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April 4, 2023

Nashville School Shooting - Pt 1

On March 27th, 2023 another shooting occured at a school in Nashville, TN. We decided to talk about the shooting. What our response should be, why the gun free signs don't work, and what should we as Christians do to respond to this as well as how should we respond if the government decides to ban all guns (that will be in part 2 - so make sure to come back then).

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Warrior Poet Society Shooting Response Breakdown

On March 27th, 2023 another shooting occured at a school in Nashville, TN. We decided to talk about the shooting. What our response should be, why the gun free signs don't work, and what should we as Christians do to respond to this as well as how should we respond if the government decides to ban all guns (that will be in part 2 - so make sure to come back then).

Use Your Words podcast is passion project of two people from Southeastern Wisconsin. Please consider checking out the below links to learn/hear more. And join us every week for new episodes!

Visit our website: https://useyourwords.cc

Listen to the podcast on all of your devices: https://useyourwordspod.captivate.fm/listen

Send us an email: https://www.useyourwords.cc/contact

Read the blog: https://www.useyourwords.cc/blog



Thank you for joining us on this week's episode of Use Your Words Podcast. This is episode one of two where we're talking about the Nashville shooting and this episode we're good to be talking more along the lines of just information about the Nashville shooting episode two part two, which will come out next week.

We'll talk about more about like what we can do about it, statistics and that sort of fun stuff. And, uh, just policy and data regarding that. So thank you for joining us this week. I know it's not our normal thing that we cover and our normal topic, and this actually is an out-of-band episode for us, but we thought it was important enough to talk about to-do in handle, uh, in these next coming weeks cuz it is kind of a big conversation that is a part of the national thing and will be things that'll be talked about around the water cooler.

So, enjoy. This is a out of band episode of User Words Podcast. Uh, when I say out of band, what I mean is normally we batch and do a bunch of episodes simultaneously together all at once. So that way. Aaron is like, oh, I don't actually do anything for a couple weeks. Yay, yay. I like not doing anything and that's fine.

But Aaron was like, you know what? This is a big enough thing to talk about and bring up that, let's do an outer band. Let's do an extra one before we go do something else to later on tonight. So I was like, you know what? Cool bet. Let's do it. Let me, uh, grab all my equipment, bring it down from, uh, my place and set it up for one hour of recording noise.

So, let's see. Well, 

granted, it's just gonna be one hour. We'll see how that goes. 

Why do you say we'll see how that goes. Oh, I, I don't know. 

It's, could think it'd be quick and short, but well,

I don't 

know about that. We'll see how I get to rambling and I don't know 

what happens. I don't, I don't know about that if it's gonna be short, 

so not well, no. Yeah. Not this one, but yeah. 

Yeah, yeah. So if you have been living under a rock, the, this past week, this past Monday down, it was Monday, right?

Monday here, the twin. Wow. Seventh. Wow. 

This, my, this week just seemed to have gone by so quick for many other reasons. Uh, but this past Monday, down in Nashville, there was a shooting down at, uh, a Christian school, which is also, it's, it's also a church. So, you know, it's one of those schools that's within a church building.

Um, okay. Three students. All age nine. Yeah. And three adults killed the janitor, a substitute teacher. And I, I believe like head mistress. The head mistress, yes. Yeah. Um, so six people total were killed in another census act of violence. And immediately right after everything occurred the same, I guess you could say, the same conversation happened yet again, the same conversation being that of we need to ban the guns ban, we need to do these th you know, they go, well, we need to enact, uh, gun reform.

And, uh, David Hogg goes, we need to pass all of Massachusetts. I Massa, Massachusetts. I can't say that. Massachusetts. Yeah. Whatever. That, that, that state that starts with an m a s. Yeah. You know, David Hogg's, like, we have to make those laws federal. To becau in his, his claim is that then there won't be any gun violence anymore if he do that.

And I was like, okay. Yeah. Okay, sure. Incorrect. Sure, David. Sure, sure, sure. Yeah. Go, go back to your classes and study and graduate from Harvard. 

I, I would just say actually go in the go get some street smarts instead of book 

smarts, but Well, yeah, you, you, you tried saying that to David Hogan Hills be like, well, I'm the smartest man alive because Incorrect.

Yeah. Anyways, but yeah, that the shooting that happened down in Nashville was, it was rough. It was really, it was terrible. Why, why was it rough and terrible that you would say? 

Well, just the fact that it was, I mean, more kids were killed and like even lost. It's, oh, it's one of those things where it's.

Obviously it's always terrible seeing or hearing about kids being killed. Mm-hmm. In a situation like this. Cuz I mean, obviously before this we had, well, I guess, was that the only one before this or has there been more? Oh shoot, I don't know what shootings this year. Uvalde? No, I'm just talking like for school, 

shooting in Oh, before shootings.


Um, at least that had to do with young 

kids. I don't know. Was there, yeah, Valdi was the last, like, big one. That big man that made news big. There been, there have been some others since then as 

well, but since, yeah, I thought there had been, but nothing on that level. Um, which there could be a lot to get into even with just looking at tho these, those two examples for the shootings with Nashville and Uvalde.

Mm-hmm. Um, but yeah, it's, I mean, you'd always hope that a school was a safe place for the kids to go to. Of course, that's what we all would want, you would think. But, uh, It's also an easy target. And this is where, I don't know, I had seen, I wish I, I couldn't find where I found this post or whatever cuz it was another, it was a thing where, uh, I think it was where Biden had one of his tweets, something about, you know, it's time to ban, do his assault, weapon ban and all that.

Mm-hmm. And there was like some link in there where it was just talking about a bunch of stuff and one of the comments that stuck out to me was, they don't want to turn schools into like a prison ordeal. Okay. So I've always wondered why would, now this is with saying like, if you put security in armed guards at a school, why does that turn it into a prison?

Is my question automatically. 

Right. So yeah, and I had this discussion with someone as well, and. It becomes a very hyperbolic thing because they go, well, now they're seeing armed guard. These kids are going to school and they're seeing armed guards. They're like, oh, it's a prison now. Yeah. You know, with the whole school thing, I, my approach has been, and this is my statement, this is my stance.

