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May 4, 2021

What do we do about Chimeras? Are there any moral objections to them?

Recently scientist have found a way to make hybrid human/monkey embryo live for a total of fourteen days inside of a petri dish. Previously (in 2017) scientist found a way to make a half human, half pig chimera while doing research. These advancements have raised various issues in the research community on if they should now allow embryos to live for a total of 28 days instead of the 14 days on the books in multiple countries, as well if we should continue the research into chimera embryos.

While doing these other experiments, researchers have also found a way to raise mice in artificial wombs to the halfway point of gestation - a first in the scientific world.

With all of these advancements in artificially growing embryos - what are we to do about that as Christians. What sort of moral dilemmas does this represent? What do we do about half human half animal x embryos? Also if we are raising animal just for organs how is that different then raising animals to eat them? 

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