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Oct. 4, 2022

ABC: Awake And Alive To Truth Pt 1

This week Aaron's Book Club returns with us taking a look at John Cooper's book Awake And Alive To Truth. This week we visit the first hour of our conversation. During this first hour we cover chapters one( Built On The Rock) and two (Your Truth My Truth The Truth).

At this point in the book, both Paul and Aaron are enjoying the book, but the question that does sit in the back of both of their minds is will they enjoy it when they get to the second half of the book? This is because the previous book was enjoyed by both until they got to the later half.

The first two chapters lay the foundation for the concepts found in the rest of the book, are are therefore fundamental to understand in order to be able to properly grapple with the upcoming chapters - moreso the second chapter than the first.

In the first chapter we get an introduction to John and his own salvation story as well as his thoughts of his relationship of a human to Jesus in as simple of terms as possible. We watch as John matures from a kid to an adult, both physically and spiritually, and the changes that occur over that time. What is amazing to both Paul and Aaron is that even at a young age John recognized that Jesus is Lord as he said "Jesus I give my heart to you. You are my boss." While most of this chapter is innocent and lighthearted we do encounter a story from when John was younger and thought he saw someone standing at the edge of his bed. The reaction that he has to it gets two different reactions from Paul and Aaron with Paul going "that is creepy" and Aaron countering with one simple word: "awwww".

Chapter two deals with truth and the current status of truth in America. We see that in recent years words such as Relativism, Postmodernism, and Marixsm have entered popular culture. We also get a look at how these concepts have impacted both the church and society as a whole. John summarizes Chapter 2 with this following quote: For the Christian, relativism is not an option."

Get your own copy of the book(non affiliate link): https://www.amazon.com/Awake-Alive-Truth-Finding-Relativistic/dp/1636843360

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