This is why I've said since even before Uvalde and all that, and even with this locked doors mm-hmm. That, you know, you can't come in unless you're buzzed in or mm-hmm. You're somehow let in, but at those locked doors as well, an armed security person mm-hmm. Whether that's retired military, retired police, someone who has gone through defensive shooting training and it's willing to donate time or they're paid someone there.

Mm-hmm. So it's not just free door. Oh look. They were able to walk in and they were able to bypass that magic sign that just sits there that says Gun free zone. Yeah. Because that Magic Gun free zone sign is gonna protect everyone inside that building. Oh, I was listening to an episode from Matt Christensen this morning.

Mm-hmm. And he was going over some different people doing data studies. Right. And since I forget exactly what year, it's like the seventies or the eighties, somewhere in there. Okay. When they start keeping track of this, one group said 94% of all mass shootings occurred in a gun-free zone. A another group said, oh, it's 86, not 94.

Okay. We're similar. And then every time USA comes in and says, oh no, it's only 10, it's 10%. But here's how every, every town USA gets to their number, they include houses, your residence 

as as supposed 

to be a gun free, zone free. So they include those places as gun-free zones. So that way what's happening then is, I know, I know, I get it.

Um, oh my gosh. 

So that L obviously lowers that 

number a ton. Why? Hence why their same results is 10%, not 80 to 

90%. Exactly. Oh my gosh. It's just how you manipulate the numbers, 

which, yeah. So depending on how those studies were done, depends on the numbers you get. Now, obviously that mm-hmm. 94, 90 6%, one that, that really fits my confirmation bias.

So I have to be really careful with just going with a study that shows my confirmation bias on everything. Right. That being said, 86 to 94%, I can actually believe that. Yeah, because, okay. Yeah. There is that magic sign. The magic sign out sitting outside my work. I think, did I send you a picture of the one that's sitting outside my work?

I dunno. Okay. Maybe you'll have to, if you have Yeah. So there's, there's the Magic Gun free sign sitting outside at my work, and it is at, it's on the glass of the entrance to my building. Uhhuh. I'm gonna pull up here on my computer right now. Oh, boom. So it says, please use revolving doors, no smoking.

Northwestern Mutual as occupants of these premises prohibits carrying firearms or other weapons beyond this point. This point being the entryway To the thing. Yep. To the building. Building. 


Yep. That magic sign is supposed to protect me inside my office. That magic sign is supposed to protect our kids in the schools.

Mm-hmm. That magic sign is supposed to protect everyone when they're at a place that is weapon free, gun free, and all that. It doesn't, obviously it it doesn't. If you know how I know it, you know how I know it doesn't because it's happened. Well, no, no. Yes. Well, duh, it's happened. Okay. Thank you for making my point.

But also at the same time, so for example, my work, and you know what I am, I don't care cuz I know Northwestern Mutual mantras every employee's social media for what they say. And people can report conversations that you have with them one-on-one to Northwestern Mutual and can get you fired. I don't care.

I done with that crap right now. Well, Paul's fired,

so be it. Okay. Yeah. Oh geez. This is, this is getting to be too big of an important issue in the country and everything that I don't care. Well, here's the thing. Okay, so they have this magic sign at the entrance way, right? And then inside they have security people and all that. Yeah. 

So at least some people have some something.

I don't know. What do they have? Do they 

just, I dunno. I, there're, there're armed security in that. Right? Okay. But here's the thing. Here, here, here's the thing. I throw in a nice coat. Oh. And if I'm, if I had my holster in and concealed, no one would notice. Cuz guess what? There's no other security measures other than this magic sign.


Right. And which, that actually does surprise me. Like, I mean, I would imagine for them being, I don't know, I guess as big of a company as they are, at least how, I mean, they're 

huge. So there's other things too, like 

they have, I mean, how do they not have 

metal detectors? There's no metal detectors.

Right. Surprising. The security could just kind of look at you and like I've, I, anytime I go to. I leave my gun in the car. I am a good employee. I follow the law cuz in Wisconsin laws, these signs aren't enforced. Right. Okay. So I, I, I follow the law, I do what I'm supposed to do. I leave my gun in the car, but I wear my holster still cuz I've actually gotten so used to just wearing it all the time that you Yeah, I wear it.

Never even bad an eye at me. I think I had, let me rephrase that. I had one person, one time, one security guard, one time kind of just like give me the side eye and alls I did was I lifted my shirt a little bit and showed it was fine. But you know, what I had was, while I was going in, what I had my U S C C A bag attached, my backpack, I could have easily held, had my gun in there, there something in there, right?

Or Yeah, I had my gun in two parts between my backpack and that. Mm-hmm. 

Oh, right. Yeah. Unless you're getting, unless you're going through some sort of metal detector or 

a Oh no. Thorough pat down. Oh, no. Now here's the other thing. Yeah. My employee ID card. Right. Which you need, you need to scan to get into the office.

Right. Okay. Guess what? There's no photo on it. I could give you my ID card. I could just go in. You could go in. No one would know the difference. Well, I guess no, unless you got to my floor. Unless I got to your floor. Okay. But here's the thing, they don't check the name while you're scanning it. They just, you just scan it and you get the green light 

and you're good to go.

Yeah. Yeah. I could be Paul Thearon for a, for a little while, 

which I'm like, why? This is, this is, that's kind of dumb. Okay. It's kind of dumb. So in all honesty, I don't even feel safe going into my work for the longest time. And then, yeah, this stuff continues to happen. I'm like, doesn't make it any easier.

No, it doesn't. And that's why I'm kinda like, well, thank you, new boss that says, you know what? You don't have to come into the office everywhere. Guess what? I might take him up. I'm not coming into the 


Then, you know, cause it, it used to be a couple years ago, I still felt kind of safe wherever I went.

A couple years ago. Okay. A couple years ago. But this last like year and a half in that since Covid has stopped, it's gotten to the point of craziness where I'm like, I don't often feel safe going around places. Right. And that's why I did start concealed carrying, because it got to the point where I was like, no, you get nervous.

