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March 16, 2020

Fallout was wrong - Toilet Paper Is The New Currency

The panic over Covid-19 continues around the world.  It has gone from somewhat comical to see the toilet paper isle empty to starting to get downright scary that the rest of the store is now starting to follow suit.  Now instead of just toilet paper being out everywhere, milk, cereal, water, soda, cold and flu medicine, pain killers, soup, boxed meals are all becoming more and more scarce.  
This is putting people on fixed incomes, the elderly, and those who have not had a chance to get to the store in danger as they may not be able to get the essential supplies they need to live.
This new world of Covid-19 is also something to be careful of for those who suffer from mental illness of various kinds.  While introverts may like this government sanctioned isolation - those who deal with mental illness may need to either be reached out to or reach out to others to keep from isolating themselves fully and living in their own minds.
We are in a brave new world with this Pandemic going around - but as always it is best to be prepared and not scared.