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March 28, 2023

Chris Rock Netflix Special: Selective Outrage

Welcome to Season 3 of Use Your Words. This week we start out things by looking at our Chris Rock's Netflix special "Selective Outrage" (This is rated MA for sure - it is not recommended for anyone - let alone under 18). Why are we talking and analyzing it? Because it is something that is in the current culture - it is something that people are talking about around the water cooler as well as the fact that it continues on the social media blaze about the slap heard round the world (aka Will Smith slapping Chris Rock). Things covered in this special include Chris's thoughts on dating younger women, words that white men can't say, and the slap. The slap. Join us as we talk about this and take our first venture into video.

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Welcome to Season 3 of Use Your Words. This week we start out things by looking at our Chris Rock's Netflix special "Selective Outrage" (This is rated MA for sure - it is not recommended for anyone - let alone under 18). Why are we talking and analyzing it? Because it is something that is in the current culture - it is something that people are talking about around the water cooler as well as the fact that it continues on the social media blaze about the slap heard round the world (aka Will Smith slapping Chris Rock). Things covered in this special include Chris's thoughts on dating younger women, words that white men can't say, and the slap. The slap. Join us as we talk about this and take our first venture into video.

Use Your Words podcast is passion project of two people from Southeastern Wisconsin. Please consider checking out the below links to learn/hear more. And join us every week for new episodes!

Visit our website: https://useyourwords.cc

Listen to the podcast on all of your devices: https://useyourwordspod.captivate.fm/listen

Send us an email: https://www.useyourwords.cc/contact

Read the blog: https://www.useyourwords.cc/blog

Starting with this video and going forward, up video (available at our youtube page and our website https://useyourwords.cc). No longer are the instant audio grams being generated, instead an upgraded 4k version of the video will be available.

#Chris Rock #Rock #new Season #season 3 #comedy #netflix #discussion #analysis #podcast #video #drugs #bad idea #not recommended #live #netflix live #dating #younger women #slap #will smith #the slap #slap #slap heard round the world


[00:00:00] Adobe Audition is going there. Cameras are rolling. Wow, I know it's a beautiful time. Wow. It's a beautiful time to be alive. So it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Is it really a beautiful day in the neighborhood? In 


neighborhood? All right. Well, as long as it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So, which one? Alright, what? Which one were you thinking? Three, two. Oh wait, we're actually gonna say at the same time or we're they're different. We'll, rock paper six. Okay, so do your 3, 

2, 1. 3, 2, 1. Rock. Oh, 

okay. Uhhuh. . 

I was the second 

on song. Really? Okay, so rock, paper, scissors, 3, 2, 1. Shoot. And then shoot on, shoot.

Two and 1, 2, 3. Boom. 1, 2, 3. Shoot. Boom. Okay. Uh, just one or best. All three, two out. Three, two. So best all three? Yeah. . 1, 2, 3. Boom. Mm. [00:01:00] 1, 2, 3. All right. 1, 2, 3. No, 1, 2, 3. Ah, 1, 2, 3. Ah, okay. So Chris, rock,

We could 

do the song. No, we're doing this rock. Oh, we really? Okay. Yeah.

All right. 

What Will Smith has? Select selective 

outrage. Thank Mr. Johnson. We're live ah, 

we're live at the smack 

well, we're live at the before the smack. We're, we are live before smack, but we're officially recording. And congratulations, sir. We have made the transition to video successfully, or at least we think it's successful.

as far as we know, everything is working. This was a lot more complex of a setup than I ever thought as we took us about four hours yesterday to set up. Yeah. And it is, uh, a brand new thing. What, what the interest's gonna look like today. I don't [00:02:00] know, because we're not gonna be able to hear it, so we're just gonna get right into things.

The intros at this point are really undefined with this new transition to video. So hello everyone. Uh, my name is Paul, and this right here is my buddy Aaron, in case he didn't know who that was over there. Aaron, say hi to the camera. Hello. Okay. Hi. Hello. Don't stare right into their souls that that's not nice to stare into the souls of people on the camera.

Oh, I'm not used to this. People, people aren't used to that, and people will kind of freak out a little bit if you just kind of stare into their souls, but, but 

oh yeah. No, I, that's one thing I, I, I noticed I do just on like the Discord chats with like you and Josh and stuff, I always catch myself looking directly 

into the.

And the way you have the camera is always angled downwards, so it's always a little more awkward because it's like, why is he looking down at me like this? This is weird. I wait really? ? Yeah. Is it really not like, well, right now how you have it today, like angled up like that is fine, but I You've had it angled [00:03:00] lower before.

Yeah. No, 

it's always, it's never, I don't know why it's like that right 

now, but yeah, it's always been lower and it's always kinda like you're looking down to your belly button down at us, which I don't think you wanna do that going forward because we. 

I don't know anything. I don't know anything about camera placement.

We're already starting and I already have three hours of recordings of other fun stuff that may eventually see the live day. Not all three hours. Just parts of it. Parts of it. And, uh, I didn't tell Josh and Aaron yet that I had recorded yet. Well, I told Josh or Aaron, you told me. 

Josh does not know 

yet. I, I told Aaron earlier today about it.

I haven't told Josh about it. Yes, but he'll find out. Anyways, welcome to the first video episode of User Words. I had a deadline to get to video by start of May, so, and 

we're we're well on schedule. We're 

we're early. I think we're early, yeah. A month and a half early about, yeah, because my, my goal was to record the first episode by the start of May.

It is now March nine. [00:04:00] 2023. The cool thing going forward, before when we were doing the audio stuff, and this was for some other reason why I was kind of date stamping things and saying, Hey, blah, blah, blah, we're recording 3 19, 20 23. We only have to go forward with that cuz guess what? We can date stamp the video now, which is awesome.

Put that in the little right hand corner and just put that in there on the intro and we're good to go. Couldn't you just put a fake date there? Could. But . I also have all the recordings that we backed up and everything. That's true. It's kind of cool and everything that, how that goes. So we'll see how this goes.

This is an adventure for us. This is gonna be a brand new way of doing things for us and it's gonna be a brand new way of editing for me that is for sure. Mm-hmm. , I I, I am looking forward to a lot of this and a lot of this is going to be entertaining to say the least. Yeah. 

Okay. Yeah, it's gonna be, I I, [00:05:00] I just know, like now I know with the group chat with you and Josh, how you would send like audio clips.

Yeah. Now I'm gonna be getting video clips, I'm sure too, potentially. Oh yeah, definitely. And I get to see all the greatness that that brings. Oh 

yeah. No, for sure. . Oh, joy. I'm so excited. You're so excited. I'm glad. And can you just hide it a little bit? Just a little bit? Okay. Okay. I'm gonna try it. . So today we're adding into our, I guess, extending our repertoire, getting Erin to think a little more critically about culture, the arts and society as a whole.

And this fits in so perfectly to how society is. I was like, yeah, let's do this. What are we doing about, we're talking today about Chris Rock's comedy special. What was it called? The 


outrage. That's a selective outrage. Good job. Ah, yeah, I remember something. Good job. [00:06:00] So this special is unique amongst the pantheon of comedy specials.

