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March 8, 2023

Music Analysis 1: Unholy by Sam Smith

Well this is another experiment that we will see how it goes. This week we are talking about the song Unholy by Sam Smith. We will be looking at this from multiple angles - the musicality, the lyrics, how it aligns with the bible, and how the music video aligns with the song itself. Will this song make it on either of our playlists? Will we attempt to play it for either of our parents? Does Aaron really like this song?

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Well this is another experiment that we will see how it goes. This week we are talking about the song Unholy by Sam Smith. We will be looking at this from multiple angles - the musicality, the lyrics, how it aligns with the bible, and how the music video aligns with the song itself. Will this song make it on either of our playlists? Will we attempt to play it for either of our parents? Does Aaron really like this song?

Use Your Words podcast is passion project of two people from Southeastern Wisconsin. Please consider checking out the below links to learn/hear more. And join us every week for new episodes!

Visit our website: https://useyourwords.cc

Listen to the podcast on all of your devices: https://useyourwordspod.captivate.fm/listen

Send us an email: https://www.useyourwords.cc/contact

Read the blog: https://www.useyourwords.cc/blog


Yeah. No, no, no. Nowhere ever did I think that they would wanna listen to it. , I was like, I got a song for you guys to listen. Dude, I can't believe we actually said that to them. Yeah. Mom's like, are you being fishies facetious? I was like, yeah. Did you go? What does that mean? Yeah, . No. I kind of know what that means, that, no, I can't believe.

We actually asked for parents if they want to listen to this song. Oh, of course. Why? And I had tell 'em the first line of it. I was like, yeah, it's a song about adultery. . Yeah. Why? Why would, uh, yeah, no. Duh. Your parents would not. Yeah, I said it would.

I can't believe you actually did that. I can't believe you've done this.

I should slap you What?

Why not? Oh, , I, it's catchy tune. Nothing about it is catchy. Yaha, the song, the music is catchy and the, the melody, I will, it's so easily, like, so easy to sing along to, and it's just like a fun, you know, a 16th note rhythm. You. All right.

Let, let's talk about that in a little bit here. Oh, this is recorded on 2 26. 2023. Josh had a rant saved on, so I want to hear this rant. Oh, uh, uh, so, so let's, let's, let's, let's, uh, in, in that a, in that aspect is, come on. I, he, you go

Oh, I don't know. I mean, lose it. Uh, what's the word I'm looking for here?

I'm gonna be so sad when the audio only is gone, because that one goes to the graveyard. No, we lose it. That's all right. How'd you like that one? . So, so as you heard from that, Aaron offered to let his parents hear a song. What? Yeah. I still can't believe you did that.

So what are we doing today? We are going to not listen to a song because copyright and, yeah. And that, that, that gets to be very dicey. If this was a YouTube only thing, we might be able to swing it that way, but ala it isn't. So we are not listen to it on your own. If you want to, right? If you want to, you want to

We known each other way too long, sir. How many times have we, this is true. Done the same thing? Yeah. Okay. So this isn't like a weird thing that has never happened before it has happened. So this is a brand new, I guess you could all segment. Oh, um, this is a new thing that we're gonna be doing. We're gonna be trying Aaron.

Proposed the idea of this, how to do this episode, and I said, sure, why not? Let's do it. Okay, cool. Let's try it. And I re, if I remember right, this was originally in a reaction to a song from Lizzo, which we aren't doing this week. What song by Lizzo was it? Do you remember? I think it was just, I think it's literally called Good as Hell.

Okay. That rings a bell when we were talking about it. Mm-hmm. , why does Lizzo keep coming up, by the way? Why did, why does she keep coming up from you, Mr. Johnson? Well, because the radio went worked. Oh, okay. And then it's like whenever I hear her songs, I'm like, oh, gotcha. Shut up . Yeah. But anyways, I said, you know what?

Sure. This sounds like fun. Absolutely. After this first song, I may regret saying that, but hey, uh, we're gonna give it a try here and we will see how it goes and how it works out and how it may change and evolve in the future. Right. I'll just say we could do songs that are ones that we actually enjoy and wanna listen to, and.

I guess I would say, who knows? I mean, maybe we'll find out. We end up enjoying some of the songs that we never thought we normally would enjoy. Yeah. Like this song, Mr. Johnson to a degree. Okay. Leave it alone. Okay, . So here's the rules for this lovely little, whenever we do a music thing, and I don't know if this is gonna be a monthly and every other month, I, we haven't talked about that.

We'll, we'll figure it out. Okay. First off, this isn't Aaron's Music Showdown. This isn't Erin's music list for everyone to listen to that. Oh, no. Okay. Aaron isn't the only one picking the songs. Unlike, thankfully, unlike the book thing, I'm like, Aaron, unlike Aaron's book club, I'll pick the book, but I'm open to suggestions.

Right. But unlike Aaron's book Club, Aaron won't be the only one selecting songs. Correct. I envision this being a back and forth. In other words, oh, thank you. Like, I'll pick one. Muff, you pick the next month, blah, blah, blah. Unless, And here's where I say the, unless, unless there's some song that really comes into the forefront of the news and culture, like today's song.

Yeah. Then that song may supplant one of the, our selections for that next time Uhhuh , you know, but we'll just, we'll talk about, we'll decide, okay. Yeah. This next thing, at least for me, my song selections, the ones that I'm gonna propose and pick and mm-hmm. , we haven't talked about how to bring up song selections yet.

Uh, for this one, obviously we're doing this, this particular song, we'll get to the song title in a minute here, but I, I can't say that this is how Aaron will propose his songs here. Right. But for my songs, more than likely they will come from the non-Christian realm from me. Okay. My goodness. You listen to other music other than Christian music?

Oh, yeah. Um, but I'm, I'm gonna say this, I'm not looking for music that is, Blatantly sinful, full of sin, evil. Uh, of course this week may be an exception to that. Mm-hmm. , this is your choice. Yeah. This are your thing, you know. Well, I'm saying what the songs that I pick, right? Yep. They will be more than likely from the non-Christian realm, but there may be some things that kind of fall into bait, maybe because of some of the topics they cover, things that we can agree on as Christians in that, okay?

Mm-hmm. , the reason I say my selections will more likely not come from that non-Christian realm. Um, and don't get me wrong, I got some songs that I have in my short list from the Christian realm to pick at some point in the future, but not for this immediate next one. Mm-hmm. , these songs, the reason I do it, tend to be more mainstream, tend to be more in people's minds on things.

Um, peop the people probably often know these more, uh, in general public, and oftentimes people don't think about the words or images. They consume. They just like to listen to the song. Uhhuh. , they just like the beat. They just like the rhythm. Yeah, they just like, whatever. Uhhuh , they like the hook of the song.

They get a dopamine hit off the hook, and I would like to think of that as Christians. We do look at what is going on in the world at large with wisdom and discernment, including the music we'd listen to, and we listened to it for more than just the beat and more than just the hook that we actually analyze.

What is proclaiming and what is on is being discussed in the song. I remember back in college, one thing that we were taught was to try and look at things from a Christian worldview all the time. Mm-hmm. and how we could redeem something that is, how could we redeem music, culture, art, our jobs, obviously there's some stuff that is unredeemable

for example. There's no way you can redeem pornography. You can't make Christian porn. No. No. Okay. No. But at the same time, we're always interacting with culture. Mm-hmm. and the music that people that you work with, listen to, these are things that it's gonna be known to them. This is things, how they're gonna relate to the world, especially if they're big into music in that mm-hmm.

and they may or may not understand the message that they're listening to on a daily basis. And if I'm being honest, songs on my list that I pick , I won't be picking anything that I don't like. No words. You're not gonna hear anything from nickel back on here. Oh, okay. Now, when I'm, when I'm, uh, proposing my songs, some selections will be direct.