I don't like this. Mm-hmm. And the fact that we subject our kids to this every single time where we're like, anytime someone goes, well, maybe we should put some armed guards or some armed volunteers, or, you know, something to protect our kids. Oh no, you can't have more guns. The answer is to take away all the guns.

Was it the, the Jamal Bowman, more guns equal 

more death. I don't even know what idiots said that there have been so many that have said these. Oh, 

there's a ton that have said that. But yeah, that was the thing with, uh, I don't know if you haven't seen it, which I'd be surprised if you hadn't, but it was like Jamal Bowman as like Congress people are like leaving outside the building.

He's just like yelling, I'm you cowards and stuff like that. Just being for, you know, the second amendment and you know, I guess still wanting to have guns in the country. And he is like, these are taking our children's lives. And I mean there's, so that's another thing that kind of bugs me now. And I guess I don't have my source of reference up, but, uh, it's the whole thing with, they say that guns are the number one cause of children's deaths.

Now they've said that for a while at least, but it's, they're saying that the age ranges from, I, I don't know, like is it newborn to like 19 years old. Okay. And that's children, I guess, even though you're an adult legally at 18. 

But, uh, now my question on that then, is this, are they counting suicides in there?


I guess. Yeah. I would imagine they would be. Because I mean, that would help the number, I suppose. Um, but then you also think about all like the, in which, I mean, it's always brought up in the, I guess, discussion, but it's like the whole gang violence thing and stuff. Like, there's quite a lot of kids involved, especially in the, I don't, the more poverty stricken cities and whatnot.

All right, so I, I pulled this up here. This was from the study they're referencing. It was a 2016 study, uh, done by the New England Journal of Medicine. So they say the 10 leading causes of child adolescent death in the United States in 2016 in order of frequency. So the number of deaths they, they studied, uh, 2016 was 20,360 total of, okay, so that's how many.

Children died, have died, died, died. And they, and they, their study is, the reason I'm saying this is the study is because it's, uh, one to 19 years of age. One to 19. Yeah. Okay. We're not talking newborn. Zero. We're talking one to 19. One. Okay. Whoa. Okay. Okay. I know still, yeah. Okay. All right. So injury related causes 12,336 or 60%.

Motor vehicle crashes, 4,074 or 20% firearm related injury. Now, to be fair to them, they did break it up between homicide suicide, but they grant, they made it overall 15.4%. Right. But if he notice and look in the data as it's broken, 

Suicide is pretty freaking high up 

there. Suicide. Let's do some math here.

Um, 1,102, which is still quite a bit. Okay. Yeah. Um, in a year of the 3,143 firearm related deaths, uh, 35% are via suicide, which kind of tracks with national averages, honestly, sadly. Uh, undetermined at 10 50, unintentional 126 and homicide 1,865. So first off, not even number two, it's number three. And then you break it out for homicide suicide.

It, yeah. Yeah. But, uh, honestly, to be fair, I think each of those firearm related homicides should end suicide. Unintentional and untended. Undetermined should be broken out to their own categories. Categories each shouldn't, um, try to. Break it into one, but I can see why. But, so it's rate per hundred thousand with the 95% confidence interval.

Uh, 4.02. So, and that's why they have parentheses in the study, 3.88 to 4.16 that, that covers your confidence intervals. Hmm. So that's saying about four children per a hundred thousand die from fire, arm related injuries. Injuries and about 1.41. So that can say, you know, 1.4 children, uh, due to suicide per a hundred thousand.

Geez. Yeah.

Yeah. So is it number two? No, but it's still, well, 

it's still up there. It's up there, but when they're going, they're talking about, it's like it's, it's deleting. Cause it's like, it's not the leading cause. 

No, unfortunately not. We still have way more things here, like motor vehicle crashes. So I guess, you know, um, if it saves on life, Aaron, let's ban cars.

Yeah. I'll 

have to walk Yeah. To work. I mean, I'm fine with that. I'm only an hour away. 

And then these for a walk and that and, and obviously I'm putting myself in that same category, you know, but us overweight kids will, you know, fall over dead from heart attack and the number one thing cause will be walking excuse, and then all of a sudden obesity, Wally finally kicks that.

Wally becomes our future. We're all riding around and hover rounds. Oh my gosh. 

I mean, I'm, I'm getting there. I'm working my way towards it. Shoot. 

No, you're fine. Uh, but that's why I said, you know, I'm done with all these people going, well, let's ban guns. Let's do this, let's do this. You know what? No. Let's, let's put guards and protect the things that are important.

Yeah. Our, our, our politicians, 

they get guns. Well, the security around them gets guns. 

Yeah, exactly. Uh, including, you know, all ev down in Illinois, down in Michigan, you know, all, all the, I hate it. All the politicians that say, you know, no to guns. No to guns bad. Guns bad. All of a sudden, oh, guns are good when they protect us.

Yeah. You know? Well, 

I mean, that was in the back of my mind. I was just thinking, I was like, all right. I was like, cuz didn't Hunter illegally get guns on his own? Oh, hunter Biden. Yeah. I, or was it, I can't remember if it was illegal to, not even if, okay, so let's, it's, it wasn't illegally done. If that's the case, I don't know.

Don't know. Don't care. At the moment, if Biden wants a gun ban, He and his family can be the first to give him up, then that might have a better say in other people doing it. Is it gonna happen? No, but, um, wait. Okay, so wait. Yeah. So what is this? Oh, okay. I'll let you look at that. But yeah, continue on. Um, it's, yeah, you just think of all the, well, one, yeah.

Buildings and events that are guarded with people with guns. It's like, okay, so what's the difference of kids going into these areas and knowing, seeing that versus having 'em at school? I mean, you would think if you want them to be safe, you'll have something that can protect them the most. Well, in the, you know, I guess most efficient way if 


Right? I When's the last time you've gone to a concert or gone to an airport or gone to. You know, a secured location and you weren't subject to screening, you weren't subject to guards outside, you weren't subject to this getting a search. Yeah, because guess why they're protecting the place right now.