The reason being, it was the first one that was live streamed worldwide on Netflix, and now it's available to watch on Netflix whenever you want. Now the one thing to know is that it has been edited since the original live streaming. And the reason for the edit is Chris Rock misspoke the name of a movie, will Smith was in, uh, at one point.

Like I, I think he was in the movie. He was in the movie, but it was in, wasn't a movie that caused the His Will, Smith's wife to tell Chris Rockish should boycott the Oscars. Really? Yeah. So, yeah, will Smith wasn't both movies, it just what caused the slap. Was the wrong movie in the live stream. So Netflix just edited it out.

And they do put a label on there streamed live and edited. Yeah. When you go to watch a special. Yeah. So I watched [00:07:00] this for the very first time because Aaron was like, Hey, let's talk about this and blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, all right, let find, let's go ahead and, uh, do that. And of course, within 30 seconds of me starting the video, I had already paused it to write page worth of notes.

And you're like, what the heck was he doing within 30 seconds of starting the video? Okay. This sounds weird. He was getting dressed. Yeah. . They did 

that because I was like, when he firsts talking about that, I was like, you just talking to the, about the point or part where he's like, just out in the crowd, just like, like getting applause and stuff.

I was like, what's so special about that ? But I forgot the whole like wind up to him walking out Yeah. On the stage and stuff like that where he's 

just like, Getting his shirt on and getting dressed and getting prepped. Yes. Getting prepped in that. Yeah, exactly. So I, I, I talked with Aaron about this earlier and I know he didn't notice it

So I, I was like, wow, okay. I already forgot . I 

don't even, I still don't even know 

what this thing looks like. . All [00:08:00] right. So what I noticed is that right away that he had a, a, a, a necklace on and he called it, well he didn't call it, he didn't even pay attention to it. I just saw it and I paused the video and I was like, that is Prince's symbol.

And I had to look it up. I was like, what symbol is that? And it's called Love symbol number. I I told you number four before, it's actually love symbol number two. You did? Yeah. Oh, okay. So this is, okay. I kinda recognize that this is Prince's symbol. He's actually trademarked or copyright this. And it was copyright by Prince, um, it was used on his 1992 cover for his album called Love Symbol.

Okay. Wow. In 1993, prince changed his legal name to love symbol

Yeah. When asked about this prince, you know, when he was alive still, he said, [00:09:00] I've always morphed the female and the male symbol together when talking about the love symbol. Symbol. Cuz someone was asking him in the interview about why it looks like this. And if you look at the love symbol number two symbol, it's a amalgamation between, you know, the traditional male and female symbol that you see to denote the sexes and genders.

Yeah. Uh,

so that, that was something that I found interesting right off the bat that I paused the episode for and, and, and I, I took a page of notes because I was like, wow, that is so fascinating. Now, why did he wear it? People were like, hi Rick. He could be wearing it for multitude of reasons. More than likely. You know what it was?

It was just the fact because he was friends with Prince, uh, Chris Rock was friends with Prince and he was probably just like, Hey, you know what? I like this symbol. We were friends. He's dead now. I'm going to now wear it. [00:10:00] Hmm. 

Yeah. Gosh. So wait, did you pick that up in the picture? Oh, uh, in the scene where he's like 

looking in the mirror, I picked it up in the scene where he is like putting on his shirt, his like white shirt.

Oh, that goes over the shirt and then he is kinda like looking in the mirror and you could see it right in there. It's right at the beginning of the special like that the um, So what Aaron is doing, show it to the camera please. And uh, show it to the camera picture. Yeah. So if you could see that picture there, that is probably not


Chris Rock's looking at himself in the mirror, 

but that, that was one of the final parts. But there's that whole like 30 seconds of leading up to that where he's getting dressed, where he's pulling that white over shirt on him. Kind of like how I'm wearing this shirt right here. What? Yeah, that's what he was doing.

He's putting that white shirt over, you know, and buttoning it up. And that's when the, the necklace prominent. Yeah. And that's when I stopped. I paused and I was like, like, wait a minute. I was like, I know that symbol. Oh, it's princess symbol. That's why 

when you mention that, I [00:11:00] was like, I totally forgot he was even wearing a necklace.

he has to show you 

how observant I am. Oh, this is gonna be great then, because I can't, I can't wait to hear the rest of your analysis on this. Well, I, well nothing visual obviously. Yeah. 

Besides him? I don't know. Yeah. 

Besides him, what? 

I don't know. Just walking on stage. That's all I saw. Oh, okay. Yeah, in his little, I don't know, whatever steps he does, I don't know.

His claps of the hands. 

And do you wanna demonstrate these claps of the hands now? ? No. All right. So Chris Rock. Unless you've been living under a rock. Okay. Wow. That was horrible. Uh, . That was almost worse than some of those doc talk jokes. . Yeah. Almost as bad anyways, unless you've been living under a rock.

Chris Rock is a comedian. He is old. When I say old, he's an older dude. [00:12:00] He's older than me, thankfully. 

Well, yes, he what? Um, is he almost 60? Yeah. How 

old is he? He's, I wanna say 58. That is correct. He is 58 years old. I'm glad you remember that from last night when we were talking about that on Discord. , we talked about 

that on 


Yeah, we did. And I have the recording as proof. Oh gosh, that's terrifying. . The reason I brought that up was um, because he's 58 and in his special he talks about how younger women are cheaper to date than older women . And he is talking about dating a 25 year old and I wanted to see if 25 was in the dating role range.

Oh heck no. Not for him. No it's not. No, it's not . I was like, oh Chris, you're dating outside the range. And then that's what led me to look up his age, cuz I was like, I think he's too old for a 25 year old in that range. And then, and if you're not familiar with that range, that [00:13:00] range is half your age. Plus seven is a generally accepted term for that range.

So congratulations Aaron. You can date a 21 year old or older. Yes. Which is weird to say. Yeah. 


it makes me feel younger. , it makes you feel younger. Yeah. 

Okay. I feel so old now that I'm 27. . 

You know what's even sadder? According to that, I could date a 26 and a half year old or older , huh? Yeah, I know.

That's like, amen. It ain't gonna happen. Uh, . It ain't gonna happen. no 

crap. I can't remember. Oh, nah, 


can't remember what, ah, I, I can't remember. I just can't. Okay. It's left my mind. Well, let me, maybe it'll come back to me. Maybe 

this not Chris. Yeah. Okay, so let's talk about this [00:14:00] Chris Rock Special . There was some things in there.

how do I put it? Raunchy. I don't know. Raunchy is one way. Yeah. The other way was, oh man, Aaron hates this. Yes. 

Why the repetitiveness of him delivering his lines, his punchlines. Yeah. 

That's the one thing I will say, like that whole special could have been about 10 minutes shorter . He just didn't 

repeat things 

10 times after exactly.

He would say a punchline or he'd say something to lead up to a joke, I guess. I'm sure. Then, then repeat it. Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. Repeat it. Yeah. Repeat it. Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. Oh my gosh, yes. Bought that many times.