In other words, I'll say the next time we do this, it's gonna be Song X. Mm-hmm. , you know, that will be how I'll be sometimes like, like this month. And we'll get to my song list at the end here. Mm-hmm. . I'm going to present a list of potential songs to you, Aaron. Oh, and you pick one of them. What? What? So there are a list that I, I say, these are the ones I'd like to do.

Aaron, which one should we, which one are we going over? Exactly. Huh? Okay. Now spoiler alert, all the songs have a similar theme. Think you'll figure it out pretty quickly by the time you're liking to song three on my list. I . Okay. All right. Just, just letting you know there's similar, there's something similar that connects all of them.

Great. Okay. It's not that difficult, trust me. It is really simple. Mm-hmm. . Third thing is here, we will not be playing the song just due to copyright issues. Oh yeah. We may read some of the lyrics were necessary, but I'm not gonna go down and do the Fair Use Defense Road here. There's just too many forms to fill out, and I don't have time to fill out all those forms and continuously respond to copyright holders on things.

If this was a YouTube only segment, we'd be able to do that. It'd be easier. But podcasts host Arla or strict on what they allow on their things. And that's fine. I get it. So the songs themselves will be analyzed in a few ways. Some of these things, well, actually no. Most of these things are probably gonna be pretty subjective from either side.

Music and art is like that. Okay. Now that being said, we can agree on certain things, like, Hey, are they a good singer or not? Yeah. You could objectively, you could say, yes, they're a good singer or not. Mm-hmm. . But subjectively like, Hey, do I like the topics? Covering the lyrics? No, I don't like, no, I said the word like in there,

So here's the things that, at least here's why I'm think I'm, I'm look going at this for and how the songs will be analyzed. Okay. First off, they're gonna be analyzed on their sound. How's the song composed? How's the instrumentation? Does it bring you into the song? Um, how the style music, does it help convey the message that the words are, are, are trying to get across mm-hmm.

you know, that sort of thing. Do the lyrics and sound match. For example, one of the happiest, saddest songs I know , uh, I, and I know I've played this song for you, is defining me by mother folk. Oh geez. There was hope the first time I listened to the song, uh, that this is one of those songs that were, it maybe like started describing a person's journey and how they felt to real and then how they realized things.

But I was very wrong about that song to, to be frank. Um, so during the course it's very upbeat, it's happy, it has like all this happy little dinghy, percussion and all this. Mm-hmm. sounds great. And then here are the lyrics to this. Very happy with banjo and everything. Yeah. I'm not sanctified and I'm not free.

There's not love that's come to rescue. Bend my heart and even break my knees, but it's these changes that are defining me. Okay? And then it gets even happier sounding, more banjo, more percussion, happy dinghy, percussion. He goes, I met Jesus. He came to me and he said, son, do you want to believe I cried? Oh, help me from the grave I'm in and, and teach, uh, I'm in, and, uh, give me life in who I really am.

But it goes back to that chorus. I'm not sanctified and I'm not free. Even with all that happiness playing all these depressing songs. Love the depressing lyrics thing. Heck yeah. Okay. So that, that, that'll be part of it. Okay? Mm-hmm. , at least, at least from what I, how I analyze as well. Now I do, I will have to say I do have a leg up on this from Aaron's in, in some respect, in that, in one of my classes in college, wow, we actually did this for the class where we analyzed songs.

Uh, we went out and we looked at interviews that the artist maybe gave on the song. We had to interpret them through a Christian worldview. We had to talk about them and what the lyrics were talking about and compare and contrast the sound with the lyrics and everything. So this isn't my first rodeo with this.

So unlike Aaron, I do have a little bit of a leg up. So sorry Erin in advance. That's why my analysis for this song is so long, Jesus. The wait, it's, it's two and a half to three pages. The analysis. Goodness. Okay, now the next thing, well, good, , the next thing we'll be looking at is the lyrics. So, and at least from my perspective, looking at the lyrics and, um, I'm gonna be honest some front here, at least from my perspective, going, I'm gonna be looking at this through a Christian worldview, Christian lens.

The lyrics that is, now, this does not automatically make a non-Christian song evil, obviously, because I, I'm, I'm nominating non-Christian songs. . Um, there are a lot of things out there that carry great message. For example, what I've done by Lincoln Park, well, this isn't a Christian song, the least, or not even a Christian artist or group.

These lyrics has some great truth to them, even if they're said in a different way than what a Christian, how a Christian would address them. Mm-hmm. , you know, so there are some things that we could find on common ground there between them, even if this is a quote unquote secular band. Okay. Now I'll admit some songs are just fun.

Okay? Yeah. Oh, right. And, and, and in those fun songs, trying to convey a serious message is not even a part of it. So you have to realize between the two. Is this just a fun song or is this a song trying to convey a message? Okay. And some songs are serious. They try to convey a message. So we'll look at that and compare and contrast stuff right here.

Uh, does the song tell a story? It doesn't have to be a complex story, but does it tell a. . I like, by the way, I'd like songs to tell a story of some point. Um, this one does have a story with it. . Yeah. Uh, the nerve thing that I added on my criteria are the lyrics catchy. You find yourself singing along with a song in the lyrics,

Um, this could be independent, whether I like the lyrics or not. You know, the lyrics could be horrible. I may hate them, but they may be catchy. Mm-hmm. . Okay. The next thing I'm gonna do and you go, oh, of course you would do it this way. How well does this song lyrically align to the Bible? Mm-hmm. . Uh, this can get interesting cause some things, sometimes artists speak of things and while they may not come at Christian worldview, Uhhuh , unbeknownst to them, and maybe them not even trying, they may align with the Bible.

Right? Okay. Now I added this after I last talked to you. If there is an official music video for the song, not just a lyric video, not just a lyric video, but like an official music video, right? Yeah. Does it add to or enhance the song in any way? Or was the video done just for fun? You know, cuz some videos they, they'll do just for fun.

Some, they'll, I'm trying to think of one, I think it's by red, I forget the song name, but they have like the short music video, which is just the song. Then they have the long music video, which is like nine minutes long, and it tells like this whole other story in addition to the song. And they make it all dramatized and everything.

It's, it's very interesting. Oh, so yeah, they have a short version and a long version. Interesting. Okay. I haven't, I haven't seen that. Yep. Uh, the last thing is, would this make it onto my, or in this case, Aaron's, you know, Aaron would've to answer for himself in this case. Uh, would it make it into his personal playlist of music?

The first four things? You know, the lyrics, music, blah, blah, blah, screening scale one to five, the last thing's a simple yes no, you can't be like, what did Bacon done? My playlist. I'll give that a three. , that's a yes no. Gotcha. Okay. To keep things as fair as possible. And we didn't talk about it for this one, uh, necessarily, cuz this one kind of is like, uh, this one's kind of at the top of social mind right now.

Uh, the person who nominated slash selected the song. So in this case I'm nominating for the next time. Right? Yeah. Uh, will be the second person to go on the analysis. In other words, I'm not trying to, uh, influence. Yeah. Okay. So with all that being said, let's talk about this week's song. This week's song originally came out last fall as a single to the album that, to an album that just recently released.

Mm-hmm. . It broke into the news once again recently due to the Grammy performance. So if you've figured out what song it is, congratulations. If you haven't been paying attention at all to the World, the news, whatever the song is, unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petris. Yeah. Uh, yeah, that, that's the name of the song, obviously.

Like if this is YouTube, we played like part of the song right here. Can't do that. Snippet of it. Yeah. So Unholy by Sam Smith. First off, Sam Smith, he is just a few years older than you, sir. Huh? He was born in May 19th, 1992. No way. What the heck? I dunno. As he was that young. Yep. Holy crap. What am I doing with my life?

