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Mental Health Episodes

August 17, 2022

Self Loathing and Hating Ourselves

This week Paul and Aaron talk about what the difference is between being self aware of what our own weaknesses are and where we need to improve and when it gets to be an issue and we move to hating ourselves. We then talk ab...

Mental Health

May 25, 2022

Mental Health Month - 2022

May is mental health month awareness month. This year Paul and Aaron talk about a few things including things to look out for with friends/family that indicate that they may be depressed and/or thinking about hurting themsel...

Mental Health

August 10, 2021

How does mental, physical, and spiritual health interact? Should we rename our show to "counseling Hour With Aaron?"

Should we rename our show to "counseling Hour With Aaron?" While this episode didn't start out with that in mind, it ended up being another hour of counseling with Aaron. In this episode we talk about how mental, physical, ...

Mental Health

July 13, 2021

Hey Church: My Personal Story Of Mental Health Issues

This week, we present episode 1 of Hey Church. This will be the last cross post between the two podcasts (I promise) but I wanted to share it here as we talk about what my personal journey of mental health has been. In the ...

Mental Health

May 25, 2021

TikTok Is Cancer, Toxic, and Scary

In what sounds like an episode of "An Old Man Yells At The Clouds" - Paul talks about how scary TikTok can be. While this app appears to be very popular amongst the younger generation, there are also very adult things found ...

Mental Health

May 18, 2021

Mental Health Month - 2021

May is officially Mental Health awareness month - and on Use Your Words Podcast this is something that gets some attention - especially from Paul who has dealt with his own mental health issues in the past. This month Aaron ...

Mental Health

April 27, 2021

Can we text in our mental health?

The year 2020 has led to an increase in a demand for mental health services. With this rapid increase in mental health requests, and the increased need for masking up and being socially distanced - online therapy sessions ha...

Mental Health

November 18, 2020

S.A.D. - a personal conversation

S.A.D. is a disease which impacts millions of people each and every year. This week on the Podcast we talk about how S.A.D. has impacted each of us on the podcast - and get a little personal during this conversation. Use Your...

Mental Health

September 09, 2020

Covid and it's impact on mental health

The CDC recently released a report which stated that in June of 2020 25.5% of people aged 18-24 SERIOUSLY considered suicide. That is an alarming statistic - and shook Paul to his very core. Since it is suicide awareness mo...

Mental Health

July 13, 2020

Self care in 2020

Life is hard - especially during Covid. But what can you do to help yourself and help someone else who is suffering in this time? What is self care? What can you do to make it through these stressful times? This Monday Paul t...

Mental Health

May 11, 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

Read and hear more about other topics, including mental health awareness month over at our website Check out: πŸΌπŸ‘‰ https://www.useyourwords.cc This video is an updated video from Paul on his thoughts about mental health awarene...

Mental Health

September 18, 2019

September is Suicide Prevention Month, More on cancel culture

Paul talks a little more on cancel culture - bringing up examples of cancel culture from the last few days. He wanted to talk about it more to bring up his opinions that didn't fit in with the previous conversation. Septemb...

Mental Health

July 24, 2019

Healthy coping methods

This week Aaron wanted to know what the coping methods of the other guys were. This started out as just a list of the coping methods and eventually turned into a conversation about if a healthy method could somehow be turned...

Mental Health

May 22, 2019

Mental Health Month Week 3 - The Round-table of Mental Health

This week is a special week as we conclude our episodes dealing with mental health. This week we have multiple people who joined us including those who have helped Paul through his issues with mental health and helped him ge...

Mental Health

May 15, 2019

Mental Health Month 2019 Pt 2 - Discussion on the church and mental health

We continue with our discussion on mental health this month and Paul brings up the topic of what the church has done right and not so right in helping those with mental health. We find out through the conversation that Paul ...

Mental Health