Yeah, exactly. That's why I did that many times. . It was so bad and I just sat there and I, I wrote in my notes, I was like, [00:15:00] I bet you Aaron hates 

this. I, I did. It was, that was the, like the first couple of times I was like, Okay. All right. But then when it just happened again and again and again, again and again, again, every time he was going, going to a punch, I'm just like, okay.

And I want to hear this however many more times. I was like, all right, get it over with. Yeah. I did not like that part. Yep. And , it's funny cuz I, I was, I talked to a coworker about this special and he had seen me. He is like, eh, he thought it was okay. Like, nothing's great. But, uh, , I was like, yeah. I was like, I didn't, uh, expect.

It to be what it was, I guess. I don't know. 

Cause what, what, what did he expect it to be? What did No, for me. Oh, what did you expect it to be? Sorry. He's 

like, he was like, was this your first time seeing a Chris Rock, uh, like comedy segment or whatever? I was like, yeah. And he's like, well, then no wonder. I was like, yeah.

Literally. The only thing I knew Chris Rock from was pretty much the medic . 

I was gonna say, were you expecting him to [00:16:00] be the zebra from Madagascar for the entire special? Is that what you're 

expecting, I guess? Well, that, and he was, wait, he was in grownups, right? Right. I don't know. He's in grownups 


I think so. Maybe it's been forever since I seen grownups. But is that what you expected him to be the zebra from Madagascar for the entire time? No, I mean, 

no, I didn't expect that necessarily, but I was just like, man, just knowing him from being the zebra and then I'm pretty. He was in. Oh, wow. I forgot about that move.

Which movie? The Osmos, 

Osmos Osmosis Jones. Jones. Yeah. . He was also in B Movie. 

Wow, okay. I don't remember that one at all. Um, but I thought, wasn't he in Grown? I think he's in grownups. 

I, I'll look that up. You continue talking. What were you expecting versus how? I don't, I, 

I guess I just, I don't, I have no idea.

I was like, oh, maybe he is like somewhat more of a family man. And then obviously, all right, so with the folks [00:17:00] being, uh, I don't know, watching the, the, the Fox News is, um, like a lot of conservative, conservative media was like coming out, like, oh, he's speaking out against the wokeness, or stuff like that, or , what, what else was it?

Um, well, it was just the victim. The whole victim aspect of it. So I was like, interesting. So I was like, I didn't know what necessarily I was expecting, but I was like, I knew, I was like, I dunno. 

Yeah. Yeah. I, I knew going into it, it was gonna be rough cuz I've heard Chris Rock before. Yeah. Outside of his movies and Yes, you are right.

He was in grownups. Congratulations. Yeah. I pulled, I pulled it up right here. Thanks, . And that, that was a good movie, by the way. Grownups too. Grownups 

is good too. Yeah. I can't, I, I'd have to watch 'em again, but I, I do remember the 

first one. They're not like classics that you keep on your, on your shelves, but they're good to watch at least once we're laugh anyways.

I've [00:18:00] seen Chris Rock clips before outside of his movies, and I was like, oh, I'm in for a rough treat on this one. No. And I was like, all right, I'll, I'll agree to this. Um, we'll see how it goes. Yeah, no, don't get me wrong. There's some things that I, I, I. Watched and I went, wow, okay. He's really calling some of these people out.

For, for example, he calls out Michael Jackson versus, versus r Kelly. He goes, they're the same crime one just has better music. Yeah. And I was sitting going, ouch. Yes. And obviously you know what the crime is. Wait, what? No, wait. 

Yes. Sorry. I have a fri I was getting nervous. I'm scared. What are you getting nervous of?

Oh no, they all right. 

What's the crime?

You gonna have to add all of this out now? Oh no. . 

[00:19:00] Oh no. Anyways. What's the crime 

between, I looked it up when I heard it cuz I, I didn't know at the time, but, cause I,

what? Were both accused.


Wow. Good stuff. Right? Okay. That's right. , 

now it's coming back. 

Diddling the kids. Yeah. Now you remember ? Yeah. Okay. That that's what both were accused of. And like he said, yeah, both. He, he goes, he both did the same grind as what you one's music is better and goes, that's why it's acceptable to play his music still.

But he goes, our Kelly songs come on. It's like, oh, nope. Can't play that. People can't take it no more. And I get it, and I, and I'm like, yeah, okay. That's a, that's a fair assessment of the situation on that. And that's a fair assessment of how we react in society at times. If we like someone's work of art enough, we will ignore the past and stuff, any of the problems that they've [00:20:00] done.

I said, didn't he pull in the apple or stuff with that one? Can't remember because he made some comment I thought about with like the sweatshops and stuff 

like that in China. Oh yeah. He's talking about how you'll go and get your iPhone in. That's made by the child labor, the child slavery. Yeah, yeah. Also, yeah.

Yoga pants I think as well. Are you the Lululemon ? I love that name. I've never 

heard of Lulu 

Lemon before. Oh, you haven't? I've never heard of Lulu. Oh, girl. Bosses love Lululemon girl. Bosses girl. Oh, you don't know about girl bosses, girl in that whole society thing. . So it's this whole thing with like, uh, woman who like, oh, I'm gonna be my own boss.

I'm gonna be a girl boss. I'm gonna be independent of my work and I'm gonna sell my own products and make my own store and everything. And Lululemon is one of those clothing lines that you can do that. Oh, oh. So, so there's, there's this whole thing online of [00:21:00] called Girl Boss Hun Botts. Huns Hun what? Hun Botts hun Bots, they call 'em Hun Botts because they all act the same.

They all talk the same, you know? Ugh. And the reason they call 'em Huns is, Bo happened is let's say you are female Aaron, right. A random girl would DM you and be like, Hey, hun, I see how beautiful you are. Would you like to sell my product? Fabulous. Exactly. Yes. . And so that's what they do. That, that's the hbos and the whole hun thing.

And Lululemon is one of those clothing lines of the Huns cell. Hmm. I just, good name. I, I, I've heard of this. And the, the thing with the Lululemons is they are supposedly, Not the best clothing. Expensive, but they're freaking expensive. 

No, I, yeah, I, I guess I didn't look it up, but I was like, is he for real on the whole, I mean, I guess I wouldn't be surprised on the a hundred dollars sweatpants, but Oh yeah.

It's like, really? I was 

like, man, why wouldn't it be, I mean, seriously. I mean, [00:22:00] if it's an in fashion design. Yeah. When are they not sell? Sold for sell, sold for extensive. Like look at this lightweight stretch running tank top $78

a running vest. 138. That's reflective though. 

Okay. If, if you don't get, how about this? Joggers don't care about your life if you don't buy that 

one. How about these joggers are 138 joggers AK sweatpants that you jog in. 

They're probably really breathable. Uh, I don't know anything about 

any of this. Uh, yeah, it's.

Full on Highrise pants. 148. Yeah. It not 

a belt bag. It's a fanny 

pack. It looks like your fanny pack. No it doesn't. Mine's tan . It's uh, they have a tan one here too. Shut up. No, they 

do not. . No, 

I refuse to. They call it raw linen, but it's tan. Oh my [00:23:00] gosh. So yeah, the whole Lululemon thing was just entertaining as well about that.