I don't. At the age of 16, so in the year 2008. Wow. Sam Smith released his first single, uh, stay with Me. I didn't write the song. Um, sorry. Sorry. It's fine. It's whoever. I'll look it up. in 2012, so four years later. Right. He was featured on the artist's name is Disclosure on their song Latch in 2012. Their first album was released in 2014, meaning they're like 21, 22 when their first album was released.

Mm-hmm. for that first album in 2015, they won four Grammys. Wow. Like Best New Artist. Mm-hmm. new album, blah, blah, blah. In 2016, they won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for the song writings on the wall. Okay. Okay. All right. He also, Wrote one of the James Bond theme songs. I thought so. I'm trying to think of which one that was.

I'd have to go look it up again. But yeah, they now other things. Yep. And, and I'm gonna read this paragraph directly from an article here. Oh, it's literally the writing is on the wall. Yeah. Okay. I'm the James Buns song. I'm gonna write, I'm going to say, read this paragraph directly from his article here.

Now this article does use the phrase they, because hey Smith came out and said, said, yeah, they said they're non-binary. So they said they them. So I'm just gonna read directly from the article. In other words, I'm not endorsing they them, but I'm just gonna read. Okay. Since they stepped into the spotlight, Smith has been public about their sexuality.

They admitted in an interview that they had always been gay and that they even came out when they were just. Blink years old. How many years old were they when they came out to their parents? When Smith came out to his parents? 12, 13. Go down. Seven. Go down four. That's the age. Wow. Since they were just four years old.

Wow. The singer has never hidden. Their sexual orientation is still very confident in who they are. This is the other thing that made me laugh about this article. Yeah. This artist has also redefined soul music. Ah, okay. So if you have listened to unholy at all, Hmm. I don't know. I wouldn't say that. Okay.

Maybe some of their earlier work that I am not familiar with, cuz I'm not a, I will admit and say I am not a Sam Smith. A Sam Smith fan. And boy or no, not at all. , not even a casual listener? Nope. So the other person that's singing in this song is Kim Petris. Mm-hmm. . Tim. What? Kim? Yeah, I know. Um, sorry. at the time of their surgery, Kim Petris, and this was back in 2008, Kim Petris was the world's youngest transsexual.

That's right. They had their surgery at the age of 16. Wow. They appeared on television shows in a documentary, in a push to get permission to get early gender reassignment surgery. Hmm. In other words, Where they lived. They technically weren't allowed to have that surgery until the age of 18, but they kept doing a social media pressure on television and documentaries to be like, no, no, no.

Let me do this at 16. So they had the surgery back at 16 to transition from a male to female. During that time, they also began recording, recording music as a teenager, and they were the first openly transgender artist to receive a Grammy award for Best Pop Duo group performance for unholy on February 5th, 2023.

Hmm. Before going into analyzing the song, here's just some facts about the song unholy. Okay. Within two days of release, the song reached number one on a range of worldwide chart platforms. In February, 2023 on wholly one Grammy for Best Duo Group hop performance, it is Sam Smith's first Grammy nomination.

Since since 2015, and Kim Petra's first ever. Unholy is the second single from Sam Smith's fourth studio album, Gloria, that's it. Which was released on the 27th of January. I almost read February 1st, whatever. Whoa. 2023 . So it was released literally less than a month ago at the time of this recording. In other words, it was released, the album itself just a few days before the Grammy Award Yeah.

Happened. That being said, the single itself was released like back in November. Yeah, that was sometime earlier. Those are just some quick hit facts on the song and now the song itself.

Yeah. All right, Johnson? Yeah. Take it away. Take it away. All right. Me three easy words. I love it. I'm just kidding. , I hope you're kidding with so much. It's fabulous. That's exactly what he would say. , they would say

question for you. Yes. Did you watch the official music video? Oh, I did. Okay. The reason I, I, I say that and I would say yes, he would say fabulous or whatever, is because watching through the music video, all the, um, ensemble performers, let's say our very androgynous went right over your head. Huh? . Yeah. Guys dresses?

Girls. Girls dress as guys. Okay. There, there's no, like you, you saw just as, I can't believe, I can't believe these are words that are actually coming outta my mouth before this thing. I can't believe I actually watch this. Um, Yeah, there was just as many guys in corset and Yes, feminine wear as there were women in men type clothing.

Right. And when he was, Sam Smith was singing on the stage. And this just drove me, was funny as all get out, by the way, , like there are people going, oh, Sam Smith is sinking on the stage and he's doing the Illuminati dance or symbol or whatever, while he's like dancing in like the two, uh, extras are. Flat, like acting like a table moving back and forth with him.

Oh. But no, they, we were both dressed exactly the same. Yes. One man, one female man. And I was like, oh, okay. That's why I say Sam Smith would go, oh, this is fabulous. Mm-hmm. Hmm. . Anyways, come on. Sorry. I, you know, that was one thing I was kind of surpri. I, I, I don't, I barely remember much from the music video.

I watched it several times cause I was surprised on how much they like, are allowed to show as far as like, for like the breasts and stuff like that of the women. Like, alls you needed was the piece of tape to cover the nipple. And that was about it. I like, yeah. And, you know, and I wrote in my thing, like if it hadn't been on like YouTube, if it had been like maybe a behind a pay wall or whatever, you know, it would've been no tape.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. It would've been no tape. Oh, right. Sure. Yeah. That music video was just even how it started. What the guy getting out of the car. Right. So the guy, yeah. So the guy, the husband is getting outta the car. Yes. And like, you know, getting his wife, whatever. But as he's doing this, and I knew what they were doing, essentially what it was doing is it was like he's getting his wife sent off to whatever this is, event it is, and you see like the little flashes and it's like, oh, this is what he's thinking of.

Like, he's getting ready to go to like, you know, his own flashes. Mm-hmm. , uh, in his own brain of essentially the scene, the party area. Right. But what I found, I don't know if you caught this or not, probably not. They're the end of the scene with the wife after she's like walking in the building, she's like looking at something in her hand and then it, it has the body shop.

Body shop on. But did you see what else was on there? No, off the top it was a condom. Cause it said Oh, because it said gx. Yeah, I thought it looked, I was like, that definitely looks like a condom package. Yep. Okay. And then when you get to. The rest of the music video when it's the rest of the performers in the cast.

Yeah. They're holding up little red packets that say D's on 'em. Oh, okay. I didn't see that. Um, and then I wasn't, when the guy walks into the body shop to pay his cover fee and give his tickets so he can be admitted in, there's a bunch of those D's packages right there, right there on the counter as well, uh, promoting safe, uh, sexual behavior.

Yeah, because you never saw one use entire video . Right. So yeah. So right from the get-go. Yeah. You like, within the first few seconds you have the guy, he's like, oh, I'm so sorry. Can't come with you honey. And he's British . Yeah, same is So, yeah, exactly. . And then it, like he's saying this and then just flashes to like an.

Like, if I was being pessimistic, it would look like an orgy scene and then back to him going, oh, and have a good time. And then flash again. And then content wise, like what the song is about, it's obviously not good. All right. What is it about Sir? Uh, adultery? Pretty much. Yep. Yeah, you could, uh, I, I wrote in my notes you could rename the song infidelity and be the same thing.

Yeah. Yes. . Well, so I guess that's, I don't know. Like I, I was just reading, uh, one article kind of describing the song and talking about the lyrics and supposedly dissecting it. That's by, I, I can't, our, our role crave A U r A l c R A V E. Okay. That's probably oral. Oral, oral. Or like oral, you know, cuz No, it could be oral because oral, uh, like your oral crave, like that, that, that describes like your hearing.