Some pe there's definitely times where it's, i i a concert recently and uh, it was interesting cuz they had, and I, I don't know, there was three, uh, people like that had the wand and they're, you know, you know, screening you or whatever. And then the far side there was this like gal this, yeah, she was probably about up to my shoulders and height.

She was a smaller little thing. Um, but then she's like, and she didn't get a wand to like, I dunno, wave around the people. So she was doing bad downs and I felt so bad cuz like, I just like, Everyone's storming towards one line and they're like, ah, there's more other lines to go to. So I went out to the farthest one, cuz that was the least gone to one.

And then she's like, do you mind if I pat you down? I was like, oh dang. I was like, I was like, no I don't. But I'm like thinking for her, I was like, gosh, this could be very uncomfortable for her. Shoot. And like the pat down that I got was not that like, I don't know, it wasn't 

that She's a trained professional.


Yeah, she, she's used to it. Like I, I told you about my experience at August or Christmas Burns red where I was like, dude, you better take that. You better take me out to dinner. Well, I'm okay with that to a degree. Okay. That's, 

that's the thing. It's like people will go to extreme lengths to get stuff through.

So if you're not like thorough now, obviously, do you need to be. Grabbing and, you know, 

squeezing. Yeah, that's what he was doing to me. That's why I was like, dude, who's squeeZ? Well, squeezing. Not like tightly like squeezing what? One, not, not tightly, but lightly. Like he was, he was, he was undercarriage and squeezing.

I was like, dude, oh man, what the heck? That's what I said, buy me dinner first. That's not right. What you're doing here, I guess. And for 

me it's like I could care less about it happening to a guy. Now if it's a no, well, I guess a guy doing that to a guy, yeah, I guess I generally would not care. Now if it was a guy searching a girl, eh, that would bring issues to me.

So it's, you should have females. Well, 

and that's why it's like strictly enforce or like, that's why they do that at airport, you know. But you know, you know someone, if they were dedicated, they wanted to get in, then they, like, they saw the pat down, right? Mm-hmm. And they're like, oh, no wand cool. No mal detection.

Right. Okay. This is gonna sound horrible. Um, there are. Orifices that they could use to store the gun in temporarily. Oh, 

first they had to, I think, on what gun they want to bring out. Yeah. Bring in a 

small nine mil. Yeah. It'd be uncomfortable, but they'd get through. Wish you could do it. You could do it.

Yeah. So that's why I, in those instances, you know, what would be the best deterrent to someone doing something stupid like that? Knowing that there, there's the possibility of someone in there who is armed and caring. Mm-hmm. And who has the capability to stop them. Yeah. Yeah. The shooter in Nashville, the police said they had other targets picked out, but they did not go with those other targets.

Why guns? Because they had guards, they had defensive capabilities there. They had. Security. Mm-hmm. They had deterrence.

Okay. Yeah. Now, as of the recording, the manifesto has not been released. They did say once the FI has finished analyzing the manifesto, they will be releasing it. Really? 

I guess I'll believe it when I see it, but yeah. Okay. That, that's what 

they're saying. Okay. Yeah. And all of a sudden, as soon as that happened, a bunch of, uh, pro L G B T groups were like, no, do not release the manifesto.

Hmm. Because they're scared. What they're scared of is that he'll demonize them, he'll demonize the transgender community. Mm-hmm. That, that's a whole other conversation with that whole craziness in there. Um, right. Especially because even in the news, they're, and this is what, what's interesting, as I've noticed, anytime that something, something happens, like someone, um, transitions, right?

If someone refers 'em by their dead name, do you know what a dead name is? I guess 

I understand 

if I, if if you 

is their old name, I'm 

guessing. Yeah. What you using Their old name. Their old name, what they were previous to their transition. Right. Okay. All right. 


naming them. Right. I did understand that.

Okay. Wow. Look at that. Anyways, so anytime something like that happened and someone you know, in the news especially, or even in private dead name someone, you know, I'm using their terminology to make it like easy for people in general to understand these things. What happens is that people will often go, well that is mean.

You should never deadname a person, blah, blah, blah. Right. Guess what? Every news article I'm seeing says their, their pre-transition name. Yeah, yeah. Actually, and all the news is going her, she 

most of it. Yeah. And I'm 

like, absolutely interesting. Something else that was interesting about this. Um, how many mass shootings have in the United States uhoh have been committed by females?

Not, uh, it's very few. She was number what? Oh,

I don't want to say, I wanna say nine or 10, but I even, I don't know. 

What is it? It is your guess. Nine or 10? Yeah. Five. Five. Oh my gosh. She was number five. I thought it was in the US according to most studies. Oh. Thought most, again, def depending how you define mass shooting, is, is the problem that we come up with.

That's what I said. Most studies, so most places that def how they define mass shootings. Is it three or more? Yeah, number five. She's number five in the us. Wow. Wow. Which is really, it is really rare that there's a female mass shooter. Now she is a former student of the school that she shot up. Mm-hmm. She was on the basketball team there previously.

Oh, okay. Um, I did read some stuff that apparently that I shouldn't laugh at, that that team of basketball players that she was on, like they've had some really rough luck, like a number of them have died before they turned 30. Oh wow. Wow. You know, she was what, 27, 28, something like that. I forget. 28. Yeah. I forget the exact age when she did this, and I don't know if you noticed or read this, she actually sent a message on Instagram to another one of her buddies.

That was on the basketball team? Actually, no, our basketball player. Oh, okay. And basically saying, I'm going to die today. 

Yep. Yeah. Uh, I was granted we don't have. I guess, I don't know, maybe that is the full conversation That has been, 

it's shown That's what's been shown to the public, uh, right. The conversation itself.

The person immediately turned those texts over to the FBI after what happened after the shooting. Yeah, that's, that was one, because there wasn't any context in there. Like, oh, I'm gonna go shoot up a school. Just no. See, I, I'm gonna die today. Yeah. 

I, if I got that text, I would hope to think that I would.