They hate poor people. . Yeah, . They 

don't hate that're against hate and discrimination and all that stuff now. They hate poor people. Right. Yeah. , I thought, I thought that 

was a good one. And. He does have a point with that. When he was talking about, cuz they sat a sign that, you know, they reject hate, they reject racism, they reject homophobia, they reject anti-trans genderism, they reject blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. Blah, blah, blah. And he's like, stop making my pants Political . Yeah. . That's 

like, yeah, let's everybody'd rather get a what, like a cheap hair of racist sweatpants versus buying Lululemon for a hundred dollars. That is against hate. Yeah. Oh my gosh. 

Yeah. and, and he's right. You know, people who don't care about being the trendy fashion people Right.

Will go No, they'll spend less, they'll go and buy like the same thing. You know, the Target brand sweatpants. Yeah. What, I forget what Target's, uh, [00:24:00] store brand is called? Wait, they have a store brand? . Oh yeah, they have a store brand. Okay. Target. Yeah, they have a store brand. They, I 

mean, I guess every store almost has their own brand to some degree.

Almost, almost, I will say the target store brand. Mixed nuts selection. Beautiful, beautiful. . What? I thought you got 'em from Farm and Fleet. No. Target. Target, yeah. Oh, and so like they have holiday nuts and everything and, oh, beautiful. Hmm. I 

guess I didn't know Stars mix their 

own nuts. Well, they don't, yeah.

The, the, as a target as a brand, they, what they 

buy for their 

Yeah. Mix. So they have like, like during Christmas they have like Rudolph's, like reindeer snack mix, which has like m and ms and all the star stuff within the mix nuts. My favorite however, is can you just make your own, my favorite is Caramel Cashew.

It's like balls of chocolate covered caramel with [00:25:00] cashews and m and ms and a bunch of other nuts in there. Mm. Beautiful. This sounds pretty good. Yeah, it's really good. Really high in calories. You're really high in sugar, but it's really good. But it's delicious. But at least they are not political. Yeah.

like Lululemon. Okay. Like Lululemon and, and, and he's right. You know, a a lot of things people don't care about that. I loved how he called out, what was it? Uh, Subaru, that was it. Where he's like, oh, coming by a Subaru and will donate $250 to your favorite charity. Favorite charity, who's my favorite charity is me

And I sat there thinking about that. I was, for a second. I was like, wait a minute. Okay, it's cut a point, , but here's the deal. Yeah. If they're the ones donating right. Do they get the ride off for that donation? Oh, Subaru. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, seriously, you're taking my money. Right. You're paying first off your expensive car as a Subaru.

Yeah. You're paying for the brand like Apple. You're paying for the name. Okay. 

I mean, yeah. It's not [00:26:00] as bad as other cuz that, that they're, they're a German company. Are you sure? I don't know what they are, say compared to the other BMW and . They're one less, those are more, well obviously those are just more expensive cars.

Anywho, yes. 

Regardless. So they're expensive. So I'm paying for the privilege of buying your car and then you're gonna make a donation for $250 to my favorite charity. And then you're gonna take have the gall to take the ride off then? I, I dunno. 

Do they, oh, I mean, probably, I guess probably makes sense.

Yeah. We 

should go ask Un. Unless, unless they say, well, it's, we're going to, you know, do it all under you. We're gonna put it under your name and the address and social security number for this donation. They already got your social security if you're doing, uh, financing through them. So don't be all surprised and shocked.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Be like, I'm not giving them my number. I 

mean, I've given it away for less, I 

guess. Yep. [00:27:00] Now so, Yes. Anyways, so he does call that out. Yeah. And he does call out as well, like where he's filmed the special at. So the specialist filmed out in Baltimore? ? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And he's like, oh, I actually do my research about where we go.

You, where, where to 

get cocaine. 

Yeah. He's, he goes, , he goes Where I should not go and where I can go to buy coke and goes, those are usually the same place. Normally in the same spot. No, I'm sitting there going no dip. Sherlock . Yeah. But I don't know if you caught it through the whole, whole probably not process Yeah.

Of his joke telling in that, at least from how I re I, I listened to it. Or at least from what I heard. Yeah. It sounded like he was saying, yeah, I engage in the occasional opioid. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I knew, I knew he'd smoked weed. That was an easy one. That was easy. Okay. Uh, but just by the way, he, he, that's a good, wow.

Okay. . Making 

assumptions, all celebrities. Okay. [00:28:00] It's just so obvious. I wasn't sure where that 

was going. . I, I, 

I did. Okay. I honestly did though think that throughout is special. Uhhuh. Oh gosh. Now I'm looking, thinking back on that coming. Oh, . 

But anyway, why do you think I was like, I dunno where this is going.

What? I didn't think All right. Yeah. 

Oh, but, uh, I was about to have to backpedal for you . Any hit 

ways? Go on. No, like, just like as, especially near the end of the, uh, special Got, I was like, is he like on something just throughout this whole show anyways? Because it just, something with like, his speech seemed kind of off.

You mean the repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat speech. Well, okay. Yeah. There was that repeat. Yeah. . Okay. I can see this is so I is maybe that's something he normally does in his other, I don't know. I don't watch, I don't watch his full specials. I've never watched him, but, uh, That was, this was my first intro. Um, but [00:29:00] like, yeah, I don't know.

I was just like, with, with this whole thing, especially mainly at the end with like Will Smith or whatever, just like how he was saying it, it just like seemed like, I don't know, he was just getting, uh, weird with it, I guess. Like just something about the pronunciation just seemed, I don't know, kind of off.

I don't know. Okay. But yet again, I mean, how long was this special for? And as throughout the whole thing with that pretty much being his end. I mean, I can understand how talking and stuff like that the whole time. Eh, that'd be tough. 

Yeah, it is tough on the throat after you talk for about an hour straight.

I know this. Yeah. Greatly. Yeah.

anyways, so yeah, go on. Anything else there? Yeah. So cocaine 

though. Yeah, 

whatever. Okay. now drugs. He used that to transition into what I thought was one of his best points of the night. Obviously it [00:30:00] wasn't the abortion stuff. It, it's where he said this, he said opioids. Well, I can talk opioids. Opioids are not the biggest addiction in America.

It's attention. Ye yes. And he's like, and, and I wrote this, I said, interesting, because he was talking about people on social media getting likes and doing stuff to get likes. Yeah. And I was like, oh, that's, that, that's a rich coming from a comedian. I, uh, just something I said. Right. Fair . All right. And, but he does go on to talking goes, and one of the ways he can get attention is to be a victim.

Right. I was like, ah, yeah, I, I get what you're saying. Mm-hmm. . , I don't agree with like Fox and em saying, oh, Chris is speaking out against the woke cause. Right. And we'll get to end a second on that. Yeah. But I just kind of watched it back and just kind of watched and how he, then he went on his little tirade and, oh, these white men saying that they're are are victims cause of all this.