Mm. But anyways, go on. Yeah. Uh, and it was, well, yeah, obviously, so right for the, this article that says Unholy is a song about an adulterous relationship. Yeah. Yeah. The video, uh, makes that quite clear. Yeah, very clear actually. And I mean, even obviously the lyrics as well, just starting off right away with , mommy doesn't, don't know.

Daddy's getting hot at the body shop, doing something unholy. Okay. So that's a great, uh, great introduction right there. So, and I know when I talked to you a couple days ago and I mentioned Body Shop, you're like, what? Yeah, I, what's Body Shop? Did not know. A body shop was, obviously, I knew it wasn't, it was something not good.

He's doing something. I'm holy there. When you were talking to me, body Body Shop is being basically described it as a brothel kind of thing. Yes. In a sense where you're somewhere where you can go off and, uh, be sexually pleasured. Right. So the Body Shop, it was a, the first nude strip club Yes. On the Sunset Strip in la Uh, how, and I pulled this directly from their website.

Okay. Mm-hmm. th this is how they describe themselves. A part of the la scene for men and women. Since the 1960s, the Body Shop was the first all nude strip club on the Sunset Strip. Featured in rock and rap music videos and frequented by celebrities and music stars, the Body Shop offers first class entertainment and excitement.

The Body Shop did start on the premise of a car body repair shop. Hence the name Body Shop. Um, and it is featured in the music video mm-hmm. so that, that when they say whatever in the body shop, that's what they mean and they go mm-hmm. obviously the video, they make it a little more, um, explicit to say the least.

Yeah. Yeah. If, if he didn't get what was happening by the lyrics in the song, once you saw the video, you knew what was going on. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. This is very true. . So obviously we know like the lyrical content of this song is, I mean it's, yeah. It's gross. Yeah. So, um, so verse one, cause we're talking about lyrical content right now, right?

Yes. If I'm reading lyric verse one, right. It seems to be from the point of a person that knows the husband and is like making comments or condemning the husband. Is that how you're reading it as well? Because the reason I say is like, it starts with a lucky, lucky girl. She got married to a boy like you.

If it, if that was him who was doing the cheating? The the the one? Yes. Yeah. He'd be like married to a guy like me, but he's No, he's saying like a boy like you. So in other words, it's saying like, Hey, I see what you're doing and I hear the whispering of what's you're doing and going on and everything. So is that how you read it too, or, okay.

Um, gosh, I don't even know how I was thinking about that. Hmm. and he talks about, you know, the person who's talking about it, he's going, it's basically a common fact, common knowledge. Yeah. That's getting out there. Cuz he goes, I hear them whispering about the places that you've been and now you don't know how to keep your business clean.

Clean, yeah. Well, yeah, like the, the, the second, I guess line in the verse, she'd kick you out if she ever, ever knew. Right. So that's, that's, that's why I said it seems like it's, it's someone from outside it. It's like, um, I'm not saying you do this. Okay. So yeah, I'm just saying like you, let's say you told me like, Hey, I'm cheating on my wife and having this affair and you're telling me all this information.

This is what you, you're and this is me. Like me, I'm saying, or I'm thinking like, yeah, you doy naughty boy, what are you doing? You know, that's how I'm reading it. All right then. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are on the same page as far as that goes. Anything else? On course on verse one? Oh, on verse. I mean, I mean, it's, it, the song is very, I guess, yeah, pretty, uh, Straightforward.

Now, nothing to really misunderstand here. Can I, can I comment on one thing that I thought artistically? Uhhuh music wise, not video wise. Yes. Was kind of interesting. Yeah. Was kind of good. And I was like, okay. I I, I, I'll give you a point here. That opening chorus, uh, that was sung by kinda like that choir.

The choir choir that use the choir. Yes. Now, the reason I say that, it's interesting. Okay. You know, obviously they're saying unholy, you're doing something unholy. You're cheating on your wife. You're a cabinet affair. Yes. That is a direct religious symbolism, callback to like holiness, unholy good versus bad.

Yeah. Right. And they're having a choir, which you normally associate with a church, with something holy singing something about someone doing something. Unholy that contradiction in terms. And that's why I was like, artistically, I get that. So he said, are you saying that the church is like, No, I'm just saying it's artistically an interesting way of doing.

I'm saying how you normally see choirs in a church, singing and about stuff being holy. Right. And then instead here they're talking about something un unholy. Yes. That's why I said it artistically. I'm gonna give 'em point for that. Yeah. But I, I see what they're doing. They're, they're, they're doing a compare and contrast essentially.

Cause normally you have a choir singing about something good, something that is holy, something is rejoiceful. And here they're singing about something that is not that. But at the same time, I suppose, and the song, the song is from the perspective of the man kind of condemning the cheating husband.

Mm-hmm. . So that's why I said it's like, okay. It, it's that compare and contrast, that contradiction of images between the holy and the unholy. Normally you don't have the choir singing about something unholy. Because that starts right away, right at the start song. That's the very first part of the song is the, uh, and, and then they choir singing.

They bring that chorus back, especially in the video. They make it very app apparent that it's a chorus singing the chorus, a choir singing the chorus, a choir singing the chorus. A chorus singing the chorus. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So they, they make it, they bring it back and forth saying, Hey, the, there's, there's this choir again, bringing back that religious sim uh, symbology, uh, for it, even though it's, there's nothing religious or holy about this song.

Well, no, there's definitely nothing holy about it. Yeah. By any means. It's literally obviously the opposite cuz of the title of it. There's the whole chorus, which is basically outta the intro of the mommy Don't Know. Daddy's getting hot at the Body Shop. Doing something unholy. Um, that's, yeah, that's all the, the chorus is, I, there's more to it.

I, I wrote this. I said, this is, oh, he's, oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. He's the whole thing. He sat back while dropping it. Popping it. Yeah. I wrote this, all that. This is probably some of the worst and most heart-wrenching of the lyrics and the song. And this is why I wrote his that. Yeah. Oh, he left his kids at home so he could get that.

Oh, oh, that was, yeah, that was as far as, so musically, that was the main thing I didn't like vocally for the vocal parts, is that the, how drastic they changed the, the O E O E O thing is, yeah. I don't like how they did, didn't like I, I like out of, I like You didn't like the ho? No. Well, it's just, I would like it if they did it differently.

Okay. Like they could have kept the hoyo part. It's just how. The sound of the e going from the O and so it's very, very, uh oh, goodness. Uh, what? Oh, I just had the word for it. Just like how drastic the difference is in it and whatnot. It's very dramatic kind of change in there. Um, yeah. See Ed, whereas I approach it like that, is beyond sad that he left his kids at home.

Oh, so he lyrically so he could go and, um, yes. And there's no other way to put com Heaven commit an affair. His rocks off. Okay, fine. You said ? Uh, at, at, uh, debauchery Strip Club place. Oh, that word is so much fun to say. Getting pleasured at this body shopping thing. And then it goes in the second verse. Oh, in the second verse, which is, uh, lovely.

Why is this so lovely? It's just gross . Um, it, so the second verse, yes. It comes from the perspective of the mistress. The prostitute, the girl that, the girl or girl person, whatever, that the husband is cheating with. Gosh. And it's just, yeah, it's, it's disgusting. I don't know. I guess, do I just read the lyrics from this point?

right. So, so here's what I wrote. Yeah. Um, basically she's treating the guy like a sugar daddy. Yeah. And getting all of her designer toys, so. Mm-hmm. Fendi. I had to look that up. I didn't know what that was. Yeah. I didn't know what that Well, yeah, I guess I was like, that's so close to Fender. I was like, are they doing something weird,

No. It's, it's a luxury brand. Yes. So I looked up some of their stuff. They have a windbreaker that goes for $23,000. A teddy bear that goes for $850 a sweater. Just a, a standard sweater. One point 5k. K. Yeah. I looked up a muu. Oh yeah. Uh, I saw there was some like, I think that was, it was either Fendi or Muu that I had it, but it was like, they're like new balanced shoes for like about a grand and they didn't look right.