That's, I guess that is tough, because my first thought was like, would you not want to notify anybody if somebody's saying this to you in a text message? Especially when they said that. You'll probably hear about me on the news. 

Oh, I didn't get that part. Oh, 

yeah. I didn't say, yeah, that was part of the text messages.

Okay. You'll probably see me on the news or something to that degree. 

Yeah. At that point, it's like, all right, like 

you're planning something big. So 

it's, it's, see what's funny is, you know, people talk about sometimes how like the ATF or F B I will come up to their house if they've purchased X number of guns in so many days.

She purchased seven firearms about, over from five different stores. What, 

I dunno why she got that many, she had all that how with one, what time 

period They didn't give, I wasn't able to find the time period. But still that, that's relatively short amount of time, you know, here. And what, she had three of them with her, she didn't use the pistol braced weapon to shoot, but she had it on her.

She had it with her at, 

on her. She had just another pistol that mm-hmm. I, I, I'm guessing she didn't 

use. Yeah, I freak. So she had the three she. 

Yeah. The other one being was an, uh, it was funny cuz as soon as I started like searching up what gun it was thought to be, it came up right away in the Google search.

But it was like the Caltech sub 2000 or something like that. Yep. Um, being a nine millimeter, like Carine, carbine, whatever rifle. So yeah, I figured that was the main one to be used in, in this shooting. 

Yep. And um, thankfully now the police officers that got there, they got there in relatively quick timeframe, but once they arrived, They were, they, it was like four minutes and then they had her down.


was, yeah. Wasn't it like done from, from the time of the call? It wasn't only about like 13 minutes when everything was said, done, 

or I think it was 13 minutes for them to get on the scene. I 

thought it was all done in like 13 to 14 

minutes. Well, you know what, there's a thing, there's a thing called 

the internet where we can double check and make sure.

Um, I do remember seeing, of course I was, I was watching, uh, the crowder with the louder, 

you can say louder with Crowder. 

I just like sing things backwards. Uh, okay. Um, they did like a side, side comparison with Uvalde versus this one. And I mean, yeah, this, the one in Nashville was done. And I wanna say the one in Uvalde, I mean that took almost like a half 


It took, I think it took longer than that. 

Okay. Maybe they just stopped at like 24 minutes. Yeah. Cause I mean, the other one had already been done for some time yet. 

Oh yeah. Cause it was just like, once they arrived on the scene, it took 'em three minutes to get the shooter in Nashville. Yeah. The one thing I can't, which is that, is that I can't find right off the top here is how long it took them to get there.

But I thought it was around 13, 14 minutes Okay. For them to get to the school. But once they're on the actual premise of the school ground minutes, it was minutes. And I, I wouldn't recommend, unless you're not squeamish. If you're squeamish, do not watch the video. Uh, the video is out there. The body cam footage of the police officers for both.

Yeah. Well the, there was two that I had 

seen. Yeah. Uh, warrior Poet Society did a breakdown. Of it. Okay. And they actually, you know, and, and this is a guy who was in the military in that before. And so he actually said, all right, here, here's the breakdown of how, uh, he and he scored them. Like, that was good.

Oh, that was a bad move, you know? Oh, no. Like how they were going through. Yeah. But he did say, you know, when it's an active shooter, he goes, it's the morality over the tactical ness in our words, the morality of getting the shooter quickly. You're kinda outweighs you can, you can be a little more sloppy and not as tactical as you would be in a non-active shooter situation.

Right. And, and he goes through and he goes, I wouldn't do that, but he goes, but I understand because they're in the middle of this, why they did that. So I will link that in the video, uh, in the description as well, in the notes, if you wanna see that breakdown video of them talking about that in there.

Yeah. But unless you're, um, 

no. Cause yeah, with the, with the, with the videos that I saw, at least they had, um, they blurred out. The people that were killed, uh, in the shooting. Mm-hmm. Um, which I only saw two being, uh, odd, Audrey, Aiden, Audrey, and then I, I don't know if it was a kid or a teacher, but I remember that's the one, that's the one that really, I don't know, got my stomach sinking a little bit was as they were going by, you just saw this dead person on the ground.

I was just like, so it, at least, again, like I said, for me, and I'm sure it's probably that way in all, I would hope all of the footage hard blurred out. I would hope so. 

But yeah, and it was probably blurred out by the police department, uh, just because of the fact. Yeah, and, and like Warrior Po Poet Society, they didn't even show the blurred out stuff because that would actually get them potential strikes from YouTube.

So I was like, yeah, that's how that goes sometimes. And it, it just blows my mind the difference between Uvalde and the Nashville Police Department, where they didn't even like stop to, you know, think a lot of times, like where we saw with the Yuval, where they just sat outside for a minute trying to regroup and trying to strategize and all this stuff, and then all of a sudden in Nashville, they're like, Nope, we're just going in.

That's, that's it. No, 

boom. Yeah. 

And you know, it's come out in the news. Some, like a teacher said, well, we might have had a teacher or two maybe carrying, but they didn't know if they were on the grounds. They didn't know where they, you know, if they were present at the time or not. So it's like for, I'm sorry, for which one?

The, for the Nashvilles. Nashville. Yeah, for Nashville. Oh. But again, the police go, well, we don't know what the status and who these people were or where they were. So they're like, they're not commenting. But at the same time, here's the difference. If it's one or two teachers that are somewhere, guess what?

That doesn't help If they're not the doors guarding the doors, preventing the people from getting it in the first place. The fact that they were able to enter the school, the doors, right. That's the, yeah. The doors weren't even locked, but they were able to just walk in. Oh, like that. Yeah. That's not good.

Yeah. And what I learned, so recently, some states, so Wisconsin isn't one of these states, but some states, churches, you have to get permission. From the pastor to carry in a church in some states. Oh, Wisconsin's not one of those states. 

Whoa. Well I'm good. It's good to know that. 

Yeah. Wow. I was like, huh.

Interesting. That's good to know. For future reference on divert various states on what state two and not two go to right. In what state? To live and not live 

in potentially. Well, yeah, I guess, or I could, it could come down more to what church to go to or not go to, but cuz it would depend on the pastor at that point.