I was like, [00:31:00] oh, okay. I see you're prejudice. Yeah. I was like, rock, rock, rock, rock, Mr. Rock, Mr. Rock. I'm only 50% white, so I'm, you know, whatever, whatever, whatever. Okay. My, my 50% Mexican in me says, is green with you? A hundred percent going Right on Brother . Okay. But the fact is, you know that, that's a lot of prejudice in there, right.

With that and the thing is prejudice against anyone based on their race. I'm not down for, uh, at all. So, so I was like, he's like, oh, these people going on. I'm like, dude, there is a cultural shift of cultural movement going on in the United States. Where, and let's face it, minorities will eventually not be the minority in America eventually, and it might still be 50 years down the road.

You could be dead by then. , you better still be alive. If not, I'm gonna come kill you. . I'll be 78 years old, man. I would be old. I'll be [00:32:00] 84, so you better be alive if we make it . I'm gonna come kill you. If you're not alive, then okay, I'm gonna kill you if you dead anyway. Exactly. . But anyways, so you know, I was, I, I wrote in here, I was like, when did white men, because you know, he goes, when did white men become victims?

I was like, oh, okay. He's just showing you his prejudice on that, you know, in about 50 years or so. Like I said, whites will be the minority, minorities will be the majority, and then it'll be interesting to see, because right now we we're in a different state of history than we ever have been in the olden days.

When I say the olden days, 17 hundreds, eight hundreds, early 19 hundreds, right? We have history books about what happened, but we don't have. Ton of video. Not until the video be started becoming more widespread. Now we have the internet. Everything is recording, put on the internet, hello, internet . Okay.

Everything is there for historical purposes. We can timestamp it, we can look at it, we can analyze it, we can see what was going on, what's gonna happen in 50 years. This [00:33:00] would be interesting. Obviously we're, we're not gonna be able to analyze it as well, but when that flips, all of a sudden will they ascribe everything that they're ascribing to minorities now?

Oh, we have to da, da da da to, to the whites. Gotcha, 

gotcha, gotcha. Yeah. If 

not, if not, then I say that's prejudice and that's racist, and that should not be tolerated, right? Because if you go, well, my race is in the minority, so therefore I need this. But then you, what'd they say? No, but then you flip it and it's like, oh, no, no, no, no.

I still need that because of the history. But no. Yeah. Now, I am not calling or saying in any way, and I want that to be crystal clear that there should be any prejudice, there should be any racism towards another person of a different minority, a different race, a different religion, a different whatever.

Okay. I, I don't care what sort of labels you have, where you go, oh, I am differently abled. Okay, fine. That's cool. Differently What? Differently abled. That's a thing [00:34:00] now. Oh, 

oh yeah. Ableist, 

ableism, ableism stuff. Yeah. I'm like, I don't care about all that. Here's what I care about. Who are you as a person? I don't know who are, who, who, who are you personally?

Who are you? What's your character like? Because guess what? That's more important than can you run a hundred meter dash or not? Cuz guess what? I definitely cannot run that . I mean, 

maybe you just longer than. 

Hear that, or I just fall flat in the ground and go, and then go, okay, well Aaron, guess what? You get my inheritance now.


So don't go out running a 

hundred meters. Okay. . Let this be a video testimony that if I die, Aaron gets nothing. No. Dang it. I'm kidding. Let myself out. I'm kidding. Ah, . Aaron Wood try to kill me since he does inherit everything of mine. [00:35:00] So something I found interesting. Yes. Throughout this entire special.

Yeah. What's that one? The word that cannot be said by anyone unless you are of, uh, the African American minority. Yes. Okay. That, that was just repeated. I, I tried to keep tally and then I lost track. Really? Like, 

oh, I know. Yeah. I guess he, 

yeah, he did say it a lot. There was like, there's like one, I forget where it was.

It was like near in the middle of the special. But I had close captioning on, it was two lines of just that one word over and over and over. So , I'm just like, oh, oh, okay, I'm, I'm done. I can't keep track of this. Okay. So that was going on and I was like, you know, make a white comedians. And he even made fun of that too.

He goes, he goes, all you white folk here. He goes, you know, you can't go say this, any of these jokes at work tomorrow. . Yeah, . I was like, the why is it acceptable for you, sir? And then people will go, well, because it's [00:36:00] culturally yeah. . Okay, we're not gonna be on the same page, so we're not gonna have this conversation.

We will just go our separate ways and agree to disagree. 

Yeah. Gosh. Yeah. . 

But then, so that happens, right? And then I noticed something that was interesting. Did you catch it? Probably not. He goes, are you gonna have a Steph Curry baby or a Dream in Green Baby? And I said, What the heck. And so I had to do a little research at what that meant because he was talking about at this point, Megan Markle and how Megan Markle was crying racism 

about how the, the royal family, they're asking how brown the baby is gonna be.


Yeah. And he was going, well, we are, we, I'm, I'm paraphrasing and quoting him community. We're 

asking the same question. Yeah. 

How proud is this baby gun beard? And I was like, what the heck? This is a thing. And then he, yeah. And then he mentioned those two names and I was like, who and [00:37:00] what? And so I was like, okay, 

this is just like the, like the level of 

of melanin in the skin.

Yeah. Which drives me nuts that there's an a different He's actually, gosh. Yeah. So if you're not stir who stir? Sure. Who Steven Curry is. Steph Curry. He's pretty light skinned. I, I have him up on the screen here for Aaron. He's pretty light skinned. Yeah. In everything. You know it. Yeah. And people are gonna go, oh, he's, um, I, I'm sure you've heard this, uh, this, this statement before that you can be passing.

I've had that statement thrown at me before as well, and my brother has too. They're like, oh, you can be passing. He is white people because 

of how Yeah. His skin too light. Yeah. And then, yeah, Draymond. 

And then you have Draymond Green on the very opposite side of that, uh, opposite side of the spectrum. Has a lot of melanin in his skin.

Yes, he do. Is both of 'em are basketball players. That's cool. Oh, is he really? Yeah. Both of them are , Steph Curry and Draymond [00:38:00] Green. So I was like, Hey, good on them. They're probably getting a decent amount of money for doing that muscle probably. So we'll see about that. But I, I just found that interesting that that was part of the conversation in the special.

I was like, well, she's got a, 

she's had to have had her kid by now, right? Oh yeah. Merkels. Right. Okay. I likes, because I was like 

forever ago. Yeah. Merkel's had her kid, her husband's written a book and they have a Netflix special too. Yeah, of course. And an Oprah special. You 

can watch that. Oh gosh. I will veto

We're not going over this. Okay. Thank you. I am not giving her 

anymore time or fame or anything like that. 

They got all they needed. Yeah. And 

more. Yeah. Yeah. And then obviously going on through this Resta special, and this just tells you where we're at in society as you're going through it. And, and so I know these are jokes, [00:39:00] but jokes have some truth in them.


that was, that's one. Like side of comedy that I never like, I guess thought of where I've heard it more. Well, especially, um, like from segments of Crowder and like, or just like Dave Lando or they, they, like a lot of comedy is actually, there's some truth to it. Mm-hmm. , that's what makes it even more funny.

