, unfortunately, for them. Could take comfort in the fact that since this was a Christian school, hopefully the, the sub and the teachers that were of Christian faith and believed mm-hmm.

And the kids, because they're so young, you know, I, I'm still of that. Yeah. I'm still of that mindset of that like a cage, uh, age of accountability sort of deal. Mm-hmm. So I'm like, that gives me some comfort, but obviously I'm not gonna know the full answer until the end there. Mm-hmm. But at the same time, I, I'd look at this and I go, th this is unfortunately gonna happen again.

One side demands removing of all guns, and there seems to be no common ground between the two. Like people, someone I know personally, you know him as well. Tom, uh, used to play ingress with him. Okay. Okay. He, he's on Twitter as well, and he was like, Hey, he's like, I am willing to donate 40 hours a week to be a trained armed guard at a school.

Mm-hmm. Who else is with me? Well, yeah, but I mean, but you have a, you need to actually do a job is the thing he's talking about. Oh, you know this, I mean, this is true. He's like, he's like, there's a bunch of retired police military, oh, private security. That would be great for doing stuff like that. Yeah.

He's like, Hey, you know what? Put into your budget that maybe there's a little like, not, not pay, but like maybe some health insurance coverage or something like that as well, or just pure volunteer depending on the school budget or whatever. He's like, I bet you there's a lot of people, and I bet there are as well, a lot of people who would be more than willing to donate their time, their resources, their energy to do all that.

Yeah. Yeah. Shoot, I mean, I'd, I'd, I'd take it for a job too, if it's available. Well, yeah. That's gonna be a, that's gonna be a re a richer school district. Lot of school districts are true. Are struggling with money. Yeah. But, well, and I'm thinking for like when I went to high school and now granted this is high school, this.

I mean with, I guess we would still be considered kids according to some, yeah. Studies. Any who we had police officers as guards and security through in high school here. Yeah. I never. Thought twice about it and if anything, I was a little more happy that they're around and one felt bad for 'em cuz it was like these, a lot of these kids are stupid and give one one, either give 'em crap or just disrespectful.

So it's like, yeah, my heart goes out to them cuz they're there to help you. And even if you're a. Jerk to 'em. If something were going wrong with you, they're gonna help you. They're still gonna help you regardless of what you do. Yeah. And so that, that's why I keep coming back to my solution is, and, and what a lot of people propose, but the far leftist, the far extreme Democrats go, no, we can't do that.

Is guards at the door locked doors? Hmm. No, that's simple. Yeah. It's not hard to do. And then, you know, and then they'll be like, well, then the student's gonna bring in a gun, blah, blah, blah. Well then, Hey Mel, detectors, guess what? You know where I used, I went to high school. Hoick. Nowadays you, you know what they do?

Mm-hmm. They have amazingly MEL detectors at the door and the doors are locked. What? You can't just walk in off the street anymore to Horlick. Well, that's good. Amazing. I could stop some stuff. Now, they don't have like any armed guards at any of the doors or anything like that because a, there's too many doors at Hoick.

There's a lot of doors. Yeah. There are a lot of doors. Especially at, yeah, big schools. High schools mean there's a lot of entries, but they're, they're at least trying. They lock and they've been doing this. Since at least 2002. I'm trying to think of how, how, how do they let you end you, buzz end? Do you have Yeah.

So you come in through one of the side entrances, which is right by the office and you get buzzed into the office area. Because I went, mean, I went and visited one of my old teachers when I was in college. Mm-hmm. And that's the process I had to go through. Oh, okay. And, and that was like two years after I graduat.

Oh wow. Okay. So then they've, yeah, that's been a thing for a while then, so can you imagine, I haven't been there recently because he's retired. He's no longer there in that, but that they have to have really just hopefully, hopefully they've kept that up and increased it. Right? Right. I mean, I'm talking about 2002, 2003.

This was happening. We can, yeah, it's nothing. I mean, well, on the high school level it should be nothing new. We can do that for elementary and middle school. And I'm sorry if you go, oh, it's a little prison. Well, it's not prisoned. And you know what? It's better than, you know what? You know what? I think a child coming home alive at the end of the day is worth a little, oh, I don't like that the doors are locked or that there's a guy with a gun guarding the school.

And that's what, yeah, I don't Why would you jump to the conclusion of, well, why would you jump to the comparison of calling it a prison? That just it, yeah. It just does not make, it's innocent. It's hyperbolic and it helps you sell your point of we need to get rid of the guns because obviously if we have guns and people are in prison, then I guess we're just all in prison when we go.

