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Feb. 15, 2023

The Zulock Case - The Crime In Georgia You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

This week Paul and Aaron are talking about a case in Georgia which has been covered in some news outlets, but has mostly been left unreported for one reason or another. This case involves the abuse of children - and as such is not something that everyone should listen to or read up on.

We are talking about the Zulock case from Georgia where two married men (allegedly - have to say allegedly for legal reasons since they have not been convicted yet) sexually abused their adopted sons and pimped them out over the course of five years before the two men were arrested. It was because of the fact that they made CSAM of their kids that law enforcement was tipped off about a receiver of the CSAM material and was able to arrest the two men. This is disgusting behavior that needs to stop and stuff like this sometimes blackpills Paul into not thinking that things can get better.

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