I'm like, 

whoa. Yeah. In, in that case, listen to this. I was just like, I'm not finding the humor in a lot of this. Yeah. For example, which one? Um, this one Chris Rock going oj getting acquitted for murder of two white people is black Excellence. And I just wrote that was Be and Oh. Then he goes, oh, and that was before Wakanda.

Yes. And I was like, I know you're joking. I know [00:40:00] you're doing humor. You're trying to make fun. You're trying to get a message across. Yeah. But here is my, and I've said this before, my litmus test, if a white person was to say that, how would that be taken? If I, well, it depends on the crowd you're talking to.

If I threw you Mr. Johnson Yes. In front of that same crowd that Rock was talking to. Oh, I, and I gave you the script line for line, I would 

need security . Okay. Probably, that would be my 

guess. . And, and that's what I just was like, oh, okay. Yeah, Uhhuh, I see what we're dealing with. And he continues on through this special.

Mm-hmm. Because then you talk, because then he start talking about if his dad transitioned to a woman. Oh, you remember that? Yeah, a little bit. And I found something interesting in how he addressed that with his family. Did you catch 

that? He, well, he made it sound like, well, would've been, his brothers were like, eh, like refused to have anything to do with him.

But he would be the one [00:41:00] that'd be like, 

yeah, but did you know us? How to, how he, he grouped and classified everything. He goes, oh. He goes, I'm an artist. I'm an artist. I'm reasonable. I'm accepting, I'm compassionate. My brothers. That's right. They drive trucks. 

Trucks. That's right. 

They're bigoted, they're unacceptable.


Yeah. Classifying people. Huh? You're 

basically, he's saying, I'm an artist. I, I love and accept everybody but my blue collar working brothers. I, they're just bigots. Yeah. And I, and I just sat there and I'm going, that is interesting how he classifies things and it's again, going back to that concept of there's some truth behind everything.

Mm-hmm. , there's some truth there where he's going, us in Hollywood, we're artists. We will accept and we'll do everything. Cuz he goes, if my dad transitioned, I would accept him right away. Yeah. You know, I'm just like, oh, okay. You're, you're trying to virtue signal here in your comedy. Yeah. That's exactly what you're doing.

You're virtue [00:42:00] signaling that. You are above everyone. You are so good. You're bashful. Yeah. That's a way, uh, 

pretty much, yeah, that makes sense. I guess that's, I mean that does seem to be a very popular thing among our, the artist industry, whether it be music, comedy, stuff like that. I mean, I suppose they're probably more so known to be into, I don't know, stuff outside the box compared to the 


I guess. I can't wait till August Burns Red comes out with their acceptance of all album. Cuz they are artist. 

I don't like, uh, I don't like you anyways,

so, you know. So there are other things that stuck out to me about this special. I don't know if there's anything else that stuck out specifically to you. Um, otherwise I can continue on with these things [00:43:00] that have stuck out to me. I also have some quotes that he said that I just thought were entertaining and interesting.

Mm-hmm. . So anything in particular that stuck out with you before I continue on? 

Um, I did think it was interesting, like the stories with his 

daughters. Which ones? Particular? All 

of them? No. Um, ? No, it was like kind of just the whole, how he raised them. I thought it was an interesting like, I guess progression through all of that where like, you know, he'd do anything for his daughter sort of thing.

Super spoiled, like all this other stuff. But then at some point he realized they. They need to be a corrected sort of thing. Mm-hmm. . I was like, Hmm. I I just, I thought that was quite the, uh, interesting, I guess little, little segment there. Was it convicting? 

[00:44:00] No.

No it wasn't. 

Shoot, but I, gosh, what am I doing to my nephews? 

Oh no. It should have been, it should have been. Your mother and father shouldn't baby 

you so much. They'll pay me. They don't Too Done baby. Me. What do you talk about ? 

What do you Hey, that's all. 

I paid for that. Okay. I paid for all that. The only thing I didn't pay for is the house.

Go on . 

But no, I just saw, I, no, I can't, I don't remember. Um, all but just like, just some of the stories about. Um, his daughters and stuff like that. Mainly with the schooler, they got kicked out and I think that was where he was, that where he had that kind of like, like moment where he is like, my daughters can get away with anything because well one, he is a celebrity Yep.[00:45:00] 

Kind of thing. So it's just like Yeah. It must be real tough. Huh. But, uh, I'm, I guess I am glad that he had that realization where it's like his daughters actually needed to like learn something . 

See, part of me wonders in that story if he was just trying to stick it to his ex-wife cuz his ex-wife was on.

True. As like, we need to sue the school, we need to da da. Yes. And part of me goes, he just being a bitter divorced man, just being like, no. 

Very well could be too. Yeah. Because then I did find that also funny how he is like, yeah. Like one of the things he had said was like, my wife is going to hear this literally on this special.

Yeah. Cause he is never 

said it to me and his wife's lawyer. Yeah. Which I'd be more scared of, 

but yeah. But, um, yeah, I thought that was interesting and yeah, the, which also led into all the, I don't know, stu, the stuff that really kind of just, I didn't care for with [00:46:00] how, um, I had to getting into like abortion talk kind of stuff, which I mean, I like kind of how and I believe, but how he called it out for still what it is or he tells it.

He doesn't change what it is. 

Right. So he does call abortion murder. Yes. He does say, let's be honest, we're killing babies, but he's still all for it. Right. And, and this I wrote down, he jokes about getting a punch card at the abortion clinic for a free smoothie cause, and there's a quote that he had wrote down of his here.

He says, I've paid for more abortions than any woman. That's 

lot. . Yeah. That's a huge claim. That's kind of gross. . That's where I 

was just like, man, that's, it's something I noticed though when he said, I believe women should have the right to kill babies. And then at some point, and I hope it's a joke, I do hope it's a joke where he goes up to that first report card of like four years old.

I was [00:47:00] like, Ooh, that's up to the, up to the first report card that they get from school. Oh, shit. But when he said, I believe women should have the right to kill babies. I don't know if you caught this or not, but like a lot of his jokes, most of the audience was laughing. Yeah. That one, it was very, it was like a little spattering of laugh.

Yeah. And there were other news articles that called that out too. Like, oh, 

people didn't like that one. It 

was just like, oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Now something else I noticed as. And this is, and right shortly after this moment in the, the thing, this is where I wrote my note of, must have drove Aaron Nuts all the repeats.

So we are about at the 44 minute, 22nd mark about thereabouts a little bit before that. Yeah. I don't know if he caught what he did on his leg. He did what? Everyone on the internet, you know, we all know is a hoax. He did the okay sign on his leg and pe you know, [00:48:00] like as he's talking, it's upside down. You know, the okay sign upside down on his leg.

You know that if anyone ever does on the internet, people go, that's a white supremacy dog, white dog whistle, you know, and all that. And I just find it funny that about 44 minutes, 20 seconds in on the edited version on Netflix, he's talking and he does it on his left leg with his left hand while the mic's in his right hand and he's talking like bent over for a little bit.

I just found 

it funny. I went to lock, watch that again. Watch back on that. I, I don't remember catching that now. Yeah. 