That was Fendi. That was Fendi too. Okay. Yeah. Oh, muu is an Italian fashion brand. Okay. I saw begs for that, like purses and stuff like that. Yep. And those were stupid expensive, so Yeah, it's just, yeah. So outrageously priced as, as the song says Rihanna wore Muu recently. , yeah. Sounds like a Moomoo. Mimi. Muu like Rihanna.

Yep. It was a crystal embellished, embellished muu halter top Wow. In Miniskirt for Mother's Day. Cute. Yeah. . But that, that's what she's saying. She's like, give me that. Like Rihanna. Yeah. Cause it's, it, it's gonna be pricey. Right. Uh, obviously there's other things in there. Uh, Prada. Yeah. Prada, Balenciaga, Balenciaga, and we all remember all about that with Balenciaga a few months ago.

The whole children. Yeah. So sexualizing stuff. Yeah. So they had the shot with their children in it, you know, the photo shoot with their children in it, having documents in the photo shoot about, um, child pornography law rulings. Yeah. Um, the child holding a teddy bear that appear to be dressed in bd s m fetish wear a child lying on a sofa behind a table with empty wine glasses.

Yeah, it's lovely. That's, it's great look. And she also calls him daddy. Yeah. Yes. It's like the, she goes, daddy, daddy, daddy. If you want it, drop the Addie. And I think I had to tell you what an Addie was. Well, because I was thinking, I was like, all right, I know it's one thing, it's not an ad. Cuz that would be stupid.

Yeah, that would be stupid. But uh, so yeah, it makes sense to be like an address or something like that. Yeah. So drop an address as in where should we, where relocate? Yeah, where, where are we gonna meet up? What's the hotel? What's the home address? What's, where are we, where are we having our elicit Affair?

Affair? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She, and then she goes, gimme love. Give me Fendi. My Balenciaga daddy. You gonna need to bag it up cuz I'm spending on the Rodeo. Rodeo. And I think we had to talk about this day. It's Rodeo Drive. It's Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is considered one of the most expensive two miles. In the city where they have hundreds of stores of top designer brands such as Prada, Balenciaga, and other crazy expensive places.

So no words. She's saying, Hey, give me my Fendi. Gimme my Balenciaga, but put it in a bag cuz I'm gonna go shopping. Now , spend all your monies again, why? I said she's treating him like a sugar daddy. Right man. And to have that much money, . Well that's, it's funny. I like the, the, the line that comes after the whole Buu like Rihanna part.

He always call me cuz I never caused no drama that, I mean, she's got this dude in a choke hold. . Or she could. Well, she could, yeah. But because she could, I mean, but she also realizes that she is living high on the hog right now. Oh, ab no. Yes, absolutely. That she gets whatever she wants because she doesn't cause any drama.

She doesn't reveal, she's trapped to. Her, his wife, you know her? Yeah. Her, her, uh, sugar Daddy's wife. That the two are sleeping together because she knows her gravy train will end at that point. Right? Well, yeah. And that's why he, cause she causes no drama because she gets all that. But yeah. The one lane that I saw in there, you can watch me back it up.

I'll be gone in the am in her words. Oh yeah. She'll spend the night and then she'll be gone before anyone gets up. Yeah. In her words, she is there for two things, money and pleasure. and sex. Well, yeah. And pleasuring him however that looks. Yeah. Pleasuring him. That that's what she's there for. Because she equates the translation of sex into money and money into sex, and that's why she's doing it.

Mm-hmm. . And then the last two lines of this verse, and when you want it, baby, I. I got you covered. And when you need a baby, just jump under the cover. In other words, whenever you wanna have sex, code me a call. I'll be there and just jump under the bed, under the covers into the bed with you. We'll get it done.

Yep. And then it ends with the chorus again. Yep. And that, yeah, that finishes off. And of course, if you watch the music video song, if you watch the music video, I don't know if you paid attention to this, what happens at the end? The uh, wife goes in, well, I saw she, I dunno, she took her coat thing off and ripped off her, uh, a wig Yep.

Or whatever, but he was laying dead on the ground. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, that's true too. Yeah. Yeah. So, lovely song. Uh, great story. . Um, now, now, so in this person's, um, article about it, I mean, there's more stuff in the middle where he writes some stuff about. About the song and what I originally thought, which when I read this, I was like, oh, it's kind of funny, uh, how he, I guess in a sense made that connection as well.

But it's like the, the musical aspect of it, and I was talking with Paul about this before I even started recording today, um, was it's just the, the overall tone of the song is very, it gives a very dark, like, you know, something bad's going on kind of song, which for whatever reason I was saying, I was like, I dig it.

like, I love, I enjoyed the music, uh, musicality part of the song. Like that's definitely a song I would just turn on and just listen to. Mainly cuz also I said it could make a great metal cover, which lo long behold, uh, there has been metal covers of it. Done. Yeah. I enjoyed the music aspect of it. I enjoyed the song.

It's for, it's, I don't know, it's one of those things where it's like simplistic. And I guess I've, it's so weird cuz like, I love metal and a lot, like, a lot of the metal is very like, technical kind of wild stuff. But at the same time, some of it can be simplistic. And I, I liked the simplicity of this song.

Uh, the layers were cool. I liked the harmonies and the, the melody of the song very, I don't know, easy to sing along to, there's nothing, I guess, super hard to, no hard parts really necessarily to sing to unless you're trying to sing some of the choir like harmonies and stuff like that. I was hearing some of the layers in that where I was like, man, some people are really getting up there in the vocal range.

Um, well, I guess for a guy at least, and that's another thing, it's like Sam, I, I don't like listening. He's got a great voice in my opinion. I like his voice. But for as far as the song, This guy was saying that the song's, dark mood highlights how the referred actions are wrong against nature. Using the term unholy implies a divine perspective on the situation.

Which, yeah, I do think of that. UN is interesting. Um, I guess that's, yeah, that's, I don't know a ton necessarily about Sam Smith other than Well now that, yeah, I know he's, they them, whatever, and I've kind of figured by watching a lot of his other, well, I mean, seeing this one a start off with is like a kind of a giveaway.

I was like, all right, this dude probably a homosexual. All right, whatever. But yeah. And then just good. I got kinda lost in looking at a bunch of other videos. I was like, they're all like, dude, Well, a lot of them are like just guys and his songs and stuff like that. And I mean, any song I pretty much listened to is some sort of love song.

So I was like, okay, that was a clue. . One thing I thought that this, uh, writer put out there was, so using the term unholy. Yeah. Okay. So implies the divine perspective on the situation. It's not something the singer can fix. So I thought, I was wondering why that's important, but this, so it says, therefore they invoke God's judgment on it and rely on his punishment eventually.

So where the guy dies at the end of the music video, how granted God's judgment, uh, would be terrifying. to say the least. Now what originally where I just thought like the song was disgusting and just like all well, about just getting your sexual pleasure from whatever and cheating on your supposed wife and all this stuff, and.

Thinking of it just like that. Um, this person was saying that unholy is an accusation of infidelity, and the meaning behind the lyrics is your behavior is unacceptable and you don't deserve the woman that you have as a wife. So I was like, Hmm, well, I would agree with that, if that's what they're trying to get across, or, so that's where it's like, oh, maybe I need to do some, like, you know, check out some, uh, more, uh, we'll see if there's interviews with Sam Smith talking about this song, because I guess if he's not praising that kind of behavior or like, I guess promoting it, then it's like, yeah, I think the actions in the sun are disgusting.