Yeah. But man, ah, that's interesting. I, I guess I had, I had, I have thought of that before. I was like, do I have to talk to Pastor about, you know, Carry at church. Does that, does that bother you? Sort of thing. I was like, well, I guess if you don't know, it don't matter. 


But, and obviously, but now I'll knowing passed I was like, he's not gonna care.

Yeah, exactly. But yeah, that's, that's only because I've known him for quite some time now, 

but Yeah. But Right. So right at, like, like I said, right after this shooting occurred, you heard the call for, you know, conf I've, oh yeah. I've heard confiscating guns, I've heard gun restrictions, assault, rifle ban, um, assault weapon ban, a assault weapon ban, large magazine ban.

And the, the crazy thing with that one is there's no definition of what a large magazine is. Right. I say 

right now I'd say it's probably the whole over 10. 

Oh no, I've heard out to eight. 

Yeah. That's the thing. It, it is just gonna keep getting shorter and shorter. And that's the. For, I don't know. I've thought of that, like what is a reasonable amount of rounds to have Uhhuh?

Same time, it's what does it matter? 

Okay. I find that funny. I find that funny that you say that as the other night on, you're like, look at this. I got an extended mag. Oh 

yeah. For a game. Yeah. It's perfect. 

No, you didn't. You get an extended 

Oh yes. No. Yeah. No, for, that's the thing. It's, 

that's what I'm talking about.

Not in the game as we were talking. That's what I was thinking back. You could just say 

like, I got for, yeah. For myself. Well, and that's the thing where it's, at first you can ask that question. Be like, well, yeah, I guess, yeah. How many rounds do you need to have on you? Whatever. It's like that shouldn't matter cuz the people that are gonna be using guns against you, as long as you're not a criminal and this other person's a criminal, they're gonna have whatever the heck they can get.

And they're not necessarily gonna have. Well, I guess restrict themselves to what we're allowed to get as law abiding citizens. If they can get their hands on it Right, which better, but you better believe they'll be able to, um, especially I guess, the right criminals I suppose. 

Yeah. So, um, yeah. So what, as we're talking about this, this made me think of something that Joe Biden said.

My, my, my legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round. Okay.

This is 

prime example on how these people don't know what they're talking about. 

This, this was back in October of last year. Oh my 

gosh. Less than April's a bullet is one round buddy. Yeah. No more 

than eight bullets in a round, Aaron. Okay. 

Unless the only way you could defend that. As if you're talking about shotguns and you're talking about like BBS or pellets within a 

shotgun round, you know, that's not what he's talking about.

Yeah, of course. That's, he's talking about the deadly assault pistol and the assault rifle and everything. But go on, 


does talk about, you know, getting a shotgun. That's all you need is give, give, give two blasts of a shotgun. You're, you know, you're 

your enemy's done or shoot, shoot up in the air is they're approaching, which is illegal.


So, I mean, so we we're cleared by the president now. 

Yeah, I know. We can do that. Biden just encouraged everyone to break the law. Cool. 

He's not gonna get in the, 

he won't remember it anyways. No, 

he'd be hired say that. Well, we got video, or at least audio. Um, yeah, it's just one thing I guess that did upset me though, uh, also with this whole thing as soon as, and then as soon as.

Shooting went down. Of course. That's where well and both sides go to is where you'll get Biden saying, I'm calling for the assault weapon ban. Like, come on. It's like, really? Is that our focus right now? Like you can't just, I guess, have the time to mourn and grieve and not make some stupid political thing out of it right away?

No. And obviously it's not just on him, because then obviously the other side will respond. Oh, so quickly for it. Or even advocate. This is why, which I agree. This is why we should have either guards at the schools or allow teachers to get the training and be able to carry 

at school. Right. And I'm not saying just every Joe Schmo, willy-nilly, he's on train, take a gun.

Yeah. No, there needs to be some training, some capability. Especially if you're gonna be like at a school for that. Yeah. Like don't. Unless I get better at my aim, don't let me go in, see the guard. Let someone who has better aim do that, let you do that. Okay. You have better aim than I do for the most part.

I got, I gotta practice man. So do I. But I'm just saying for the most part, you have better aim than I do. And I'm like, yeah. Cool. 

Well, it was crazy, uh, as I got, I had purchased like these Boris sites, uh, the, the laser Boris sites for some of my, my, my guns. Yeah. And I figured I got one from my 1911. Okay.

Figuring it's, you know, it's got the, the, uh, just the fixed sites on there. And I was like, well figure it's gonna be on. Like they're just set. So it should be fine. Put it in there aimed. So for at least where the laser is pointing, it's a little to the right and. Depending on how close or far the object is.

So it always stays l just slightly to the right, but it's either like the farther away, the higher it is, the closer you are, the lower it is sort of thing. I was like, ah. It's like I've got e I have to adjust this, even Santava. But uh, so yeah, and that's something now that I'm gonna be paying attention to when I go out and, uh, and I guess practice will, nah, that's the thing that for going to a range, it's like, yes, you can work on your aiming, but there's no practicing as far as like, you know, the drawing from the holster being able to shoot like you can't do well, maybe some ranges do.

No, there are 

some ranges around here that you can 

Oh, around here. 

Really? Yeah. Okay. You have to come up closer to me. Closer to Franklin area. Okay. Uh, but you have to like, do. Some like initiation with them. Okay. And, and once you do it, you get basically like a little stamp that says that you are allowed to draw from your holster and shoot and shoot on on the range.

Interesting. So E, each range is different, right? 

I just always, yeah, the one closest to me. I know they don't 

allow. Yeah, I know. And that might be also rules of the county. Oh yeah. Very well. Could be. So there, there's also those possibilities. Same reason why their backstop at this range is able to handle higher powered rifles than that, but the county doesn't allow them to.

Yeah. It's so 

stupid. Come on. But yeah, with as far as training goes, like it would be sweet to have.

I, maybe they, I just haven't looked far enough for 'em. Um, but it'd be good to have some actual, like good training while you're moving and stuff. Not just stationary. You know where 

to find that training right? Online. No, seriously. Yeah, seriously. You go to the U S C C A website. Oh, they'll have stuff for you.