It, it just things I observe while watching the, the thing, because part of me was just like 


everything. . Yeah, exactly. But at the same time, part of me was just kind of cring over all these Yeah.

Jokes. Yeah. Now he did say something I do, I'll agree [00:49:00] with a hundred percent. Mm-hmm. , and this was a quote that I'm taken from him. Okay. He said, and he's talking about poli politics net. He goes, Republicans lie, oh, and Democrats leave out key pieces of truth. Yeah. . It's like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That is true.

And then before he talks about the slap around the world. At least on TV and then social media. Yeah. You know, it's not like the shot heard around the world. No. It's just the you, you know what the shot heard around the world is, right? It's a song.

What is it in History? Uh, I don't remember , 

but I remember it's a very important thing cuz it's the shot Heard around the world.

It's a song by 

disciple though. See now people can see my distress. ? [00:50:00] No

The shot heard around the world. It refers to the opening shot of the Battle of Lexington Concord in 1771. A 75, which began the American Revolutionary War. Yeah,

that is the shot Heard around the world. 


The slab heard Brown, the world is Will Smith slapping him, Chris Rock, which after watching this special every, yeah, I might just put that in the loop and just watch it for hours on end for entertainment. What the slap. I'm kidding. I was like, geez. 

Well, I mean, I, I I get it now I understand.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah, . 

So anyways, before he gets to talk about that, he does talk about younger women are less expensive to date. Oh, and I just sat there for a second. 

I know. Well, they're not , I mean Okay. Maybe [00:51:00] 

the, and I'm just, I mean, yeah. But the, the two things that he uses to compare, they're pretty extreme examples.

He compares the cost of shoes versus the cross of a roof. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Shoes you need maybe every few months to once a year. Okay. , my last pair of shoes last me like a year and a half, but that's beyond, let's not talk about that. That was me being lazy and buying new shoes. I mean, I, 

well, I guess one, it depends on how many pairs you have.

One and how often 

you, yeah, every day. Yeah. And we're not even gonna talk about the number holes they have. 

Well, that's, Hey, okay. It means well worn, getting every, every scent out of 

it, you know? Oh, yeah. So much so that the souls were pretty much smooth stead. I, yeah. If I would've gone on ice with those.

Yes. Anyways, shoes versus roof, which you replace like once every 10 years and yeah, that a roof is expensive. [00:52:00] Yeah. Let's not be coy about it. It is pretty expensive. I mean, it 

depends on also how big your roof is, 

regardless. Still, it's still expensive more than a pair of shoes, so that's why I was like, shoes versus roof.

I was like, that's pretty extreme examples there, but I get what he's saying. He's trying to be like, well, that. And then he's like, whoa, and what's the payment for these shoes? And blah, blah, blah. And I was just like, ah, this joke is just going downhill quickly. No, thank you. Yeah. 

I mean, yeah, the older you are, the more you're gonna, how more expensive you are.

I mean, . Cause you got a lot more responsibilities to take care of. Do you know Aaron? Do you? No, not yet. Do you? I don't want any , . My roof is gonna be cardboard . 

That doesn't meet state 

standards at all. Well, I mean, I don't need to cover a whole house with it. 

What are you gonna cover? Uh, your [00:53:00] box. Yes. . Which means you'll have no drums, no guns, no.

No possessions. No. I'll have drums in your box. No, 

no, no. I mean the world can be my drum. Everything can be a percussion instrument.

No comment.

mean, why do you think you got straight performers? They can turn anything into drum stuff, so now least got that goal.

I'm glad people can see my disappointment.


is something wrong with 

that. Paul

put on a happy face. , don't show the [00:54:00] tears. Eddie Bowl

look terrible, friend. And I found my intro.

Oh gosh, 

perfect. Yep. So yeah. So he talks about that for a little bit. Yeah. And I personally, as I'm going through it, I'm like, did he just throw this in here to pad time in the special? Because I couldn't find a connection with the rest of it. Because a lot of the special, he called it selective outrage.

Right. But a lot of the special tied into the theme of that selective outrage, I couldn't find the tie-in theme here. I was like, is he just padding or did he forget part of his performance? Is he old and is he forgetting things? , 

this is mine going, didn't. Yeah. So, whoa. Maybe all the drugs he's been doing, 


And so I, I was just like, okay, fine. Whatever. And, and I, [00:55:00] this is where I need to be honest here. The last like 20 minutes of this special, I fought to stay awake. Oh, really? Yeah. Three. Different times I fell asleep in the last 20 minutes, I would start watching it fall asleep, wake up when they start doing the pause at the end.

Rewind. Oh, . Try to watch it and fall asleep. And I was always like, seriously, I cannot get through this. But the, so the last thing I remember from the special is the slap her ground, the world on the internet or like aka him being slapped by Will Smith. Such a peak part of his career, probably. Oh yeah. And what was interesting is he, he, you know, he, he made fun of like the size difference between him and Smith.

Oh, he , I mean, yeah. And he is like, even into the cartoons, he is bigger than me. Yeah. He's a shark. And I'm a zebra. I was like, you do realize, like, [00:56:00] Series where he was a shark as a cartoon did not do so well as a movie man, a gas card did way much better than well, yeah. So in a way, Chris Rock, you are bigger than Will Smith because you did better in that regard on a one movie also who isn't growing up and who wasn't.


that's just cuz Will Smith isn't funny. I'm just kidding. He probably is. . I enjoyed the Fresh Prince Bel Air. 

Oh yeah. And they, they've done a reboot of Fresh Prince. No, it's called Bel Air. Nuh. It's, uh, more, it's like a serious dramedy now. Uh, not a comedy. It's more like a serious dramedy. 

Yeah, that's new one.

Oh, you've ever heard of Dramedy? That's drama comedy. Yeah. A dramedy. That's awesome. So it's, but it's more a serious dramedy. Hmm. 

So where's the comedy? I don't know. I haven't watched it. I just, I didn't even know it was a thing. 

So it's called Bell Air. It's a reboot. I think it's on HBO or Paramount.

Probably one of those, one of those soon. Anyways, one of those, [00:57:00] anyways, regardless of the fact, that was the one thing I, I've watched about it and he was trying to give his spin on why the slap happened. He was talking about how Will Smith was in a movie that didn't even get like a Oscar nod, you know? He wasn't nominated at all.

Yeah. And then Will's wife was like, well, my husband didn't get nominated, so therefore Chris, you shouldn't host the as Oscars. That's her voice. Yeah, exactly. . I have no idea what her voice sounds 

like. Oh man. 

Yeah. I have no idea what her voice sounds like. So, but anyways, you know, and Chris is like, well, I'm not gonna give up my hosting this job because your husband didn't get nominated for something.

He sucked in . Right. It was essentially his summary. I'm summarizing here, and, uh, And he's like, I'm just doing a joke. And everyone thinks Will Smith is a bleep and beep bleep. Yeah. Everybody. And I was like, oh yeah, everyone thinks that's the case [00:58:00] now. I don't agree with Will Smith. Just getting up, standing up and going.