So in that regards, I mean, it makes even more sense to me how they have it just dark. Like again, I, I, I wish I knew how to describe it, but like the musical aspect of it, just having this dark, uh, Bad, I guess tone to it, you could say. I would agree with that as far as, uh, condemning that behavior in the song.

But other than that, yeah, definitely. Uh, rough subject, to say the least. Another Okay. Yeah. So, so, oh, uh, I guess, yeah, go on, go on. To say is I'm not, um, I'm not asking you to be careful or fix it because you don't even get to earn my help. Okay. You are out, you are out of the behavior of a good man should have.

Okay. That's a weird way to say that. Uh, I condemn your actions as something unholy and hope somebody will do justice. Well, let me, Dahlia. Justice will be served at the end of the day, especially, I guess unfortunately with this man's life and apparently ended in death. And, uh, he will be thoroughly judged by.

God in that regard. And that would not be a good one. I'll say that at the least. Here's what I gotta say about musically wise on this. Yeah. Here, I'm gonna read my summary, then I'll go back and read it. Okay. Essentially it's basic electronica that identifies as pop music. So I guess now what, what is pop music to you?

Or what do you think of when you think pop music? When I think of pop music? Yeah. And that's a very fluid, uh, definition there because, well, and, and even Sam Smith calls it pop song. Mm-hmm. , so well, yeah. It, it's music that tries to appeal to the masses. Mm-hmm. in its simp, uh, okay. I won't say in simplicity cuz there are some complex pop songs too.

Oh yeah. Uh, but in its wordage and or hooks because it needs something. When I say hooks, something that gets is easy for you to remember. Something that will get you repeat, like as I came in here and heard you to sit there . Well, that's, that's for me, it's like the melody of it. It's just, it's so eea. It is like, it's easy to, for your average person to sing along to.

Mm-hmm. for sure. So when something is singable by people, it's more than often. I mean, probably will be more of a popular song. If a lot more people can sing to it, then eh, the more people I guess could probably get into it more, I suppose, you know? Um, or like, oh, I guess. I'm probably a bad example cause I love metal, but I can't play metal.

Um, but like songs that I can play well. Yeah, even some songs that, I mean, would be easy to play I guess I don't enjoy, but it's like, if I can play something, I guess, yeah, I can enjoy it all the more, especially if I like it. I don't know because I, I always used to think pop just meant like, ah, meant what?

Just it was all the more elec, more electronic, uh, samples and stuff. Easy music, music to put together to his degree. Well there's, there's electronic samples and then there's electronic. Yeah. So, um, when I say electronic, I'm ta I'm talking like your, your house, your trance, your, your stuff like that. So the, yeah, so the, yeah, there's electronica as in like your samples of your music in that, which is very repetitive in that.

And that's what I said. Cool. And, and, and so here, here's why I say this. Um, this is why I wrote, I, I wrote, It's just very repetitively boring. It's just some electronica doing ba ba boom, ba boom, ba boom with a few random base slides and other ram noises in there. For the most part, I was bored by the electronica music that is this repetitive.

I like good electronica, but this is an example, is not an example of good. Well, someone's at credit. No, . So, uh, that's what I said. I was like, yeah, uh, no, I am, um, not, that's, I guess, yeah, for me it's like, it doesn't sometimes like too simplistic can be bad, but yeah, I mean in, in this, in this mentored in the too simplistic for me.

Okay. This, this was just too simplistic, repetitive, the same thing over and over again for vocals. I said, you know, all the vocals try to represent a choir or a show choir. Um, that was all right. You know, his voice is good, clean. Mm-hmm. smooth, high. Okay. Yeah, so that's what I said for that. You know, I, I, I can give it, say, Hey, good vocals, but the music itself is kind of, eh.

See, I, yeah. If I could listen, if I could have an instrumental version of that song wearing some, like some string instrument or something plays like the melody line, I'd be all over that at the same time, you know, thinking if, if the song is, uh, oh gosh, I already forgot what the word was that, that he used, but if it's basically condemning that sort of behavior, then I can get behind.

See, I, I don't, I do find that weird how they, I, I think in that regard and that article you find, I think that's, that guy's interpretation of it. And that's the thing with music, because yeah, you can interpret it when you, when, and I'm just trying to find it right now, but I couldn't find it, but in, when they talked with Smith about it, yeah.

He says, I think it's my sexy phase, my villain phase now about that song, unholy. Oh, interesting. Uh, yeah, that's weird. I can understand. I guess worries also comes with that, especially then listening to one of his, uh, most recent songs that has also grabbed a lot of attention with sun ball. Like, I'm not here to make friends or something like that.

Yeah. And that music video is very, uh, interesting or, yeah. I wasn't picking up on this in the lyrics mm-hmm. , but he said the lyrics are implicitly queer themed. Yeah. I think that would be a bad, uh, bad light shut on the queer community then if that's explicitly a queer thing. Well, like I understand. Well, he's not, he is not talking about the video itself, but he's talking about the lyrics itself and I'm Well, right.

Yeah, yeah. Well I'm saying so that's ex more so just a queer thing that's kinda. That's a bad light on that. So, so luckily for you, it's not just a queer thing. , luckily for what? For Sam? Oh, I was like, what? Yeah. I was like, if you're just trying to make that more of a queer focused thing and lyrics, it's like, I guess to think of, you know, adulterers being, being more so in the queer community, the whole idea of, uh, adultery is kind of, I hope still considered bad, but, uh, yeah.

It, yeah, it, it, it is in some regard, in some regards, no, cuz what you're seeing a lot now in the news in that is polyamorous open relationships, right? And all this focus on whatever makes you feel good and do what's good for you and whatnot. So at that point, it's just like, You just give into whatever little desire your heart gives you and just go after it and it should be fine.

Right? Yep. Uh, so yeah, just so you know, Sam Smith in an interview said, this song is about liberating oneself from the clutches of other's secrets. So you shouldn't even wanna hide this adultery stuff. You should just live it out openly and let people know. Yeah, I don't like that. He said he wants to, uh, stray away from ballads and sad songs to explore queer joy in his album.

Yeah. He goes, I think joy for me and for a lot of queer people is quite a dangerous place. We're all masters of pain, and I think it's courageous to step into the queer joy of it all. Lovely . Well, I liked this other person's, uh, outlook on the song better than . That's what I said. When you. Get a chance to actually read the interviews by the artist.

Yeah. Nice. They are going to differ from how other people, other people see that see mm-hmm. the song and where I would love to see that interpretation as the real thing. Yeah. it, it, it would be great to see that interpretation be from the artist itself, which, yeah. Yeah. So that's one of those. I guess I can go into one of those things and it's like for me to listen to the song and be like, yeah, this is awful behavior, but, all right.

So let me ask you this. Yeah. Because remember by said we were gonna do it on lyrics, song, music, video, blah, blah, blah, right? Yeah. Um, the last one we talking Done. How does it ? That one's an easy answer for me. It's, it's simple. . Yeah. It doesn't align at all. Well, I mean, it, it doesn't align with things that are of God.

Right. It's. The quite obviously the opposite, being unholy in God is holy. Yeah. It doesn't get much more simple than that really. I mean, you could use it to des be a description of, what was it? Um, like some of the, the, the, oh gosh, I can't, it's the Roman, um, gosh, what were they, where they were doing all these strange acts and stuff like that, that were sinful and wrong and sexually immoral.