Government buildings or federal buildings or whatever. Wow. When you go to concerts, it's one big prison. You go, well, depending on your view. Sure. You know, as some, as someone put it, he, he says, how, how did it go? Exactly. He's like, your government issued, um, Jail number a k, your social security number. It's weren't just in one big prison.

That's, that's, that's how he, that's how he put it. I, I would not recommend his content, so I'm not gonna save it out, say it out there. But yeah, it's someone I happened to come across one time and I was like, what? I don't re Oh geez. Okay. That's kind of funny though. But unfor, like I said, unfortunately this is gonna happen again and again and again until we get real that it realize it's not the.

It is. It's the person, people that need help. It is the heart of the people. It is the heart of the country that needs to change. Cause you can take away the guns. It'll be knives, it'll be sticks, it'll be batons, it will be whatever they put together. It will be cars, whatever vehicles be 3D printed weapons.

Yeah. It doesn't matter what you do, if you don't address the. If we don't address the dire circumstances of which people are in, in right now with raising in rising inflation, that's crazy. Uh, people who are scared of how the economy's going in that we're gonna get stressed. We're gonna be doing purge really soon here.

All right? Yeah. Hope not. But so what did we do? I don't know fully what we do.

I guess as far as Christians go, I hopefully, I hope we can come together and help one another. Then also, I mean that like, it's funny how the whole idea of being bold is coming back into my head, but as far as like, I mean, there's a chance for people to outreach those to help one another in need sort of thing, and being loving to others.

This is, I mean, we've always had that opportunity to some degree. I mean, we're all, we can always be doing that. Yeah. But it's like at a time where it's like now we're never sort of thing almost. And, and we have the very distinct disadvantage. And, and I'll say this for, and, and thankfully I personally don't know anyone that does.

Because if I dead, me and them would have a very, very strict conversation. Nice. It would be very hard for me to be loving, but we would have a very strict conversation. Christians, and I'm not putting Westboro Baptist in there because they're just antagonizer of things. Right. But Christians who go out to places.

And go and hold the signs that say, you know, God hates fags, or God hates trans, or, you know, be trans, your dad, whatever. Mm-hmm. No, absolutely. 100% no.

Again, getting back to what I said earlier, you know, there's that distinction between identity and what we do as a sin and who we are as a person. God loves the person, right? Regardless of what they have done, God wants to see them at some point. Come to him, be redeemed. God may disagree with your lifestyle.

That's a whole other conversation. See, it's the sin in our lives that he hates. Exactly. That's what I said. That's why I said he, God will disagree with the lifestyle, but that's why I said it's a whole other conversation at that point. Yeah. God loves the person still regardless of what they have done, how they're living or.

Trust me, both me and you can attest to how that is true in, in our own lives, on the own things that we have done. Oh, yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. A and there are people out there who have, unfortunately because of some stupid idiot Christians out there, I'll say it that way. Trust me, the, my brain wanted to say there's far worse, better things that could be said.

My, my brain wanted to say it a completely different way. This is the nice, this is the nice way, acceptable way who will take advantage of a tragedy and sit up there and hold up those signs and say stuff like that. You know, God hates ba on that. Mm-hmm. And that's going to make them feel, hey, more divided.

They're gonna think Christians are just pure hatred, you know? Mm-hmm. If, if you look through some of. Comments on Reddit and Twitter and that after the shooting, people are like, well, obviously this church, this, uh, Christian school deserved it because they are, uh, hate mongering creation machine and all that.

Because of stuff like this. Because of how people in the L G B T community see their identity as their sexuality, and they don't, they can't separate the two because of how they see Christians and respond. You know, in where they hold up the, that stupid sign.

So we need to do a little house cleaning in, in our own circles first as well. That's what I said. There's no one that I personally know that holds up on those signs. And it, like I said, if they did, me and them would have to have a very, one heck of a conversation. Yeah. I might be like, Would you please hold onto my guns for a couple?

Maybe just take long, make sure I don't do anything too drastic. Yeah. Just make sure I don't like have a drink beforehand or anything like that because I ain't gonna care and don't do anything stupid, you know? Yeah. Because that would Absolutely, because that is no, and I say that in kind of injust, uh, I, I, I wouldn't do that to someone even if I disagree with them fully.

But that is a serious conversation at that point to have with them, be like, look, here's the, what you're doing. Here's the damage you're causing. Why you realizing it or not, your way of going about it is completely wrong. Mm-hmm. And I put the crazy anti-gun leftists in that same camp. They're doing the same exact thing.