I mean, yeah, 

I Yeah. But at the same time, did Rock push it too far? Probably. But guess what? Comedian, well obviously for Will , guess what? Guess what? Comedians tend to do push buttons. They tried to push buttons and push the envelopes just a little bit. Yeah. And so they did that and he did that and that's what happened.

And it was like, right. All right, cool. And then he talks about the Will Smith thing just for a little while. The last like bit of it, everything. , I mean, 

I can't remember how he went about it, but where he had mentioned is like no one has had their ex like. Or I guess like talk to you about who they cheated on you with in front of you on live television sort of thing.

Right. I was like, yeah, that's, that's kind of rough. 

Well, there was that, [00:59:00] I think what he was referring to is when his wife on her podcast, like video thing like we're doing now, video thing. Yeah. She had Will Smith on and basically interviewed him about her cheating. Yes. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's, yeah. 

That's the much better way to put it.

And how, how would you like that, Erin, you got married and your wife goes, Susan next to a guy and she goes, I cheat on you with this guy. What? Already thought, where was he? The air 

for it, I guess. I don't remember. I don't, I don't think he, I don't think he was there. I didn't think he was there, but that dude would've been 

in trouble.

But she goes And What do you think about that, Aaron? Yeah, I know. Well, not 

too good about it. Mm. Yeah. Yeah. No, that would be, that would be 

extremely tough. Now this was to keep yourself together. This was one line that I heard twice in the special. That I laughed at. This is the only time I laughed The entire special.

Oh no. Okay. 

Why you I'm a terrible person. Why you go I laugh more than 

twice. . Oh, I laughed twice. Okay. And it was for the same line. So a was repeated, so you probably [01:00:00] weren't, I probably 

hated it just, 

and he said, ed, I quote, don't need to get a rapper mad at me. Don't need to get 

a rapper mad at me. Cause I mean, I know Will 

is a rapper.

Exactly. And that's what he was referencing cuz he didn't wanna get slapped again. You 

said that twice. Yeah. I said I, I definitely do remember him just making like little subtle comments that would involve Will somehow in there. I was just like, nice . Yep. 

I personally, the way I looked at this special was this, it was rock smartly trying to capitalize on the slap.

Yeah, that's really what it was. He was. Trying to capitalize on the slap that occurred because it was, I mean 


it's a huge deal. It's popular. It's in everyone's mind. It was all over the news when it happened. It's still, people talk about when Chris Rock does something, they go, is he gonna address the slap?

Is he gonna address They ad he [01:01:00] addressed the slap. He addressed the slap in the special. You know, they're all about it. Like the slap was mentioned, it was addressed. You know when Will Smith does something, they'll go, will, what do you think about the slap? Are you gonna address the slap and your reaction to the slap pop, blah blah.

So it was smart of rock to do that. Included in there, kind of lead up to it. And it is a moneymaker. And that's why I was like, I think this whole special was just capitalizing on the slap. On the slap. He was going. He 

wasn't just doing his job. 

His job could be whatever, I don't know. Yeah. And he's going, well it's selective outrage cuz Will, doesn't get mad about this, this, but he got mad about this.

I. You know what I mean? When he cut that, 

that personal into somebody's life might not always take it so well. 

Right. And And I'd look at it this way. I go And you, sir, would you have some selective outrage? I'm saying, sir, like rock, sir. Yeah. Would you have some selective outrage if someone did something to one of your daughters or to one of your family members?


yeah. [01:02:00] Or, yeah, joked about something very personal. So I was like, and 

painful. So I was like, you going on with this? I was like, I get it. I get it completely. I don't agree with it at all With what Smith did. Yeah. But for, that's why I said he's capitalizing on it. He's making a buck on it because he knows people will want to talk about it and look we're talking about it.

Yeah. A lot of people have talked about it . 

A lot of people are talking about it. A lot of people are in cult in culture are watching it, talking about it. It hit, it wasn't like the top 10 for a while on Netflix. Of things watched. So a lot of people know about it. Have watched it. 

Yeah. Like it, I mean I literally got Netflix to watch that special.


I'm glad I get it free from my cell phone provider. Nice. 

Yeah, I gotta, I gotta cancel that soon [01:03:00] cause I don't make use of any of that. . 

Oh man. You're like my mother. You and her are both canceling Netflix at the same time. Really? . Yeah. No . 

No. Well, I mean, why spend money on it if I'm not using 

it? That's the same logic she used.

But it makes sense Does, doesn't it? I'm just saying that because it just screw with you. That's all. So any other, why not the one? Any other things you wanna say about the special? I've gone through all my notes and all my things. Alls I would say is this. I would not watch this again. I would not take the time to watch it again myself personally.

I mean, if you wanna watch it, that's fine, that's your call. But for me, I'm like, you know what? Well, 

I wanna watch it again now, just to pick up on the stuff that you noticed, that obviously I was way too oblivious 

to notice, sir. Remember when we were going out to Christmas Burns Red, [01:04:00] we were at a Wendy's and you almost got two full meals because you are not paying attention to the screen.

That said two full meals, . Now, you know, to be fair, you did say sandwiches only, but the person responding didn't pick that up properly and they, he almost got charging me for two whole meals.

So don't tell me that you're oblivious. I know this. I know. I am fully aware of this. This is not something that surprises me in the 

least. This is why I gotta watch it again. 

Ugh. And what are you gonna do with that new knowledge? Go slap someone. Probably Josh. Yeah. All right. . But he's a

I'll do it. All right. Anything else, sir? Um, [01:05:00] 

no, I don't think so. You don't think so? I don't think so. All right. He's not looking through here. I mean, you, y'all, y'all done covered everything. Well, uh, okay. I know there's a stupid, disgusting joke that I didn't get with Elon that was gross. 

Yeah, I, I, that was, I know exactly what joke you're talk covering.

I have no way to cover that where I don't feel gross at the end. So, yeah, let's not That was, yeah, no, let's not even talk about that one. If, if, if, if you don't know what 

that is. Great. Uh, great. Uh, family, uh, uh, show. Uh, don't, don't watch that with 

kids. Yeah. Do not, especially the Elon segment. Yeah. It was gross.

Surprised you didn't get it, huh? I'm surprised you didn't get it, but yeah, regardless.

It's okay. Alright. It's all good. What ? [01:06:00] I didn't get it. What you're talking about the e the Elon joke? Yeah. Yeah. I'm surprised you didn't get it, but that's okay. I didn't get what? 

Oh, no, I'm, I'm lost now. I'm lost now. It's okay. 

It's okay. Okay. Because you. We won't, we're not gonna talk anything. Let's talk about this off air

Unless not, I don't know. It better not to though. That's fine with me. , I, I don't know, sir. Yeah, that was the other man I just, some of the raunchy and stuff with. 

Yeah, but that's a cruise rock thing. That's, uh, 

so that was, uh, definitely a rough first introduction to him. 

All right then. Well, if nothing else, then we're gonna go ahead and wrap this up.

And then what are you going foo for? Woo. First one's done. First one's done, and many more to come. On season three of Use Your Words podcast.