I bet. Yeah. Especially if you're a member of U S C C A, which by the way, then they're not sponsoring or anything like that. But if, if you conceal, carry, get it, get a U S C C A membership, because that insurance is just wonderful. It protects you and it gives you a little peace of mind in case you actually have to draw your firearm to protect yourself or a loved one.

Yeah. Because people will come at you left and right. Once 

you use that, I pray that I will never have to draw my firearm, but the way society's going, it may go that way eventually. Okay. Yeah. But anyways, if once you're a member of the U S C C A, you can go on there and you could look at. Uh, first off, um, ranges, they're associated with them.

So either you get discount or they have special training classes, but then you can also find like different types of training courses. Oh, okay. And where, and then where you can go to get them, you know, and it's not just an online course, it's a, you know, hey okay. To go to like the uh oh. To like the move, like the move and shoot course.

Right. Right. They'll be like, you have to go do these courses first at one of our ranges. And so they'll, they'll have like a, you know, a fundamentals course, a, a course on like pre on aim and targeting and all that. And once, and once you go through the levels, then you can go and do the actual, like the running gun stuff.

Yeah. Okay. 

See, that's, I say I'd like to do that, but as soon as I take five steps I'm be like, okay, I'm not, maybe not yet. Cause I am not in the shape to be doing much of any of that kind of stuff. But it would be sweet. And that's, I don't know. Yeah. I, I. Gotten so into like all the gun tubers and stuff like that.

And I mean, that's 

probably a majority. Huh? I say that's why I'd like Super's bringing Mr. Guns and gear. Yeah. 

Yeah. I've, I've, I've never, I don't think I've ever heard of him really, per se. 

I never heard of him really until then. But then I went in, I went to Twitter, I was like, follow him. And then it's like, if you like him, you'll like all these people.

And I was just, and, and then there's literally a button you can hit where you follow all, it just falls all of them. And I was like, and, and so now my timeline's just guns. And I'm like, you know what? This is a happier Twitter than I have seen in a while. True. Because there's less idiots there? Well, 

yes. In different ways.

Well, less idiots. Like when I'm saying like, the people that I like, not the responses, but like the actual people. Right. Gotcha. The actual people are less Gotcha. Are less stupid than. David Hog and yeah. His, his wonderful thing I, you said you saw my response to him on Twitter, right? 

Was that that was, that was him that 

posted That, wasn't it?

So he posted, David Hog posted, we need to counter this false idea. All gun owners are post gun reform. If you're a gun owner who supports stronger gun laws, retweet this and reply with what? With, uh, why you support more laws. I didn't retweet it, but I replied to him and I said, oh, okay. I didn't see this. I support, I support more laws, gun laws.

I think everyone should be treated on how to use a firearm properly. 

Yes. And, 

uh, yeah, that would be lovely. Yeah. So I sent that. Obviously I'm not expecting a notification from him or his friendly, uh, I that don't know how to think properly. Elk. Elk, yeah. It also, uh, yeah, he, because he got into a whole Harvard before the march for our Lives, things after the Parkland shooting in Florida.

Because he was a student there. Oh, at the time. Hi. The, yeah. The narrative of he, if he was on campus or not during the shooting. That's murky. He claims he was, but our people say, no, you weren't based on these art things, so whatever. Don't care. He was a student there at the time when it happened. Right. So, right.

He's like, yeah, he's on this March part life. That's how he got to Harvard basically. Because they're like, oh, you did so much great with things. Yeah, okay. Whatever. Um, you 

don't qualify to come here, but hey, and, which I don't know, I can't say 

that, but, eh, it's hog. He, he tweets nonsense stupid stuff. I don't know.

I've never, 

I've never 

seen anything from this guy before I followed him. Yeah. He, I keep like muting him, but somehow he still pops up on my Twitter feed timeline. He's sneaking in there. Elon, fix that, please. Oh yeah. So he, he did that. And of course Jerry rig everything replied. It's like, oh yeah, I owe more guns than amble than some countries.

I doubt it first. Um, that's, that's a ton. 

Yeah, I 

know. I suppose to been, uh, I That's hyperbole. I know, I get it. I I get what you're saying. He goes, I fully support background checks. You know what? That's already the law. Okay, cool. Right. Um, and then he goes, I support banning the AR 15. I'm like, why? Yeah, why red flag laws?

Yeah. That's just causing all sorts of fun there. That's a dangerous one. And then support the well-regulated portion of the second amendment. Obviously he doesn't know his history cuz he doesn't know what well-regulated meant back at the time when it was written. Well-regulated. It doesn't mean like what we think of it nowadays with well-regulated.

Well-regulated is where we, uh, now we think of like, uh, orderly formation type of thing. Back when it was written, well-regulated meant, hey, you just know how to shoot and control your firearm.

I hate how words 

change. Yeah. Yeah. I, oh, that's . 

So that's a peeve for me. So, coming up, so by the time this releases, this is would've already happened April 4th. They're trying to, you know, be political and they're trying to do all this stuff and so they're gonna walk out of their schools and walk out and protest guns and all that.

And he's trying to get people to walk out of their jobs and everything too. I'm like, people have been replying to him like, yeah, we have responsibilities. This is the real world. We can't do your childish game good. He's like, go away. So I was like, yeah. I was like this hog guy. Just, he, he's gonna, he's gonna be a politician for life.

That's what he is already. He's a politician and he's just gonna be going for life. And the problem is he doesn't like to learn. But I, what I love is donut operator follows him just to, just to troll him. Good 

job donut. 

I, I don't have, I don't have enough patience to sit there and troll him all day because, No, because eventually I would get so sarcastic and it's just crazy that it would just go bad.

Where I'd be like, oh, who hurt you Buttercup? 

Well, now he knows. 

Well, yeah, we've known him for a while. Who hurt him? But so that all happened, right? And then this I, boy, this got posted by NBC News to YouTube. Okay, so I'm gonna play it with the understanding that this guy posted originally to his own, like TikTok probably, whatever.