And you know, people are like, well, Democrats have guns and da da. Okay. You guys go clean up your camp too and get these crazies in line. In line, essentially, you know, you know the old phrase get no, I'm not gonna say it. Um, but yeah, get your crazies in line and let's come together and realize something that this is never going to stop until we address the root cause of this.

I'm not saying. Everyone in the United States become a Christian. Would I love that? Yes. No, of course. Yeah. That'd be, you can't, amazing. We're not back in the time of the, you know, conquistador and being able to, you know, force convergence on people. That's not what we're doing. Okay. That's not what we're supposed to do in this case.

We're supposed to go out, proclaim the gospel to everyone, you know, and, and then, then some people will be like, well, shouldn't you just be peaceful? Shouldn't you just let's, we'll have that discussion as part of it. At the same time it, it's not a thing of, cause there's nuance in that conversation. You know, if I see Aaron being attacked by someone and it's.

His life or the other person's life. How, you know? Am I supposed to just, oh, I'm gonna turn, I'm gonna turn Aaron's cheek for you. Bye Aaron. It's nice knowing you meet. I'll see you later there. There's some nuance in that conversation. And, and as Christians, we do have hope in that afterlife and being able, being with her loved ones again and being with God.

Mm-hmm. But at the same time, we also are supposed to uphold justice. We are supposed to also uphold what is. That's why said it's a nuance. And that's, yeah, that's another conversation we can have down the road too. Yeah, it is. Which will be another big, long, probably very wild conversation. Yeah. So what, so what do we do now?

What, what do we do moving forward? How do we cont keep our nation from just going off the rails? Uh, I think you already hit the nail on the head with this one. As Christians A we pray that's the first thing we can. B, if you are so inclined, get involved with your local legislation. Why do I say local? Not national, because all the changes are gonna happen are G, they're gonna be most impactful to you are gonna be on the local level.

Mm-hmm. And C, engage in the national debate. And I admit I can be snarky at times, especially to David Hog Uhhuh. Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah. I, I admit it. Okay. Maybe not the best thing about all the times, but try to engage in that conversation to the best of your ability with grace. I understand. I am not going to get hog to change his mind.

I fully get. At the same time, I'm like, Hey, look, here's our perspective. And yeah, I'll throw some snark in there just for fun, but it's not a, I'm not, it's not a like a direct attack, like, Hey, you're an idiot, da da, da. It's like, Hey dude, I know math failed you, but let's look at this from a different perspective.

Think about this a little bit more. And, and that's the thing when engaging with the arguments, engage the argument, not the.

Right. Because PE they make it personal because if you engage the person, they'll see it as a personal attack and they will never, ever, ever listen to what you're saying. They'll just fight harder in the opposite direction. Yep. So that, that's what I think going forward, that's how we do it. Yeah. And will there ever come a time when Christians will have to say Enough is.

Maybe, but I don't think we're there yet where I could clearly say, Aaron, we're going for a boating ride. Right. I joke about it. You know, cuz that's kinda like the joke that everyone makes. Yeah. But boating accent. Yeah. I don't know if I'm there yet. No. And then of course have to answer the question, well, why did you have all your guns with.

Well, we were going to the shooting range out in the middle of the like Yeah. Even though we wanted to test ballistics in every round with different uh uh, yeah. You know? Yeah. We'd be caught lying right away. Yeah. Especially me. I'm terrible. Yep. Oh, I know that from a fact. Oh my goodness. So is there anything else you wanted to add on.

Moving forward? Thoughts or anything else? I mean, mainly it's just the, yeah, praying for all the families one directly affected with this whole, well, with Nashville and even past, I mean, Uvalde being not that far in the past, past, past the future ones, unfortunately. Yeah. Just prayer and my heart goes out to you guys praying for you and.

Those that haven't gone through anything with, with, with the teachers and kids and whatnot, it's just praying for them too, hoping that they don't have to endure something. Yeah. My last piece of that, awful. My last piece of advice is this, do not run towards short-term gains for long-term losses. In other words, what I mean is you go, well, we could do this immediately and not think about what's gonna happen long term.

Right? And I'm saying that for any position, I'm not just saying, you know, in, in this specific, like, oh, gotta get rid of the guns. Well then I'm, I'm saying think of that for anything you're doing even, Hey, should I spend like a thousand dollars for this long-term versus Yes. You know? Yes. So that's what, that's what I'll say for that.

If anything else, I think we wrap us up here, Mr. Johnson.