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Dec. 21, 2022

Christmas 2022

It's the Wednesday before Christmas so we spend some time reflecting on what we will be doing to celebrate Christmas this year. We start out talking about some licensed music that is useful for podcasting/streaming/etc. and listen to a few samples. Things go downhill quickly as we talk about Aaron taking Kringle to his favorite band - August Burns Red. Of course during this conversation, Aaron learns about eggs and why people used to be able to leave eggs on the counters in the past. We start out with Aaron's plans for the Christmas break after the trip to Pennsylvania with Paul. The fun that Aaron will have after getting back from the trip - includes LetterKenny on the 26th, him potentially working alone during the week between Christmas and New Years, Aaron lifting his restriction on not drinking Alcohol and the new rules that go along with this which leads into a conversation about the difference between Heavy and Binge drinking. On a personal note - I have to give Aaron Kudos for his commitment to being dry for so long, and sticking to it even in the face of wanting drinks once in a while.

We then go onto Paul's plans for the Christmas break after the Pennsylvania trip include watching some LetterKenny, and just relaxing in general.

Besides these topics, we talk about how Paul hopes that Brewer has a kid that gives him grief, Paul already planning his Lifest trip in July, and his uncertainty to be able to watch Dr Who going forward now that Disney is subsidizing the show. We also learn that Aaron just now found out that Toby Mac's son died due to a drug overdose in 2019.

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