Okay. Then NBC News picked it up. So n NBC news might flag and I might have to remove it, blah, blah, blah. We'll see. I'm gonna try to include it, but All right. I'm just gonna play this and, um, see what happens. I think, I think it's bleeped out about to find out. Yeah. If not, I'll bleep it. Y'all 

had enough yet

in Nashville? Three kids so far. Have been pronounced dead. Three adults have been pronounced dead from a school goddamn shooting. When is 

enough enough? If this doesn't make you sick to your fucking stomach, then you're a piece of shit. 


babies, man. Y'all had enough? Well, I mean, I guess at least I'm not a pos cuz it did make me sick to my stomach.

Yeah. It makes me sick to my stomach too. But the problem is, like me and you and this guy and people who think, fuck him, we don't have two different ideas of how to fix this solution. Right. But the solution is the problem. Their, their main thing is it's the guns. It's the guns. It's the guns. Mm-hmm. It's not the guns.

You know what it is? It's the people. 

The people. And lack of, uh, security steps 

with if, if we don't change people, when I say change people, If we don't change this de generosity that's continuing on the United States where anything you want to do is fine, everything is okay. What, what I mean is everyone is their own.

If you really look at US society as a whole, well, in, in all honesty, we treat everyone like they're their own gods that they can never do wrong. That they have to follow their heart, do what is good to them, and they have to make their own little magic and everything. There is no baseline set of morals, baseline set of decency anymore because little Johnny is to do whatever little Johnny wants no matter what.


it's, I mean, yeah, it's, it's definitely gone to whatever makes you happy and what. To some degree, we just have to sit back and be okay with it. But at the same time, we can't, cuz there are rules and laws that have to be followed but are slowly getting That's, that's 

what I just don't, according to a lot of these people.

Not anymore. Yeah. They could do whatever they want without any consequence. Well, and then we wonder why society is continuing to go down the drain like it is. Well, 

yeah, I suppose. Yeah.


Well, no. Why, why are you hesitating? I just, I, I,

I mean, even if there was, um, I guess back in the day, like there's still obviously crime and stuff like that. Like we. This, I guess, progressive and weird since the beginning. Obviously, we still have tragedies like 

this, right? I I'm not saying that society in the past was perfect utopian thing, right? No.

Where, where we never had anything wrong. But there seems to be, and may, this is maybe just me showing my age. Okay. And becoming the grumpy old man. Okay. Yeah. Shut it. But it seems to me that like, since the early, not early, mid nineties, where this whole concept of do what you want, whatever makes you happy, regardless of what anyone else says, follow your heart.

Yeah. Do do all that. Do all that crap. Right. Since we started doing that, and then we haven't pushed back because we said, Yeah, you wanna swear to your teacher? Cool. Go ahead. Because that's what you wanna do. Little Johnny, or, or, or, or whatever. Right. You know, the we, we call 'em Karen's now, but that's become so popular.

Karen doesn't even hold any weight anymore. He still want some weight at the beginning. But now anymore it's just kinda like expected, but all that. And we don't push back and we just let society continue to encroach further and further and further towards this relativistic society. Right? Which we've talked about before, the relativistic 


Eventually, yeah. There's gonna be no law and 

order at some point because look, we go, well now we're not gonna, you know, like look for a California for example, we're not gonna prosecute if it's under so much because that's unfair. We don't want to be discriminatory in the law in that. And it's just like, but those are rules.

The rules are in place for a reason and just because it's under X amount dollars, you can just deal without repercussions. Great. How's that gonna cause chaos in the future? You're thinking about the short-term, immediate thing versus the long-term effects on society as a whole. And now you got, like, was it Walmart pulling out of Portland completely because of all the, the stealing at the stores and that, so the, it's like, yeah, you, um,

as the children like to say in, oh, geez, why you, why going children? Yeah. I, I, I call anyone 20 or under children. I, it, it's fair they're children because she's Louise. I'm about to hit 40 here next month. Wow. That's not that far off. Anyways, I'm gonna say this because there's no other way to say it because I have heard this phrase so much and that it's usually from the younger generation.

I'm, I'm not gonna say obviously the full phrasing, but you, you'll understand what I mean. F around and find out you, you know that phrase right? Yeah. Okay. And I keep hearing that over and over. And guess what we're starting to find out now? Because we haven't been laying down that long. There's been no 

discipline, there's been no consequences for actions there, really.

And it's funny cuz as soon as soon as you said that it brought, brought me back to another thing that I've, I've heard this Jamal Bowman say, um, where it's your freedom should not be based on your bank account. We need to end cash bail. How stupid as that. What's his name? Jamal What? Jamal Bowman. He's the United States representative.

J m a. Yep. A l.


all right. No, yeah, that sounds, I think I've read something like that, and it probably was him on Twitter, probably. Yeah. So it, it probably was, I probably did see it. I just didn't recognize the name right off the top of my head. It's just, 

at what point do you just want to make it, I don't know. I mean, you're just giving people at most, just a, a mean glare.

Be like, Hey, that wasn't cool, or probably shouldn't have done that, but whatever. Go about your day, do what you want. At the end of the day, it's,

yeah, it, it was funny is I put funny in quotes, right? Mm-hmm. You know, it's talking about all this stuff and, um, sorry, I, I pulled up Bowman's, uh, Twitter account and he's, and he's like, retweeting David Hog. Oh, for sure. So it made me think of this here. David Hog posted a study that I don't, haven't. I didn't pin it, so I can't go back and just pull it up here.

Okay. But I wrote back to him, I was like, oh, did Harvard fail you on math? Oh no. So Uhoh, this was part one of two of our conversation regarding the Nashville shooting. So next week we'll talk more about what we can do, and Aaron brings up a interesting question about what, how far is too far? And at what point do Christians maybe need to not rebel, but take a more firm stand and not just comply?

And at what point is that? And until we get to that point, and what do we do with the gun laws? Do we go into boating accident or do we actually turn over our guns, if that is the law of the land. So join us next week as we talk about.