The temple prostitutes. Yes. Thank you. I, wow. I could not, ugh. So here's here, here's what I wrote in my section under how well does the line to biblical values. Yeah. Here's what I wrote. So I wrote a paragraph. Okay. Okay. While the first ver, while the first verse, at first glance may seem. It may seem like it as the person, a third party is basically condemning the actions taken by the person, the person in the adultery.

Mm-hmm. , the second verse seems to glamorize it in this case It is, is a dysfunctional song being condemning but glamorizing at the same time. Hmm. Thankfully the song does call what the Cheating Husband is doing as unholy. Yes. Against, again, tying back to religious I imagery, but beyond calling him a Dirty, dirty boy does not do much more than that.

Taken into consideration the imagery provided in the music video, it essentially is a strip club, and I'm sure they were not just putting this video on YouTube, the tape would not be present in the areas the tape were provided. Yeah, yeah. I suppose a fashion thing for people, so, I mean, I can see them having on there just for the fun of it, but no, that's not a fashion thing.

I dunno, it kind of seems like it, the whole apparel of, yeah. I'm talking about the tape on the nipples. Yeah, no, yeah, no, that's, uh, that's, uh, because cen censorship rules, yes. It's are weird and that, so I'm gonna ask you this question down the list. Mm-hmm. , okay? Mm-hmm. , just to get an answer on a one to five scale lyrics, I guess.

In what way? . This is why it's subjective. You know, how, how are the lyrics? Good, bad, what? On a one to five scale, what are they? I mean, bad. It's bad. It's a bad subject. I guess. Still one to five. Uh, dude, I don't know. Three to, well, four. Four, but bad. Okay. . Oh, well I thought it was like a level of bad. No, no.

Like, oh, one being bad. Perform being terrible. Five being good. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay. Scale two to three. Have you ever done stuff on the scale? One to five? Yes. Okay. So two to three. So two and a half. Let's split the difference. Okay. Musical elements. What mean? Oh, it's so difficult musically. I like a three and a half to four, three and three quarters.

I dunno. I enjoyed it. You're being difficult here now? Yeah. Okay. Um, biblical values? Well, zero as far as a biblical value. Okay. And music video itself? Yeah. It is gross. See, this is the thing. It's, I look at it, it's bad. It's right, wrong, right. Is it portrayed well? Yes. And that's the thing. You can say something is portrayed well, that something is done well, even if you completely disagree with it.

Well, no, I'm, I guess I'm not saying like, It's one of those things where it's like, you know, you look at the, the Christian Church where it's like we hesitate to, you know, really talk about stuff for the, how it's really done or the whole sugar coating stuff, right? Like this is just blatant, like this is what's happening, right?

And it's just in your face, boom. Like I think that is great. I wish the church would do more of that and just be blatantly open and be like, Hey, this is the reality of it. Mm-hmm. . So in that regards, it's good for how, you know, as far as that goes. Like, is the subject matter itself sinful and terrible? Yes.

Yes. Hundred percent. But harder that are portraying it is very well done. So does that change any of your ratings for any of those? Um, because you can objectively say something is made well, yes. But you disagree with it because of the subject matter. You can objectively say that. Oh, okay. Well then, yeah, I mean, and then, so if I was to ask you this again, lyrics, lyrics would be, gosh, it's like lyrics need just separate categories because how the lyrics were delivered.

Like, I liked the whole melody and rhythm and flow of it. So in that regards, closer to a four and scene, this is a thing, I'm not a lyricist. So as far as as like choosing words and what words to use and Right. That, that's fine. And that's why I said I can't. Yeah, there's the lyrics and then there's the musicality.

How's the rhythm? How's the flow? Mm-hmm. , how's the thing? So, okay, so you say it's closer four on that, on how they're presenting. I'm not saying mm-hmm. by saying four. That doesn't mean you're like, I love this, these lyrics, and I agree with them. You're not endorsing them. Oh no. Well, no. Well, unless others saying if it was bad and shouldn't be done all then Yes, absolutely.

I know musicality then. Yeah, because you seem to be pretty high on, on the, for musicality. So what do you give that? It's a, about a four. Okay. Three to four. Yeah. And there, I don't know it. Okay. Music, video. How, how was that? And again, you could done well. Yes, done Well. I hate the subject matter, but uh, I a hundred percent agree.

That was one thing. I mean, for some of Sams Smith's other music videos, it's like he does have a very well done, I guess it's obviously very high quality videos. Right. As far as, um, As far as I was getting a, a message across in video, how, how well did it tie in with the song? How well did it, oh, it tied in very well.

How well did it convey the message of the song? How was it artistically? Good. So one to five, same. That would be a solid, probably three to four. Four. Okay. Now, biblical value, how does, well, does it align with the Bible? You said zero before. Still stay with that F From what Sam Smith said, I would say a zero

Okay. But, uh, like, I guess, I guess what do you necessarily mean by aligning with the Bible? That, that's a loaded question, sir. Great. Well, I can't give an easy answer to a loaded question. , these are not supposed to be easy in the slightest, sir. I mean, I guess you could say in a sentence it aligns pretty well with saying it's unholy for that, for those actions.

So I'd say that's pretty solid . All right. So one to five. I mean, if it aligns with, if the behavior in there is unholy and it's saying it's unholy, and I would agree that, well, I would say the Bible would consider that, uh, uh, that behavior as very sinful and unholy, then I would say yes, it quite aligns with the Bible

So why are you giving a four? Well, that's just like a yes or no. Well, no, I, no, that's what I said. One five. It could be, that could be a one through five. Um, I'm gonna give it a four just because then it does talk about the whole. Interesting, okay. I don't know. So here's how I rated it. Okay. I wrote down my ratings already a while ago, yesterday.

Oh, I'd imagine. Uh, lyrical analysis. I wrote it as a one. Yeah. I was just like, eh, even granted not a fan of the subject. Yeah. It was very much, here, here, here, here's what's gonna happen. Because they go, Addie, you know, they have these shorthand things. Yeah. 15. 20 years, Freeport are gonna be like, what the heck are they talking about?

Right? Probably. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. Um, musical elements. I gave it a one again, I said it was very repetitive. The only thing that saved you from a zero was the fact of the vocals. . Okay. Peers were, I gave it a little more leeway. I said, music video, I gave it a three. I said, it fits in well, what's the words?

It's, oh, it fits in well with what they're doing. Yeah. It does. Was definitely not my cup of tea, not my thing. I would go and watch over and over again, but artistically. Okay. How well does align to biblical values? I gave it a two only for the first verse as potentially condemning the person. Right. It where the second verse starts to glamorize it.

A little bit of Lisa seems, I was like, no. Well, it glamorizes it for the person that's benefiting from the. Yeah. So that's where I end up with that, with . A grand total of seven points for me. Damn. I really rated this high , uh, 16 for you. Heck yeah. . And that's 16 out of 2020. Yeah. Um, so this gets, uh, Aaron approved song to listen to and play for a youth group.

No, I'm just kidding. Yeah, . No, absolutely. Show the kids that this is wrong. . So the last question I have to ask you, Aaron, then this song as it stands Yeah. Does it make it on your personal music playlist? I'm not saying the metal version, I'm not saying this song as it stands. Are you going to go and blast this around your parents or in your vehicle while you're driving to work?

Would I, would I blast it within like public where people are gonna know I'm listening to it? Probably not. If I was on a road. Purely alone. Would I blast it for the fun of it? Probably. If I look at it from a perspective of condemning it and it being bad, well then yes, I like the song. I like the song regardless, musically.

Like if I had an instrumental version of this, then totally. Oh wow. So repetitive. Boom, boom. It's so, see, that's the thing with it. A song can be very simple and it's got layers. Okay. You gotta pay attention to all the layers. Oh, it's an ogre. I got it. Yeah, . Anyways, so like if it were longer, I would definitely be much more turned off by this song.

It is good enough length where it's like, okay, I can listen to this for this period of time. If it were to go much farther, I'd be like, all right, I'm skipping. It'd be, it's one of those things, so it makes it on your list, or not this. This one's a yes or no answer. This one's at the one through five. Yeah, I don't know.

I dunno if I could knowingly, I guess I'd have to say no. Just based on the artist's, um, purpose for the song. Okay. Gosh, yeah. This is, this became a lot tougher than I expected for this song specifically. You know, I'm not gonna let you get away easy on things. Well, I know, I, yeah, I know. I expect that , it's just like, I did not expect this song.

The more and more that I thought about it, like if you asked me this yesterday, when I first listened to it be like, heck no. But as soon as I saw this dude's outtake on, or wow person's outtake on it, saying that the song is condemning this sort of behavior, I'd be like, yeah. I'll listen to it, but are most people gonna understand or think that probably not.

They'd be like, no, they would just see it for the whole glamorizing the, uh, unholy acts. Cuz I mean, that's all a lot of people do anyways, so why condemn it if it's so well accepted? Um, so I guess, yeah, I would lean Noel no. If there's ever an instrumental version. Yes, . Okay. My answer was pretty simple, straightforward, flat.

No, no. . I, I never won deal with the song again. Well, now I know my number one song then would play if we're ever in the car together.

just kidding. Noted. I'll have countermeasures. Guilty, pleasure, . All right. So Mr. Johnson? Yeah. The next time we do this, yeah. Or it's a month or two months? We'll, we decide yet, I will give you, right now, I have seven potential songs. Geez. Okay. You have to pick one of them right now, or do I have time to pick?

Yep. Right now. Right now. But I need to right now what? No chance to review. Well, not to just, I wanted to know what songs I want. 'em, I'm going over, I'm, I'm about to tell you right now. I, but I don't know the songs. Maybe I don't, maybe I do. I don't know. Where are I? And, and there, there's a reason why, because they, this group is back.

Are they all from the same group? Yep. Oh, okay. Th this group is kind of back in popular stream cuz they just released the song. Gee, I wonder who this is now. Uhhuh. . I wonder. See, I told you you'd figure it out really easy. Yeah. Okay. All of these songs, I believe, have a message to them that is worthwhile.

Okay. That's my personal belief. I wanna hear. Aaron's disagreement or Yes. To them reinforce. Yep. Not all of them have a music video. Ah, okay. Okay. I didn't pick 'em if they have music video or not. That's why I said if they have music video, if they don't, if they do, they don't. Yeah. So here's your list of seven songs to pick from.

One more light, heavy castle of glass, align in the sand, breaking the habit, leave out all the rest numb, and not the encore Jay-Z version, the original version. Oh, I guess I have to go back and forth and listen to those. Um, so one, so here, I'm gonna turn my computer so you can see the list. That's, man, that's tough.

Might wanna move your water glass. Oh, so I don't accidentally knock your water over. So pick one. Oh, that's so tough. Oh, because I. I know which one I would pick, but I wanna, that's why I selected a list like this. Well, at least good thing is just because I'm not gonna pick one of, well, six of 'em doesn't mean we can't do 'em later.

Oh my goodness. Why is this so difficult? Because I just, well, I mean, I shouldn't say recently. It was, uh, probably in September when I heard one more light for the first time. I was like, Ugh. Yeah, I like this song. And heavy. I remember finding out, like, I was like, this is Lincoln Park. I'm like, Ugh. But I was like, dude, actually, I mean, I really liked the song though.

And it is off the One More Light album. Yeah, yeah. The last album before Chester took his life, life tooken, allegedly. No, I thought there was something about where he actually didn't, there was something like that for a little bit, but it's kind of, kind, kind of came out as Yeah. Yeah, he did. Oh, in the, now I wasn't thinking about, I wasn't sure if it was Chester or if it was, uh, Chris, uh, Cornell.

Chris Cornell? No. He hung himself. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Nope. That's right. I know which one I would pick from this list, but I What would you pick? Castle of Glass. I'm not saying until after you select. The only reason, I guess as is because you were listening and watching the music video when I came down.

Oh. I have listened to every single one of these at least twice in the last 24 hours. Oh, okay. Man, I hate this. It's a, it's of your own invention. I know, but it's, I wanna do 'em all . And Do you see how long it took us to do one? I actually, I haven't seen about an hour. Uh, diggity. All right, , just do a Lincoln Park special episode.

Jesus . It's more than one episode, sir. Yes. . I'm gonna say, I'm gonna do Breaking the habit. Breaking the habit. Yeah. What were you thinking? All right. Breaking the habit is No, which one we'll be doing. Which one were you? And that one does have a music video. It's, uh, anime inspired music video. Okay. It's, it's very intriguing.

Hmm. All right. The video, what one were you thinking? The one personally I would do, but we're locked in already. Oh my gosh. Okay. We're locked in. Yeah. Locked in. Yep. Okay. Uh, castle of Glass. I knew it. I knew that was the one he wanted to do. I don't know why, but I just asked just like, ah, he probably wants to do Castle of Glass.

The, the, the story behind that one's very intriguing and interesting. Yeah. Uh, with the theme being, wait, but I thought, well, I guess you did say you would su but I thought you said you would pick some songs. Yeah. I said I would suggest a list and then have you pick that actual song. Well, one, yeah. But I thought, and there will be earlier you say there's times where you're just gonna pick this song.

Yeah. There, there'll be times when I'll just say this song. Okay. All right. Good, good. But I couldn't pick myself between that list, so I read. So you're forcing me to try and pick Exactly. I wanna do a castle of glass. , . No. So Castle of Glass. What's nice, interesting about that one, if you read behind the lyrics and interviews and that, uh, it talks about a lot about loss from like a military perspective and how a lot of people, they're just shattered and broken when that happens.

But it, they're like, think of it this way. You're looking at a big castle glass. You're one little crack in that with your loss and your pain, you have to find a way to get over it and move on and continue to move forward, because no one's looking at that little crack. They're looking at the whole castle.

Hmm. It, and that's why the music video was structured the way it's done. It's actually done in collaboration with the, uh, military and with, uh, modern warfare. They actually did, they, they had a lot of modern warfare scenes in the music video. Oh, interesting. All right. We got our song locked and loaded for next time.

And, uh, yeah, that music video is very, very in interesting. Um, there's some parts where you're like, is that cloud going into or out of the person? Huh? Okay, interesting. It's, it's a very, yeah, it's a very good, yeah, I can hear the song in my head now. . It has a very distinct opening. Heck yeah, that's a good one.

I'm excited for that now. Uh, yeah. Did I have, no, I didn't put it on here. I almost thought about it, but I decided not to cuz I was like, there's really no message in it. Bleed it out. Oh, I love that one though. I. I do love that one. One of my ex-girlfriends, I made her upset with that song. repeated. She played it for the millionth time.

Yep. . It was literally on cd, on repeat in my vehicle. And she's like, oh, great. Here we go for the hundredth times. Yeah, here go for hundredth times. And she's like, why? I'm like, because yes, I want to go for it again. another one. And literally it was that song on repeat. So she's like, great, here we go for the hundredth hundred time.

That's awesome. Okay. That is awesome. Well, at least now we know what song will not be on Aaron's playlist. However, that being said, I think what I am gonna do on Spotify is create a playlist of all the songs that we talk about it that we say yes to, or no, that we just, or just we talk about in general.

Okay. All right. And so for the long, for at least a month, it's gonna have just one song on it. Unholy by Sam Smith. Lovely.